Judge: Lesley Patton (Lesandnic)

BEST OF BREED : CARRUTHERS Ch Aixton Alexander at Stanegate
Dog CC : CARRUTHERS Ch Aixton Alexander at Stanegate
Res Dog CC : NORMAN Ch Silvae Klansman

Bitch CC : NORTH-ROW & MARTIN Ir Ch Sail On Sailor to Full Circle
Res Bitch CC  :  PHILLIPS Tendrow What I Am I Am

Best Puppy : HOWE Bramalodge Baby I'm Yours

Best Special Beginner: WARD Nasiriyah's Lavender at Morlanow
Best Veteran : NORMAN Ch Silvae Klansman


Minor Puppy Dog (8,2)
1st: PUGHE & FRASER Stanegate Stefan at Bystock
2nd: HOWLETT & PHILLIPS Tendrow Malibar
3rd: PARKES & MCKAY Cloudside Warren with Jubrancy
Res: DEAN Brontillow Shepherds Purse
VHC: CHRISTIE Cloudside Valentino at Decalleigh

Puppy Dog (4,2)
1st:  SEATH Sunsong Dare to Dream
2nd: HOWLETT & PHILLIPS Tendrow Malibar

Junior Dog (4)
1st: FARRINGTON Dollydash Defender of Faith
2nd: JACKSON Elderkine Special Brew
3rd: RUSSELL & HUTCHINGS Collidach Russell Leeves
Res: NORMAN Silvae State Secret

Post Graduate Dog (9,3)
1st: HORNE Salixian Moroccan Mint
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Coriolanus
3rd: BEST Stanegate Saverio at Bestina
Res: APPS Calicoe Just Me
VHC: TURNER Hototo's Rocket Man

Limit Dog (11,1)
1st: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Ambiesque Avant
2nd: MAE-JONES & BATES Derochaise Blue Danube
3rd: MOUNTFORD Incordemeo Beetle About
Res: WILLS Kasalane Ostiriato Sea
VHC: AKEHURST Boloria All Spice

Open Dog (8,2)
1st: CARRUTHERS Ch Aixton Alexander at Stanegate
2nd: PHILLIPS Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin)
3rd: SMITH Salixian Eau Rouge
Res: PRICE & HUTCHINGS Collidach Percy Cute at Samlane
VHC: MEASE Barembak Quill

Veteran Dog (2,1)
1st: NORMAN Ch Silvae Klansman

Special Beginner Dog (4)
1st: AKEHURST Boloria All Spice
2nd: FARRINGTON Dollydash Defender of Faith
3rd: RUSSELL Collidach Russell Leeves

Minor Puppy Bitch (13,3)
1st: HOWE Bramalodge Baby I'm Yours
2nd: MOORE & DEAN Brontillow Canterbury Bell to Dierfiur
3rd: PHILLIPS Tendrow Carolina Reaper
Res: SIEMINSKI Wylderarn Genesis
CARRUTHERS Stanegate Starlena


Puppy Bitch (6.1)
1st: CARRUTHERS Stanegate Simona
2nd: SEATH Sunsong Hopes and Dreams
3rd: WARD Nasiriyah's Lavender at Morlanow
Res:  MATTHEWS Sonham Twice as Nice
PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Blue Prchid


Junior Bitch (7,2)
1st: HUNT Drakkina Wirenth
2nd: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumbergill Barbed Wire
3rd: HUTCHINGS Collidach Raynee Day JW
Res: NORTH-ROW & MARTIN Barmund Fc Betsy Ross

VHC: MCCALMONT Silvae Best Kept Secret


Post Graduate Bitch (12,3)
1st: PHILLIPS Tendrow What I Am I Am
2nd: WILSON Stanegate Salsa at Willowash
3rd: ROWE Boloria Sugar'n' Spice
Res: DEAN & MOORE Ulla Von Huberhorn with Dierfiur (Imp Rom)
CORNER Cishelvine Portia at Carcorn


Limit Bitch (15,2)
1st: DEAN Brontillow Yan Tan Tethera
2nd: PHILLIPS Tendrow Turns Over the Page
3rd: GIBSON Allfreys Cordelia
Res: COX Hopewood Que Sera Sera Avec Bulldaxit
VHC: STOCKDALE Derochaise Blue Velvet at Fenwires

Open Bitch (6,1)
1st: NORTH-ROW & MARTIN Ir Ch Sail On Sailor to Full Circle
2nd: PHILLIPS & HOWLETT Ch Tendrow Makes the Right Turn JW
3rd: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Sky Dancer
Res: HUTCHINGS Ch Collidach Brook Ling ShCEx
ROWE Ch Boloria Nice 'n Spicy JW

Veteran Bitch (2)
1st: MAE-JONES & BATES Ch Derochaise Elusia JW
2nd: PRIOR COOPER Silvae Keynote

Special Beginner Bitch (6,1)
1st: WARD Nasiriyah's Lavender at Morlanow
2nd: HUDSON-LUND Hototo Ain't She Sweet

I usually wait a few weeks after sending a critique to Our Dogs before sending it to Showdach as I would hate for Our Dogs as a paper to fold due to critiques being available on the internet.However, I was so upset by dentition when judging that I am sending the critique to both at the same time.

It is almost 8 years since I last judged wires and I would like to thank you all for your wonderful entry and the lovely atmosphere around the ring with winners being greeted by applause. When I opened my catalogue on Sunday I found that Chris Gibson had entered her dogs, moments later I read that she had passed away – a very poignant reminder that there are more important things in life than your placing at a show. As our longest serving exhibitor, and a friend, she will be sadly missed.

 My stewards Mark and Joyce Collis were wonderful – unobtrusive but with everything under control – thank you. I have not been to GB shows for over 18 months so most of the dogs and many exhibitors were completely new to me which made for an interesting day.

We were inside but with a floor which allowed all dogs to move at their best –it is really not helpful to have a ring up against a wall as at some stage the dogs have to move towards it which is not natural. Luckily our ring was of a size that even with big classes this did not prove much of a problem.

I am NOT an FCI judge – I judged under KC rules to the KC standard but as I show my own dogs mainly under FCI rules I do check dentition and tails carefully. The KC standard says “teeth strongly developed, powerful canine teeth fitting closely. Jaws strong, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Complete dentition important.” When I was showing in GB the likes of the late Margaret Swann and Jo Lawley checked teeth and tails carefully, and I feel that current judges should be doing much more of this. I was HORRIFIED at some of the dentition I saw – young dogs with level bites, one wry mouth, many misplaced lower incisors and lots of off side lower canines growing into the gum above. This is not good for our breed. I have reported this to the KC under the Breed Watch scheme. All breeders should be collaborating to see where these problems are coming from – it is only by being open and honest that this will be resolved..

There were a few fused vertebrae in tails but much less than last time and I found no kinks. There was a great variation in size – rather too many still being too long and too low – and although movement was generally good the apparently accepted practice of running around the ring is not good for the breed – economical ground covering action is what is required, free flowing movement does not mean fast!

Finally, the breed standard says that temperament is intelligent, lively, courageous to the point of rashness. The Breed Council says that dogs that are nervous or aggressive should be seriously penalised by judges. With this in mind I can not award top honours to dachshunds that pin their ears back and tuck their tails in when moving – some even panting as they move. This is not typical behaviour, and some otherwise excellent examples of the breed were penalised for this today. There was no aggression whatsoever.

Minor Puppy Dog [8, 2)


Stanegate Stefan at Bystock (H M & C Pughe & Fraser)


Tendrow Malibar (Miss R & Mrs V Howlett & Phillips) two very similar wild boar puppies, both very well presented with good bone and excellent feet and both were a pleasing size, both moved freely with level toplines, 1st scored in hind movement and length of upper arm, preferred head of 2nd  and he is more developed in front, would have preferred a longer keel


Cloudside Warren with Jubrancy (Mrs K & Mrs E Parkes & Mckay)

Puppy Dog (4,2)


Sunsong Dare to Dream (Mrs S Seath) – would prefer this wb a shade smaller but loved his ground clearance , more compact length and strong ground covering action, shown at the correct pace. Correct front and rear angulation, masculine head


Tendrow Malibar

Junior Dog (4,0)


Dollydash Defender of Faith (Mrs Sa Farrington)- very dark wb who was the best balanced in class and held his shape on the move, best for size in class, although would have preferred him to be a shade smaller all through, pleasing head and eye, correct angulation in front and moved well although handler has a tendency to go too fast with him


Elderkine Special Brew (Mr R G & Mrs S E Jackson) – red, thought 2 and 3 might be littermates as v. similar in type, their sire certainly stamps a type, both too big in body for me but appreciated their ground clearance, this boy moved better behind than 3 and is really sound, but lacked the upper arm of winner


Collidach Russell Leeves (Ms J Russell)

Post Graduate Dog (9, 3)


Salixian Moroccan Mint (Mr M & Mrs C D Horne) – this unexaggerated pale wb won me over the more I saw of him and was seriously in contention for RCC, where he lost out as carrying excess weight. Good coat beautifully presented, super sound with correct angulation both ends, good ground clearance, not too long and kept his shape on the move. Stood out in this disappointing class where I first started to notice the problems with teeth.


Cishelvine Coriolanus (Mrs R Vine) –red, not as positive behind as 1, correct for size, well balanced and good angulation


 Stanegate Saverio at Bestina (Mrs J Best)

Limit Dog (11,1)

Some very big (long) dogs in this class where I was very disappointed to see so many with poor dentition. The first two were very hard coated wb and it would have been hard to choose between them were it not for 2 lacking in confidence – he was probably sounder away and back but moved much too fast and so  lost his shape in profile, and 1 covered much more ground without any exaggeration – loved his ground clearance and length to height balance.


Ambiesque Avant (Mr S A & Mr P C Mcpherson & Paterson)


Derochaise Blue Danube (Mrs E & Miss V Maes-Jones & Bates)


Incordemeo Beetle About (Mrs M M Mountford)

Open Dog (8,2)

Again there were some very big and over long dogs in this class where the first 2 stood away and 3 was also correct size


Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate (Mrs J L Carruthers) – alert, happy, presented to perfection and moved like a dream. Yes I knew who he was and thought he might be rather big -  he looks like a big dog but he is not when you get your hands on him. Very well balanced with correct angulation fore and aft, very free ground covering stride, correct ribbing, masculine head, I loved him, CC and BOB


Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin) (Mrs V Phillips) – if anything, I preferred his length to height ratio , another lovely dog whose wb coat is not as crisp as winner but well presented, correctly angulated and sound mover, not as masculine in head and sadly moving with ears back and tail tucked in  - if not for this would have been much more difficult to split the first 2


Salixian Eau Rouge (Mr I S & Mrs F E Smith)

Veteran Dog (2,1)


Ch Silvae Klansman (Ms C A Norman) – not really a veteran – this 7½ year old dark wb was slightly too long for height but had good ground clearance, a good wire coat, correctly angulated with good ribbing,  masculine head and moved really well to and fro and in profile – wagging his tail. In the challenge for RCC  he had close competition from the 2nd in Open and the PG winner but his crisp coat and  exuberance on the move won it and BV

Special Beginners Dog (4, 0)


Boloria All Spice (Mrs C Akehurst) – pale wb who was 5th in Limit, lovely size, which won him this class, moved freely and soundly, at correct pace, would prefer a lower tail carriage


Dollydash Defender of Faith


Collidach Russell Leeves

Minor Puppy Bitch (13.3)

What a lovely class of minor puppies, all a lovely size and sound with happy temperaments – I could have taken several home with me and any one of the first five merited a first place


Bramalodge Baby I'm Your's (Miss E G Howe) – I wish she was mine! Super hard coated dark wb, lovely balanced outline, correct height to length ratio, great temperament, good bone and feet, correct angulation,  the more they moved the better she went, BPB and BPIB and in contention for RCC


Brontillow Canterbury Bell to Dierfiur (Mrs A & Mrs J Moore & Dean) – not quite the coat but another dark wb who was also a lovely make and shape and very sound on the move


Tendrow Carolina Reaper (Mrs V Phillips)

Puppy Bitch (6,1)

Another strong puppy class though not as uniform in type with several too long for height and lacking hind angulation.Please do not race them around the ring. 1 & 2 were dark wb  and stood away from the rest. Very similar in type with correct height to length ratios,correct angulation, good ground clearance. Not overdone in ribbing  and sound to and fro - and very hard to split them. 2nd had a slightly better coat and more reach in front but gave her handler a hard time on the move so not holding the shape I saw when stacked as well as the more composed winner whose head I preferred. A contender for RCC. Would take both of them home in an  instant!


4246 - Stanegate Simona (Mrs J L Carruthers)


4322 - Sunsong Hopes and Dreams (Mrs S Seath)


4334 - Nasiriyah's Lavender at Morlanow (Ms Se Ward)



Junior Bitch (7, 2)

Disappointing class after the puppies – some were too long, especially in loin, some were too big, some did not want to be here and everyone wanted to move them too fast.


4277 - Drakkina Wirenth (Ms J V Hunt) – stood out here – lovely dark chocolate bitch, very sound with good ground clearance, good bone, good coat, balanced, best hind angulation in class, held shape on move and a lovely temperament.


4296 - Brumberhill Barbed Wire (Mr S A & Mr P C Mcpherson & Paterson) – pale wb, lovely front, head and ribbing, just a little straight behind and lost shape slightly on the move


4280 - Collidach Raynee Day JW (Mrs F Hutchings)

Post Graduate Bitch (12, 3)



Tendrow What I Am I Am (Mrs V Phillips) – a beautiful red bitch from this handler who looked as if she was happy to be here. Excellent coat, lovely size, correct ribbing, good bone and feet, maybe a tad too long for correct height to length ratio but forgave her this for excellent movement to and fro and in profile, correct angualation RCC won on her profile movement


4340 - Stanegate Salsa at Willowash (Mr R & Mrs J Wilson) – wb bitch, needs some work on her coat which is of good texture, lovely size, excellent height to length ratio with good ground clearance and again excellent movement – two lovely bitches who should not be in this class for long


4318 - Boloria Sugar'n Spice (Mrs J Rowe)

Class 1282. Limit Bitch (15, 2)

A big class of different types, some far too big and many with loaded shoulders making hard work of their front movement, some were too long and several with misplaced incisors and lower  canine teeth


Brontillow Yan Tan Tethera (Mrs J N Dean) – this wb girl does not make the most of herself – she is a lovely shape and so very sound, would like her just a shade shorter to have correct height to length ratio but ultra feminine with correct ribbing and angulation and a good coat


Tendrow Turns over The Page (Mrs V Phillips) – b/t with softer coat, lovely size and shape and lovely head and eye, very sound to and fro and in profle but  but a little heavier than I would like, just more settled on the move than the equally correct sized


4268 - Allfreys Cordelia (Miss C P Gibson)

Open Bitch (6, 1)

This was a lovely class – thank you so much for bringing your beautiful champion bitches under me – I was really splitting hairs here and every one of the 5 well deserved their titles


Ir Ch Sail On Sailor to Full Circle (Miss E V & Dr E North-Row & Martin) – I can’t criticise the other classes for size and not judge this class the same – this bitch is the correct size, she has a harsh double red jacket, she is as fit as a flea and as sound as a pound – feminine head and expression, outstanding temperament, correct angulation, correct ribbing, good bone and feet, correct height to length ratio and really covers the ground on the move, I loved her, CC. In the challenge for BOB the dog was steadier and more finished – he has done it all before while she decided to celebrate a few minutes too soon


4274 - Ch Tendrow Makes The Right Turn JW (Miss R & Mrs V Howlett & Phillips) – this lovely wb bitch was presented and shown to perfection without a hair out of place but how I wish her hair was harsher. She moved soundly to and fro, covered the ground in profile and has correct angulation both ends, I would prefer there to be a little less of her and perhaps a little more animation, preferred her hind angulation and movement to the harsher coated 3


4293 - Ch Silvae Sky Dancer (Mr D C & Mrs K D Mccalmont)

Veteran Bitch (2, 0)


4287 - Ch Derochaise Elusia JW (Mrs E & Miss V Maes-Jones & Bates) – not quite 8yo, wb with free flowing front action, good height to length ratio, better hind angulation and preferred head to 2


4314 - Silvae Keynote (Mrs A Prior Cooper) – 6 months younger sound wb who moved well behind but not as free in front, and longer cast than winner – neither looked like veterans

Special Beginners Bitch (2,0)


4334 - Nasiriyah's Lavender at Morlanow (Ms Se Ward) paler wb  - preferred her size and shape which she kept on the move, good height to length ratio and pleasing head and angulations – BSpB on her overall balance and outline


4276 - Hototo Ain't She Sweet (Ms Hudson-Lund) – longer and too deep in ribbing for me