Scottish Kennel Club May 2023


Judge: Jenny Dove

BEST OF BREED : CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate & Hound Group 4
Dog CC : CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate
Res Dog CC : CARRUTHERS Stanegate Salvador
Bitch CC : MCCALMONT & HANNEY Ch Silvae Time After Time at Bronia
Res Bitch CC : ROWE Boloria's Trick or Treat JW
Best Puppy : MATTHEWS Sonham Twice as Nice
Best Special Beginner : TINKER-HALDANE Dollydash Never Enough

Puppy Dog (3)
1st: DICKINSON Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax
2nd: NORMAN Silvae State Secret
3rd: SIMPSON Cumhaill Cream

Junior Dog (3)
1st: CARRUTHERS Stanegate Salvador
2nd: JACKSON Elderkine Special Brew
3rd: DICKINSON Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax

Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st: VINE Cishelvine Coriolanus
2nd: TINKER-HALDANE Dollydash Never Enough

Limit Dog (2)
1st: VINE Cishelvine Quintillion
2nd: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Mr Wilks

Open Dog (5)
1st: CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate
2nd: MOORE Cloudside Picasso
3rd: CHRISTIE Tannahill Bergen at Decalleigh
Res: TINKER-HALDANE Dollydash Never Enough
VHC: NORMAN Silvae Trade Name

Veteran Dog - NO ENTRIES

Special Beginners Dog (1)
1st: TINKER-HALDANE Dollydash Never Enough

Minor Puppy Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: ELDRED Dakotadax Check Mate
2nd: HUTCHINGS Collidach Raynee Day
3rd: NORTH-ROW Barmaud FC Betsy Ross
Res: PATERSON & MCPHERSON Brumberhill Barbed Wire
VHC: MCCALMONT Silvae Best Kept Secret

Puppy Bitch (3)
1st: MATTHEWS Sonham Twice as Nice
2nd: NORTH-ROW Barmaud FC Betsy Ross
3rd: ELDRED Dakotadax Check Mate

Junior Bitch (5,1)
1st: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Barbed Wire
2nd: MATTHEWS Stanegate Senorita with Sonham
3rd: MACKENZIE Stanegate Savannah with Sweetihoundz
Res: BINKS Cloudside Uluru

Post Graduate Bitch (3)
1st: VINE Cishelvine Cassandra
2nd: WILSON Stanegate Katie Brown at Willowwash
3rd: SIMPSON Jollylong Joshua's Gem

Limit Bitch (2,1)
1st: ROWE Boloria's Trick or Treat JW

Open Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: MCCALMONT & HANNEY Ch Silvae Time After Time at Bronia
2nd: NORTH-ROW & MARTIN Ir Ch Sail on Sailor to Full Circle
3rd: WALLER Tendrow Laced With Success
Res: NORTH-ROW Ir Ch Sail on Sailor to Full Circle

Veteran Bitch - NO ENTRIES

Special Beginners Bitch - NO ENTRIES

Good Citizen Bitch - NO ENTRIES


PD (3) 1 Dickinson, Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax. Very enthusiastic , just 6mths pup , lovely head & expression, dark eye.Stands absolutely right with good topline , chest deep , good length & sound front & rear, outmoving 2nd today. 2 Norman, Silvae State Secret TAF. More mature ,  at 10 mths has a lot to like about him, pleasing outline and is excellent in type & quality, just a little unsettled on the move today. 3 Simpson, Cumhaill Cream. 
JD (3) 1 Carruthers, Stanegate Salvador. Very handsome youngster at 16 mths, very mature. Excellent head & dark eye, ears & set, long neck into correct forequarters, chest deep, well ribbed back with good topline, which he keeps well when moving. Super hindquarters, he is perfectly sound throughout.Well deserved Res CC behind his more finished sire. 2 Jackson & Jackson,  Elderkine Special Brew. Less mature than above at just 12 mths. Masculine throughout, I liked his style, body & substance but still a little less together on the move. 3 Dickinson, Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax. 
PGD (2) 1 Vine, Cishelvine Coriolanus. Just 18 mths and a very stylish, sound moving youngster. I liked his well balanced head & dark eye, good ears & set.Nicely constructed throughout with correct feet & excellent topline. Pressed Res CC winner but less mature.Very promising boy. 2 Tinker-Haldane, Dollydash Never Enough. 3 ˝ yrs, more mature & heavier style than above. I preferred the head & expression of winner but he has a good outline & well bodied. Moved well but not quite as free & easily as above. 
LD (2) 1 Vine, Cishelvine Quintillion. Just 2 yrs, he was my winner at first glance & he did not put a foot wrong. Masculine throughout.Good feet, sound, easy mover with correct length & height, kept topline well.Lovely head & dark eye. Not dissimilar in style to his kennel mate who won the previous class. 2 McPherson & Paterson, Brumberhill Mr Wilks. 5 1/2 yrs red/brindle, smaller hound than above but he has good depth & length.Not the drive & reach on the move as above today. 
OD (5) 1 Carruthers, Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate. Nearly 4 yrs old, a superb hound who is mature, elegant & oozes quality & style. I loved everything about him & he was an easy winner for me today. He really is in top form. Grand coat & condition I was pleased to award him the CC & BOB & very proud of his 4th place in an excellent Hound Group. Well done! 2 Moore, Cloudside Picasso. 7 yrs mature hound.I liked his head & eye, looked well standing but not the sound easy movement of above today and a little out of coat. 3 Christie & Christie, Tannahill Bergen at Decalleigh. 
SBD (1)  1 Tinker-Haldane, Dollydash Never Enough 2nd Post Grad D as before. 
PB (3) 1 Matthews, Sonham Twice as Nice. Gorgeous at just 6 mths old, lovely youngster who has great style & presence. Well constructed throughout, excellent topline, although a little unsure at first she soon found her feet & moved well enough to win Best Puppy. 2 North-Row & North-Row, Barmaud FC Betsy Ross. 11 mths more mature than above, very pretty head & dark eye. Excellent front & hind co-ordination with good length & height.J ust preferred overall style of above. 2 very promising puppies 3 Eldred, Dakotadax Check Mate. 
JB (5,1)  1 McPherson & Paterson, Brumberhill Barbed Wire. 12 months youngster who although she was less mature than her classmates she totally outmoved them all.Looked good both standing & moving, excellent overall balance. 2 Matthews, Stanegate Senorita with Sonham. 15 mths old, very nice head & eye, quality bitch who did not make the best of herself , a little overweight today, she did move soundly when she eventually settled.Some youngsters really did not like the echo in the hall which was unfortunate. 3 Mackenzie, Stanegate Savannah with Sweetihoundz 
PGB (3) 1 Vine, Cishelvine Cassandra. Another very classy hound from this kennel, litter sister to PGD winner. At just 18 mths she has good type and is a quality youngster. A little more finished than her brother she moved with great drive & front reach. Seriously considered her for the Res CC but lost out on maturity today but I am sure these litter mates have a great future. 2 Wilson & Wilson, Stanegate Katie Brown At Willowash. 2yrs old very pretty bitch, a little more mature than above. She has a lot to like about her, a stylish sound mover making it more difficult to decide between these first 2, but the winner just kept her topline better at all times. 3 Simpson, Jollylong Joshua’s Gem. 
LB (2,1) 1 Rowe, Boloria’s Trick or Treat JW. 6 yrs mature bitch who is in her prime, feminine throughout she is in good coat & condition, looked good both standing & moving. Has excellent type & is handled to perfection. Sorry she stood alone in this class but pleased to award her the Res Bitch CC amongst strong competition in the challenge. 
OB (5,3) 1 Mccalmont & Mccalmont & Hanney, Ch Silvae Time After Time at Bronia. 4 yrs old top quality, feminine, hound. A real showgirl who just did not stop showing off from the minute she entered the ring.Excellent overall balance & type she is totally sound & very impressive moving around the ring. Won the Bitch CC with ease but lost out to the exceptional male in the challenge who just had the edge on maturity and finish. 2 North-Row,  & Martin, Ir Ch Sail on Sailor to Full Circle. One day younger than above and different in style, slightly smaller red, I also really liked her, she has great style & presence. Lovely classy head & dark eye, excellent overall construction & outline, she is sound and kept her topline well on the move.