Judge: Dr A Paloheimo (Finland)

BEST OF BREED : PHILLIPS Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin) & Hound Group 4
Dog CC : PHILLIPS Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin)
Res Dog CC : CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate

Bitch CC : HOWLETT & PHILLIPS Tendrow Makes the Right Turn JW
Res Bitch CC  :  MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Sky Dancer

Best Puppy : MATTHEWS Sonham Twice as Nice & Hound Puppy Group 4
Best Veteran : MAES-JONES & BATES Ch Derochaise Elusia JW

Best Junior : ROWE Boloria Sugar N' Spice

Best Special Beginner: PARROTT Derochaise Blue Angel at Marondera

Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1st: SEATH Sunsong Dare to Dream
2nd: DICKINSON Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax

Puppy Dog (1)
1st: DICKINSON Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax

Junior Dog (4)
1st: CARRUTHERS Stanegate Salvador
2nd: RUSSELL & HUTCHINGS Collidach Russell Leeves
3rd: WHARTON Elmore James Greyhayne

Graduate Dog (3)
1st: VINE Cishelvine Coriolanus
2nd: BUBB Wyeknot Looks Like Trouble
3rd: WHARTON Symon Majewski V.H Ruwielse Land to Greyhayne

Post Graduate Dog (4,1)
1st: VINE Cishelvine Quintillion
2nd: EFFER Kasalane Rhapsody
3rd: AKEHURST Boloria All Spice

Limit Dog (4)
1st: MAES-JONES & BATES Derochaise Blue Danube
2nd: WILLS Kasalane Ostiriato Sea
3rd: MOUNTFORD Incordemeo Beetle About
Res: DAVIES Atarhira Ruffian

Open Dog (4)
1st: PHILLIPS Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin) 
2nd: CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate
3rd: EFFER Greyhayne Hector
Res: MOORE Cloudside Picasso

Special Beginners Dog  - NO ENTRIES

Veteran (1)
1st: MAES-JONES & BATES Ch Derochaise Elusia JW

Special Beginners Bitch (4,1)
1st: PARROTT Derochaise Blue Angel at Marondera
2nd: ELLIS Vixendax Venus Starlight
3rd: HUNT Drakkina Wirenth

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)
1st: MATTHEWS Sonham Twice as Nice
2nd: ELLIS Vixendax To Be or Not to Be
3rd: SEATH Sunsong Hopes and Dreams
Res: HUNT Drakkina Wirenth
VHC:SANDERS Jeljarmin Betsy at Knottsrose

Puppy Bitch (3)
1st: ELDRED & DICKINSON Dakotadax Check Mate
2nd:PHILLIPS Clipperdown Bronze Briony
3rd: SANDERS Jeljarmin Betsy at Knottsrose

Junior Bitch (6,1)
1st: ROWE Boloria Sugar N' Spice
2nd: ELLIS Vixendax Venus Starlight
3rd: MATTHEWS Stanegate Senorita with Sonham
Res: HUTCHINGS Collidach Raynee Day
VHC:GRAHAM Boloria Wild Spice

Graduate Bitch (10,2)
1st: COX Hopewood Que Sera Sera Avec Bulldaxit
2nd: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Sea Nymph JW
3rd: BEAGRIE Ellesophia Light the Way to Feldhund JW
Res: PARROTT Derochaise Blue Angel at Marondera
VHC: GRAHAM Boloria Wild Spice

Post Graduate Bitch (5)
1st: VINE Cishelvine Cassandra
2nd: PHILLIPS Tendrow What I Am I Am
3rd: WILLS Kasalane Symphony
Res: BUBB Wyeknot Dare to Dream
VHC: MOUNTFORD Incordemeo My Story

Limit Bitch (4,2)
1st: HOWLETT & PHILLIPS Tendrow Makes the Right Turn JW
2nd: MOUNTFORD Tendrow Special Creation

Open Bitch (5,3)
1st: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Sky Dancer
2nd: HUTCHINGS Ch Collidach Brook Ling

May I thank all exhibitors for your patience as the judging started so late in the afternoon due to the fact that your breed was moved from Espen Engh to me, and I had to finish first my dayís judging in another ring. I enjoyed this extra task as Dachshunds are a special, classic breed and the challenge is always there to find a good balance - aiming for form and function without any exaggerations. Thank you for the lovely day. - 
MPD (2) 1 Sunsong Dare to Dream (Seath), strong male, excellent head shape, excellent coat, excellent forechest and rear, strong topline, good mover. 2 Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax (Dickinson), pleasing head and expression, front needs to tighten up, good body, coat ok, hocks needs more strength, moves quite well. 
PD (1) 1 Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax (Dickinson) see previous class.
JD (4,1) 1 Stanegate Salvador (Carruthers), handsome junior with excellent topline, excellent forechest and ribcage, excellent front and front legs, very sound mover, correct coat. 2 Collidach Russell Leeves (Russell & Hutchings), similar lovely shape, preferred the front of 1, good ribcage, excellent coat, sound mover with good topline. 3 Elmore James Greyhayne (Wharton) 
GD (3) 1 Cishelvine Coriolanus (Vine), very sound and balanced dog with excellent head shape, front legs could be a bit straighter, good body and ribcage, correct coat. excels in topline and movement. 2 Wyeknot Looks Like Trouble (Bubb), excellent head profile, good front, excellent coat, rather high tail set and tail could be straighter, good mover. 3 Szymon Majewski Vh Ruwielse Land to Greyhayne (Imp Nld) (Wharton) PGD (4,1) 1 Cishelvine Quintillion (Vine), excellent head profile and expression, excellent ribcage, good coat, good neck and front, moves very well with strong topline. 2 Kasalane Rhapsody (Effer), stronger male, sound and solid, correct head and muzzle, moves well. 3 Boloria All Spice (Akehurst)
LD (4) 1 Derochaise Blue Danube (Maes-Jones & Bates), excellent breed type, excellent head and profile, good front and ribcage, good rear, correct coat, the best mover in this class excelling in topline. 2 Kasalane Ostiriato Sea (Wills), bigger dog with handsome head, good forechest and ribcage, not much coat today, moves quite well. 3 Incordemeo Beetle About (Mountford) 
OD (4) 1 Ch Royal Pepperís Vice Versa (Imp Fin) (Phillips), excellent size and proportions, excellent head and profile and expression, good front, correct coat but it is not in best form today, excellent sound mover with firm topline, CC and Best of Breed. 2 Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate (Carruthers), bigger dog with strong profile, good body and rear, excellent coat, correct mover, reserve CC. 3 Greyhayne Hector (Effer). 
V (1) 1 Ch Derochaise Elusia JW (Maes-Jones & Bates), excellent breed type and size, in top form, super head and profile, keen eye, excellent forechest and front, good ribcage, excellent coat, effortless mover with firm topline, Best Veteran. 
GCD/B (1) 1 Collidach Russell Leeves (Russell & Hutchings), seen dog (junior class). 
SBB (4,1) 1 Derochaise Blue Angel at Marondera (Parrott) good balance and size, excellent bone and ribcage, correct coat, moves very well, Best Special Beginners. 2 Vixendax Venus Starlight (Ellis),excellent size, good eyes, good rear, excellent coat, moves well. 3 Drakkina Wirenth (Hunt). MPB (5) 1 Sonham Twice As Nice (Matthews), excellent shape, excellent head and expression, very sound, lovely front, steady mover, promising coat, Best Puppy. 2 Vixendax to Be or Not to Be (Ellis), well moving dog with good balance and topline, correct bone, needs more training. 3 Sunsong Hopes and Dreams (Seath). 
PB (3) 1 Dakotadax Check Mate (Eldred & Dickinson), good balance, lovely expression, good profile, excellent forechest, excellent coat, excellent rear, good mover with firm topline. 2 Clipperdown Bronze Briony (Phillips), larger dog with good forechest, rather wide ribcage, good rear, excellent coat, excellent head profile. 3 Jeljarmin Betsy at Knottsrose (Sanders) 
JB (6,1) 1 Boloria Sugarín Spice (Rowe), correct size, good profile, correct forechest, excellent coat, excellent topline, moves steadily. Best Junior. 2 Vixendax Venus Starlight (Ellis) (seen dog, special beginners) 3 Stanegate Senorita with Sonham (Matthews). 
GB (10,2) 1 Hopewood Que Sera Sera avec Bulldaxit (Cox), excellent size and proportions, good bone, excellent head and expression, good coat, sound mover. 2 Bystock Sea Nymph JW (Pughe & Fraser), longer shape, excellent forechest, front legs could be better, excellent ribcage, moves well. 3 Ellesophia Light The Way to Feldhund JW (Beagrie). 
PGB (5) 1 Cishelvine Cassandra (Vine), a bit naughty but showed a lovely topline and movement when she decided so. Excellent type and size, excellent front, lovely strong hocks. 2 Tendrow What I Am I Am (Phillips), correct type, roman nose, lovely expression, good front, could stand better on rear legs, good mover. 3 Kasalane Symphony (Wills).
LB (4,2) 1 Tendrow Makes The Right Turn JW (Howlett & Phillips), quality bitch, perfect size, excellent head, expression, ribcage and body, excels also in rear, strong hocks, excellent coat, super topline, moves very well. CC. 2 Tendrow Special Creation (Mountford), longer shape, correct head profile, good forechest, correct coat, good mover. 
OB (5,3) 1 Ch Silvae Sky Dancer (Mccalmont), excellent breed type, touch longer, correct head, excellent topline, excellent coat, excellent mover, Reserve CC. 2 Ch Collidach Brook Ling (Hutchings), another excellent representative of breed type, pleasing expression, excellent forechest and ribcage, sound mover with excellent topline.