Paignton 2011

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mr Mike Caple

BEST OF BREED : 4571 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean At Stargang (Imp)
Dog CC : 4591 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Captain Scarlet
Res Dog CC : 4610 SALISBURY Mrs G E Ch Willowheath Just William at Brocklewood JW
Bitch CC : 4571 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean At Stargang (Imp)
Res Bitch CC : 4583 ERGIS Mrs S M Ch Siouxline April Folly JW
Best Puppy : 4581 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Thomasina
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder : Mrs S Ergis

Class 1233 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4593 KENT Mr M & Mrs Y Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven
2nd: 4617 WILLIAMS R Cwmdarhian Arizona
3rd: 4598 LASHBROOK Mrs P Cedax Wicked Wilfred at Milfer
Res: 4585 HOLLANDS Mrs C E Zarosa Monsieur Rouge

Class 1234 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4591 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Captain Scarlet
2nd: 4616 WILLIAMS R Cwmdarhian Can't Touch This

Class 1235 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4570 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Ambiesque Aelle At Stargang
2nd: 4597 LASHBROOK Ms L M Pyknikspring Toffee Dream
3rd: 4606 PHILLIPS Mrs I Jentiki Red Chilli Pepper
Res: 4574 BURLEY Mrs R M Minimead Mr Noitall By Siouxline

Class 1236 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4603 MUGGLETON Miss L Mosiarto Mister Big
2nd: 4619 WILLIAMS, R & JONES Mrs L Cwmdarhian Billy The Kid
3rd: 4574 BURLEY Mrs R M Minimead Mr Noitall By Siouxline

Class 1237 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4610 SALISBURY Mrs G E Ch Willowheath Just William at Brocklewood JW
2nd: 4594 KENT Mr M & Mrs Y Barratini Jeeves at Lokmadi JW
3rd: 4615 WILLIAMS R Cwmdarhian Benjamin Button
Res: 4574 BURLEY Mrs R M Minimead Mr Noitall By Siouxline

Class 1238 PB (11 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4581 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Thomasina
2nd: 4576 CALLOW Miss A F Garthorne Rosie
3rd: 4611 SALISBURY Mrs G E Brocklewood Black Velvet
Res: 4607 REED Mrs E A Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft
VHC: 4592 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama

Class 1239 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4600 MEAD Mrs G J Minimead Maid Sweetley
2nd: 4613 SHUKER Mrs S Hudgemoor Much Ado At Yewlitt
3rd: 4569 ALLEN Miss K J Royaldach's Innocent Honour
Res: 4595 KENT Mr M & Mrs Y Lokmadi Steffy Byng
VHC: 4614 STOKES Mrs V E Tydurcwrt Zulu Dawn at Webbers

Class 1240 PGB (10 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 4582 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Aurora
2nd: 4604 MUGGLETON Miss L Mosiarto Smelly Nelly
3rd: 4618 WILLIAMS R Cwmdarhian Molly Malon
Res: 4609 ROLLINSON, Mrs A & WILLIAMS Mrs R Cwmdarhian Moulin Rouge
VHC: 4588 HUGHES Mrs J M Batendach Coppa Rose For Julidachs

Class 1241 LB (10 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4620 WINCHURCH Mrs F M Brianolf Opalite
2nd: 4577 CALLOW Mrs A Garthorne Miss Dynamite JW
3rd: 4612 SEBIRE Mrs B E Shardagang Quality Street at Bouvee
Res: 4602 MUGGLETON Miss L Mosiarto Beautiful Belle JW
VHC: 4572 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Stargang Serenity

Class 1242 OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4571 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean At Stargang (Imp)
2nd: 4583 ERGIS Mrs S M Ch Siouxline April Folly JW
3rd: 4578 CALLOW Mrs A Ch Garthorne Gazania JW


Pleased to judge Miniature Smooths again, the last time was in 1994, so obviously, all dogs were new to me. On the whole I found the breed to be sound and typy with an abundance of good puppy bitches, which is good for the future. Concerns were, short keels, and a few were untypically wide behind. The ground conditions were poor, rutted and with spikey grass, this did nothing for movement in Miniatures. Some exhibits coped better than others with these conditions, so that on another day on a different surface, places could have changed.

(4) 1 Kent's Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven. Lovely headed s/r of pleasing size, very well balanced, firm topline, well filled front, good shoulders and upper arm, pleased with ribbing but could be longer in sternum, coped with the conditions and carried himself with confidence. 2 Williams' Cwmdarhian Arizona. Larger sized b/t with lots to like, very smart in outline, lengthy neck and firm topline, well filled front, did not cope with the ground conditions so well and tended to move out wide in hind action. 3 Lashbrook's Cedax Wicked Wilfred At Milfer.

(3, 1) 1 Hunt's Carpaccio Captain Scarlet. CC. Top quality s/r of 13 months, lovely headpiece and expression, excelled on both fore and hind construction, super well filled front, well laid shoulders and terrific return of upper arm, lengthy well sprung ribbing, well muscled and firm in topline, hammy quarters, short hocks, came into his own on the move with good reach and drive, is still a youngster and should get even better, very pleased to award him his second CC. 2 Williams' Cwmdarhian Can't Touch This. Another top quality b/t as we have come to expect from this kennel, very smart in outline, lots to like, more compact and higher stationed than first, well filled front, would ideally prefer more length to keel, moved out soundly and true but without the scope of first.

(4) 1 Blackburn's Ambiesque Aelie At Stargang. Most attractive b/t with smooth flowing outline, lovely headpiece carried on lengthy neck, good front, lengthy ribbing, pleased in top and underline, almost threw away the class as he was unsettled at first appearing to snatch in his movement, however, he then settled and moved with ground covering action. 2 Lashbrook's Pyknikspring Toffee Dream. Chunky red with good bone, more compact and taller on leg, steady mover, would ideally prefer more length to muzzle, did not have the flowing outline of first. 3 Phillips' Jentiki Red Chilli Pepper.

LD(3) 1 Muggleton's Moiarto Mister Big. Unexaggerated s/r with balanced construction in both fore and hindquarters, well filled front, smooth flowing outline in top and underline, his construction enabled him to move out soundly. 2 Williams' Cwmdarhian Billy The Kid. Another smart red from this kennel, of slightly larger frame, good bone, firm in topline, prominent pro sternum, would prefer better layback of shoulderblades and smoother underline. 3 Burley's Mininmead Mr Noitall By Siouxline.

(4) 1 Salisbury's Ch Willowheath Just William At Brocklewood JW, RCC. Top quality s/r whose construction was spot on, balanced angulation fore and aft, lengthy ribbing carried well back, in firm muscular condition, moved out easily and soundly, was close up to the junior dog whose head and expression I preferred. 2 Kent's Barratini Jeeves At Lokmadi JW. Smart b/t who carries himself well, pleasing balanced outline with smooth flowing lines, pleased in all aspects and should do well, construction enabled him to move out soundly with reach and drive. 3 Williams' Cwmdarhian Benjamin Button.

(11) 1 Ergis' Siouxline Thomasina. BP. Stunninb b/t of 11 months, liked everything about her, lovely head, eye, muzzle, super smooth flowing outline, lovely top and underline, excellent oval front, shoulders well laid back and with good return of upperarm, neat fitting elbows, well ribbed back, lovely well angulated rear with short hocks, her construction and angulation enabled her to move out soundly with ground covering action. 2 Callow's Garthorne Rosie. More compact s/r of 10 months, quite different in type but with lots to like, very neat and well constructed, positive and sound in movement, just preferred the more flowing outline of first. 3 Salisbury's Brocklewood Black Velvet.

(5) 1 Mead's Minimead Maid Sweetley. 10 months b/t with lots to like, fulfilled all the requirements, attractive head, eye and muzzle, well filled oval front, snug fitting elbows, lengthy neck, ribbing carried well back, balanced angulation in both forehand and hindquarters, pleased with her top and underline, coped well with the rough ground, sound and steady mover. 2 Shuker's Hudgemoor Much Ado At Yewlitt. Another pleasing b/t of 12 months, close up to first, liked her front, neck and ribbing, firm in topline, just preferred the head of first, she did not cope with the ground so well and was a little unsettled in her movement. 3 Allen's Royaldach's Innocent Honour.

(10, 3) 1 Ergis' Siouxline Aurora. Yet another lovely puppy, the variety is certainly well off for attractive puppy bitches, 10 months red, I like her smooth flowing outline, very pleasing in top and underline, attractive head, eye, lengthy neck, good ribbing and balanced angulation in fore and hindquarters, moved out steadily in this class with a change of handler in the challenge she was unsettled, certainly showing promise. 2 Muggleton's Mosiarto Smelly Nelly. Most appealing 15 month b/t, who catches the eye, liked her carriage and deportment, pleasing head, neck, front and ribbing, good top and underline, well constructed which enabled her to cover the ground easily, my only concern was that I would like to see snugger fitting elbows. 3 Williams' Cwmdarhian Molly Malon.

(10) 1 Winchurch's Brianolf Opalite. 22 months s/r who gained her place on her smooth flowing unexaggerated outline, firm in topline and smooth in underline, so well ribbed back, really well put together with excellent angulation fore and aft, was really sound and steady in movement. 2 Callow's Garthorne Miss Dynamite JW. At first glance thought that this 21 month b/t would be my winner, carries herself so proudly, lovely head, neck and topline, well filled front, ticks all the boxes, only the final go around she was not so positive in front action. 3 Sebire's Shardagang Quality Street At Bouvee.

(3) Only 3, but what quality! 1 Blackburn's Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean At Stargang (Imp). CC and BOB. 2 year clear rich red of exceptional quality, is a star of her generation, she fulfills all the requirements of the breed standard, front, ribbing, top and underline, angulation in both forehand and hindquarters, and her movement cannot be bettered, so sound and positive, very pleased to have had the opportunity to put my hands on her. 2 Ergis' Ch Siouxline April Folly JW, RCC. Another lovely 2 year old clear red who was close up, is a worthy champion, not disgraced by standing second, again ticks all the boxes, thought the winner just edged on hind movement. 3 Callow's Ch Garthorne Gazania JW.

Mike Caple