Smooth Haired Dachshund Club 2011


Judge:  Mrs Margaret Turner



Dog CC - Williams's Cwmdarhian Benjamin Button

Reserve Dog CC - Kent's Barratini Jeeves at Lokmadi

Best Puppy Dog - SHUTT Donnadoon Mousquetaire

Bitch CC -  Callow's Garthorne Miss Dynamite JW

Reserve Bitch CC - Blackburn's Sonderbar Billie Jean at Stargang (Imp)

Best Puppy Bitch - Reed's Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft

Best of Breed - Callow's Garthorne Miss Dynamite JW

Best Puppy in Breed -  Reed's Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft


Veteran Dog or Bitch (5)

1.BARBER Ch Merlriding Meruisti

2. HOLLANDS Zarosa Simply Red





Minor Puppy Dog (8)

1. KENT Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven

2. MELBOURNE Metdale Nikolai of Melriding

3. PUNTER Welcumen Dream Machine

4. SHUTT Metadale Rasputin of Donnadoon

5. JONES Radclyffe Vegarius


Puppy Dog (4)

1. SHELTON Barrise A Touch of Magic

2. NEIL-FRASER Granadan Revelation at Baxendale





Junior Dog (4)

1. SHUTT Donnadoon Mousquetaire

2. Williams Cwmdarhian Can't Touch This





Novice Dog (6)

1. KENT Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven

2. BLACKBURN Ambiesque Aelle at Stargang

3. BURTON Swingletree Just in Time

4. PHILLIPS Minimead Montmorency at Daxphilly

5. NEIL-FRASER Granadan Revelation at Baxendale


Post Graduate Dog (6)

1. BLACKBURN Tythe Gordon Brown at Stargang

2.  YEOMANS Klynerbyner True to Form

3. ERGIS Siouxline Timon

4. PHILLIPS Jentiki Red Chilli Pepper

5. LOMBARDELLI Kelmbeck Lord of the Isles


Limit Dog (7)

1. ROBERTS Denver Darling Echo Falls

2. CALLOW Gad About at Garthorne

3. WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Billy the Kid

4. MUGGLETON Mosiarto Mister Big

5. BURTON Swingletrees Ready Teddy Go


Open Dog (7)

1. WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Benjamin Button

2. KENT Barratini Jeeves at Lokmadi JW

3. SALISBURY Ch Willowheath Just William at Brocklewood

4. ROBERTS Ch Denver Midnight Sun

5. BURTON Swingletrees Justin Time


Minor Puppy Bitch (7)

1. BLACKBURN Lokmadi Coral Sea at Stargang

2.  SALISBURY Brocklewood Black Velvet

3. CALLOW Garthorne Tiger Lily

4. BLACKHAM Deersleep Jingle Belle

5. ROLLINSON Cwmdarhian Mississippi


Puppy Bitch (9)

1. MEAD Minimead Maid Sweetly

2. CALLOW Garthorne Rosie

3.  REED Deercroft Dori

4. ERGIS Siouxline Auora

5. BLACKBURN Lokmadi Sea Holly at Stargang


Junior Bitch (9)

1. REED Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft

2. MITCHELL Bronia Fabrizia

3. KENT Lokmadi Steffi Byng

4. ASHWELL CARTER Siouxline Pocahontas

5. WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian What A Carry On


Novice Bitch (8)

1. REED Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft

2. REED Deercroft Dori

3. ROLLINSON & WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Moulin Rouge

4. MUGGLETON Mosiarto Nora Batty

5. MITCHELL Dubrey's Golden Reward


Post Graduate Bitch (16)

1. ERGIS Siouxline Thomasina

2.  DAYKIN Barratini Scarlett Ribbon

3. PARISH Garthorne Lady Gaga to Garlandelms

4. REED Celtic Oath for Deercroft

5. JONES Scharmein Xara at Radclyffe


Limit Bitch (16)

1.CALLOW Garthorne Miss Dynamite JW

2. MITCHELL Bronia Felcicana

3.  KERRY Kireton Agnes

4. KENT Toniajavae India Passion at Lokmadi JW

5. WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Molly Malon


Open Bitch (6)

1. BLACKBURN Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean at Stargang (Imp)

2. KERRY Dolyharp Pizzicato at Kireton

3. ERGIS Siouxline Evangelina JW ShCM

4. CALLOW Garthorne Gazania

5.LOMBARDELLI D'Arisca from Dawn Till Dusk at Kelmbeck

MINIATURE SMOOTH The show made for an interesting and enjoyable judging experience. Temperaments were, as usual, mainly excellent. Heads have not improved since I last judged, we still have too many broad foreheads, usually with incorrect eye shape and short ears. My other problem was colour, and I know all colours are permitted (apart from white), but some of the darker shaded reds have lighter red/fawn distributed around their body, making an offputting patchy effect when viewed from a distance.  Apart from these observations I was delighted with my entry. Vet (2) 1 Barbour's Ch Melriding Meruisti. 8 years, in excellent coat and condition and a well made front with pleasing flow of top and underline. Nice turn of stifle and well formed quarters. 2 Holland's Zarosa Simply Red. Lovely head and eye. Liked her body make and shape, good ribbing but preferred the front of the winner. MPD (8,2) 1 Kent's Lokmadi Oceans Eleven. Most promising s/red with a lovely head, eye shape and earset. Well formed front, ribbing and underline. Pleasing turn of stifle. 2 Melbourne's Metadale Nickolai of Melriding. S/r of lovely type and well made all round. Lovely head planes, very close up. The winner was just a bit more together. 3 Punter's Welcumen Dream Machine. PD (4,2) 1 Shelton's Barisse A Touch of Magic. B/t, loved his front construction and consequent good movement. Good bone, clean legs, no wrinkle and level and sound. Well turned quarters. 2 Neil Fraser's Granadan Revelation at Baxendale. B/T, pleasing head, neck and forechest. OK on the move, preferred the underline of the winner. JD (5,1) 1 Shutt's Donnadoon Le Mousequetaire. B/T, lengthy head with correct foreface, super topline and ribbing. Well formed prosternum for age, keel and underline very good and leading to nice turn of stifle, giving good drive in movement. Best Puppy Dog. 2 Williams' Cwmdarhian Can't Touch This. B/T with good bone and substance. Very nice head and eye, decent neck. Shorter in second thigh but had plenty of drive. Preferred the cleaner lines of the winner. 3 Withdrawn. ND (6) 1 Kent's Lokmadi Oceans Eleven. 2 Blackburn's Ambiesque Aelle at Stargang. B/T of pleasing and racy lines. Elegant head, well angulated with good ribbing and quarters. Preferred the front of the winner. 3 Burton's Swingletrees Just-In-Time.  PGD (6) 1 Blackburn's Thyhe Gordon Brown at Stargang. Choc/tan of clean lines and good construction, which showed in good, if slightly reluctant, movement. Good bone and feet, head ok. A shade cut up in underline. 2 Yeoman's Klynerbryner True to Form. B/T with very decent front construction, level and pleasing on the move. Better underline than the winner, but preferred the second thigh and turn of quarters of the winner. 3 Ergis' Siouxline Timon. LD (7) 1 Roberts'  Denver Darling Ech Falls. S/R with lovely and elegant head and well shaped eyes, nice earset. Super front construction, good ribbing and well angulated behind. Lovely clean lines in a small package. Very good profile gait. 2 Callow's Gad About at Garthorne. R/brindle wwith a pleasing head. Level top and a nice flow of underline. Good turn of quarters, very good and pleasant, compact little chap. Not much to criticise, preferred the head of the winner 3 Williams and Jones' Cwmdarhian Billy the Kid. OD (7) 1 Williams' Cwmdarhian Benjamin Button. B/T, nice masculine head and correct eye shape. Slightly arched neck, really liked his front construction with well shaped and prominent prosternum. Good shoulder and upperarm, tight elbows and well ribbed with plenty of body substance. Super bone and feet, particularly liked his houndy movement. Was faintly wide behind but with plenty of effortless reach and drive in side gait and powerful front movement. Clean legs, no wrinkle. CC - his third. 2 Kent's Barratini Jeeves at Lokmadi. JW. B/T of more racy and elegant lines  than the winner, especially in head. Loved his neck and front formation, flow of keel and ribbing very good. Nice underline but  a shade more around the loin would complete the picture for me. Loved his profile gait and hind extension. Good legs and feet, enough bone and a superb showman. Free standing and showing his super quarters to perfection. Res CC. 3 Salisbury's Ch Willowheath Just William at Brocklewood. MPB (7,2) 1 The two puppy bitch classes were a joy to behond. 1 Blackburn's Lokmadi Coral Sea at Stargang. Clear red and sister to the MPD winner. Lovely head, eye and ears of decent length. Excellent front and prosternum for age. Good lay of shoulder and upperarm, very good ribbing and body proportions all good. Super turn of stifle and is most promising.  2 Salisbury's Brocklewood Black Velvet. B/T, excellent all round and very close decision. Super bone and feet, top and underline all to admire. 3 Callow's Garthorne's Tiger Lily. PB (9,1) 1 Mead's Minimead Maid Sweetly. B/T of sturdy and well made make and shape. Good bone and feet, very pleasing height to length proportions. Promising all round. 2 Callow's Garthorne Rosie. S/R, elegant head and correct eye shape and earset. Kept outline standing and moving. Nice underline, front ok. Preferred the hindquarter turn of the winner. 3 Reed's Deercroft Dori. JB (9,2) 1 Reed's Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft. B/T, unsettled at first but just got better and better. Lovely feminine head properties, arched neck and excellent front construction with well formed prosternum for age. Suer through ribbing and underline, short loin and compact and well formed quarters with short and neat hocks. Good bone and feet, kept her well bodied outline at all times. Most promising all round. Best Puppy and BPIS. 2 Mitchell's Bronia Fabriazia. S/R, well modelled head 3 with a nice eye shape Arched neck and good shoulders and front construction. Correct topline, ribbing and underline. Well angulated quarters showing good hind extension in profile. Liked her a lot, preferred the substance of the winner. 3 Kent's Lokmadi Steffi Byng. NB (8,2)  1 C Octavia Surprise at D. 2 Ashwell-Carter's Siouxline Pocahontas. B/T, head ok, well formed prosternum, bone and feet good. Nice outline, level and pleasing all round. 3 Rollinson and Williams' Cwmdarhian Moulin Rouge. PGB (16,4) 1 Ergis Siouxline Thomasina. B/T, 2 days out of puppy. Elegant, slightly taller type, smart and well proportioned. Good head planes and nice eye. Neck flowed nicely into well developed front construction. Well ribbed back and a nice flow of underline. Well boned legs, nice feet and she moved soundly with good stride and drive. 2 Daykins' Barratini Scarlett Robbon. Red, lovely elegant and lengthy head with a nice earset. Well formed body, front and ribbing all good. Plenty of drive in profile. 3 Parish's Garthorne Lady Ga Ga to Garlandelms. LB (16,4) 1 Callow's Garthorne Miss Dynamite. B/T, head ok, strong foreface, eye shape could be better but it is behind the ears that the excellence starts. Neck and front construction just right, with good layback and tight elbows. Pleasing prominence of front with dimples, clean legs and good feet. Super, well covered body, dense coat and excellent ribbing with short, strong loin. Kept same outline standing and moving, well turned stifle and a good second thigh. Short neat hocks. Correct topline and tailset, moved with balanced side gait. Not an extrovert but was steady and reliable at all times. CC - her second - and BOB and BIS. 2 Mitchell's Bronia Feliciana. S/R, different type and better head appeal. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulders and upperarm, but I preferred the front movement of the winner. Very good profile movement with well turned quarters giving good extended hind stride. Ribbing good, kept top and pleasing underline at all times. 3 Kerry's Kireton Agnes. OB (7,1) 1 Blackburn's Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean at Stargang. Red with a lovely elegant head, dark well shaped eye, no short ears here. Super neck and good, well formed front, topline, ribbing and underline. Strong hindquarters, well used with thrust and extension. Looked very stylish in profile, plenty of body covering in super coat and condition. Different type to CC winner and very close. Res CC. 2 Kerry's Dolyharp Pizzicato at Kireton. B/T, neat and very well made in all respects. Nice head with good foreface, eye and ear placement good. Well made front, clean legs and feet. Well bodied, good coat and a pleasing turn of stifle. Moved well with purpose and drive. 3 Ergis' Siouxline Evangelina. JW Sh CM. Breeders Ergis, group of lovely make and shape, made a pleasing team standing and moving.
Margaret Turner