Smooth Haired Dachshund Club Championship Show 2012


Judge:  Mr Mike Turner

Dog CC - Kent's Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven JW

Reserve Dog CC - Blackburn's Welcumen Red Rum at Stargang

Best Puppy Dog - Blackburn's Welcumen Red Rum at Stargang

Bitch CC -  Blackburn Bennett's Stargang Serenity

Reserve Bitch CC - Blackburn's Lokmadi Coral Sea at Stargang

Best Puppy Bitch - Robert's Bronia Caprice to Denver

Best of Breed - Blackburn Bennett's Stargang Serenity

Best Puppy in Breed - Robert's Bronia Caprice to Denver


Veteran Dog or Bitch (3)







Minor Puppy Dog (4)

1. MUGGLETON Solar Flare at Mosiarto

2. HUNT & TARN Poughleyvale Magic Man at Carpaccio

3. CALLOW Nordham Man in Black at Garthorne



Minor Puppy Bitch (5)

1. ORTON Rinjay Sraosha by Scalamor

2.  SALISBURY Brocklewood Calypso

3. MELBOURNE Mylforbe Fleur De Lys

4. KENT Kiswahili Linda Lokmadi

5. SPENCER Chelridge Carolina Red

Puppy Dog (5)

1. BLACKBURN Welcumen Red Rum at Stargang

2. SHEPPARD Thystine Summer Holiday

3. BLACKBURN BENNETT Stargang Game of Thrones

4. ERGIS Siouline Zebedee

5. PUNTER Welcumen Guinness

Puppy Bitch (7)

1. ROBERTS Bronia Caprice to Denver

2. ORTON Kenxiam Love Hearts by Scalamor

3.  SHEPPARD Thystine Summer Silhoutte

4. KENT Kiswahili Linda Lokmadi

5. STEPHEN Bedu a Star is Born

Junior Dog (4)

1.  KENT Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven JW

2. ROBERTS Denver Darling Harry Potter

3. MEAD Lokmadi Blushing Groom for Minimead

4. SHUKER Yewlitt Dougal


Junior Bitch (13)

1. BLACKBURN Lokmadi Coral Sea at Stargang

2. DAYKIN Barratini Margo

3. YOUNG Willowheath Prudence

4. MELBOURNE Melriding Berengaria

5. MELBOURNE, HOLDWORTH & ERGIS Sioux Alliance with Melriding

Novice Dog (2)

1. SHUKER Yewlitt Dougal





Novice Bitch (9)

1. SALISBURY Brocklewood Bee's Knees

2. OAKLEY & PEARSON Ardenrun Serena

3. PHILLIPS Mosiarto Top Totty at Daxphilly

4. WALKER Donnadoon Tiger Feet fr Dorenian

5. HOLLANDS Zarosa Touch of Black

Post Graduate Dog (6)

1. MUGGLETON Mosiarto Mr Motivator

2.  SHUTT Donnadoon Le Mousquetaire

3. BURTON Swingletree Just in Time



Post Graduate Bitch (10)

1. MELBOURNE, HOLDSWORTH & ERGIS Golden Algonquinette   of Melriding

2. SALISBURY Brocklewood Black Velvet

3. KENT Lokmadi Hidden Dragon

4. PARISH Garthorne Lady Gaga to Garlandelms

5.  REED Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft

Limit Dog (5)

1. ERGIS Siouxline Timon

2. MELBOURNE Metadale Nikolai of Melriding

3. MUGGLETON Mosiarto Mister Big

4. BURTON Swingletrees Ready Teddy Go


Limit Bitch (12)

1.DAYKIN Barratini Scarlett Ribbon

2. MUGGLETON Mosiarto Beautiful Belle

3. WINCHURCH Brianolf Opalite

4.  KERRY Kireton Agnes

5. HUGHES Minimead Maid to Love for Julidachs

Open Dog (4)

1. CALLOW Ch Garthorne Top Gear

2. ERGIS, HOLDSWORTH & MELBOURNE James Wolfe by Siouxline




Open Bitch (7)

1. BLACKBURN BENNETT Stargang Serenity

2. ERGIS Siouxline Thomasina JW

3. REED Deercroft Devotion

4. CALLOW Garthorne Amelia

5.KENT Toniajavae India Passion at Lokmadi JW

MINIATURE SMOOTH-HAIRED DACHSHUNDS: I enjoyed judging your mini smooths, which overall were shown in good condition with no thin exhibits. Sadly there were some with nails that looked like they had never been touched, these often went hand-in-hand with splayed feet and slack pasterns - such a pity. The same, old, faults were fairly prevalent in a good 50%, these being narrow fronts accompanied by short upper arms with turned out feet, loose elbows and inadequate layback of shoulder, giving a short, stuffy neck. Heads were varied with, I am pleased to say, some super ones - but quite a few too broad in back skull with short muzzles, often coupled with too round an eye. I was extremely pleased with my principal winners and delighted to see my BOB winner go on to BIS and my BP winner to on to BPIS. My thanks to the committee for their kind invitation and superb hospitality, and to you, the exhibitors, for a nice entry. I know only too well how difficult it is to move forward in the aftermath of the PRA DNA testing, but I think the breed is on the up generally. Please, breeders do not automatically dismiss an otherwise superb stud dog on the simple strength that he may be a carrier. VD/B(3, 2) 1 Callow's Garthorne Lady In Black. Super sound b/t bitch, 10 years young. Put down in immaculate condition with full dentition, she could still put some of the youngsters to shame. Moved out with drive with a firm topline, super bitch. MPD(4, 1) 1 Muggleton's Solar Flare At Mosiarto. Elegant B/T boy of nice type and easily the most mature of these three. Confident and happy mover with good topline, by the same sire as my BPD. 2 Hunt's Plougheyvale Magic Man At Carpaccio. Red boy of smaller type and giving a lot away in maturity here. Needs to drop into himself and gain a bit more confidence, fair mover. 3 Callow's Nordham Man In Black At Garthorne. PD(6) 1 Blackburn's Welcumen Red Rum At Stargang. Houndy, red boy of lovely type who stood away for me here. Love his head and reach of neck, super front with plenty of width. Well placed shoulders and super length and spring of rib, really using his quarters to drive round the ring with a good topline. A very classy dog that will, I am sure, go on to better things, Res CC & BPD. 2 Sheppard's Thystine Summer Holiday. Houndy, shaded red boy of similar type to first. Super head proportions, correct front, excels in ribbing. Super on the move, keeping his topline at all times. 3 Blackburn Bennett's Stargang Game Of Thrones. JD(4) 1 Kent's Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven JW. Stunning, shaded red boy of elegant type. Exquisite head with a dark, almond, eye. Super front with good pro sternum, well placed shoulders, good length and depth of rib with sternum well back. Short, strong, loin with well-made quarters. Effortless mover with a firm topline at all times, loved him. Pleased to award him the CC and hope he gets his title soon. 2 Roberts' Denver Darling Harry Potter. Super b/t dog, smaller frame than first, but beautifully constructed all through and very neat and tidy. Sound and positive mover, really nice dog. 3 Mead's Lokmadi Blushing Groom For Minimead. ND(2, 1) 1 Shuker's Yewlitt Dougal. B/t chap who is still a bit rangy and needs to tighten up. Well up to size, hope he doesn't grow any more. PGD(3) 1 Muggleton's Mosiarto Mister Motivator. Well schooled b/t youngster of nice type. A little upright both ends for me, but moved out well. 2 Shutt's Donnadoon Le Mousquetaire. B/t of smaller type, neat and tidy all through, but extremely apprehensive, so not making the best of himself here. 3 Burton's Swingletrees Just-In-Time. LD (5, 1) 1 Ergis' Siouxline Timon. Very smart and elegant b/t dog, terrific reach of neck, neat front and tight elbows. Well-ribbed up with strong loin and firm topline. Moved out with drive. 2 Melbourne's Metadale Nikolai Of Melriding. Shaded red dog with lovely bone and substance. Not as scopey as one, and didn't drive quite as well on the move, but otherwise a super prospect. 3 Muggleton's Mosiarto Mister Big. OD(4, 2) 1 Callow's Ch Garthorne Top Gear. Super sound b/t dog of lovely type, have had the pleasure of judging him before and he still looks good. So neat and tidy all through, moved with drive and extension, keeping his topline at all times. 2 Ergis' James Wolfe By Siouxline. Elegant shaded red boy who's type I really liked. Super head proportions and tidy front and elbows. Unfortunately threw himself around on the move and was losing his topline here. Has time on his side, however. MPB(5) 1 Orton's Rinjay Sraosha By Scalamor. B/t bitch with lovely bone and substance, houndy in type and mature for her age. Scored in head for me and so well-made all through. Moved soundly with drive and extension, a super prospect. 2 Salisbury's Brockewood Calypso. Smart shaded red bitch of super make and shape. Typy head with neat front and good layback. Not quite as firm behind as first, but moved out smartly, another promising one. 3 Melbourne's Mylforbe Fleur De Lys. PB(7) 1 Roberts' Bronia Caprice To Denver. Exquisite b/t bitch who has the whole package. Not a big one, but so well-made all through without a hint of being toyish. Put down to the minute in immaculate condition, she drove round the ring with a super topline - showing a clean pair of heels. Pleased to award her BP and to later see her go BPIS. 2 Orton's Kenxiam Love Hearts By Scalamor. Another smart, houndy, bitch from this kennel. Larger and longer than first in type, but a tidy sort of bitch Not quite as positive in hind movement as first, and not as finished here, but a lovely puppy. 3 Sheppard's Thystine Summer Silhouette. JB(13, 2) 1 Blackburn's Lokmadi Coral Sea At Stargang. Super, elegant, red bitch who was just my type. Classically long, low and level - a true Dachshund - in miniature. Gorgeous head with no perceivable stop, dark eyes of correct shape, super front with tight elbows, terrific ribbing and well-angulated rear. Terrific mover but could learn to temper her enthusiasm a bit! Pleased to note she is little sister to the dog CC winner, I liked her very much and was pleased to award her the Res CC. Definitely one to watch. 2 Daykin's Barratini Margo. Shaded red bitch of similar type with many of the same virtues, especially in head and front construction, extremely unlucky to meet first in such good form here, but sure to make it to the upper house. Super on the move with a good topline and put down to the minute. 3 Young's Willowheath Prudence. NB(9, 1) 1 Kerry's Brockewood Bee's Knees. Smart, shaded red bitch of nice type, very neat and tidy all through with little to fault her. Would like a touch more length, but she won this class on her fluid, driving movement. 2 Oakley's Ardenrun Serena. Houndy b/t bitch of fair make and shape. Moved out well here, but not as tidy as front as first. 3 Phillips' Mosiarto Top Totty At Daxphilly. PGB(7, 1) 1 Melbourne's Golden Algonequinette Of Melriding. Elegant. Clear red, bitch built on clean lines with super head proportions and front construction. Well placed shoulders and super length and spring of rib. Strong loin and well angulated hindquarters. Moved out with drive, lovely bitch. 2 Salisbury's Brocklewood Black Velvet. Another nice one from this kennel. B/t bitch of super type, very sound all through and a positive mover. Just preferred the elegance of first. 3 Kent's Lokmadi Hidden Dragon. LB(12, 5) 1 Daykin's Barratini Scarlett Ribbon. Shaded red bitch of super make and shape. Classic head with dark, almond, eye. Terrific reach of neck and super front with good pro sternum. Tight in elbow and well ribbed up, with angulated rear and rock solid topline. Moved out well, but could have opened her gait a little more. A serious contender in my bitch line up. 2 Muggleton's Mosiarto Beautiful Belle. Shaded red bitch of similar type. Super head with good reach of neck, tidy front and well off for ribbing. Moved soundly, keeping her topline, not quite as well angulated in rear as first. Winchurch's Brianolf Opalite. OB(7, 1) 1 Blackburn Bennett's Stargang Serenity. Stunning red bitch who has the whole package. Sound, elegant and an enthusiastic showgirl. Classic head with lovely, dark eye of correct shape. Absolutely correct in front and hind construction with super shoulders. Really pulls out the stops on the move, driving from her hammy quarters, keeping a firm topline all the way. A beautiful bitch who is a great ambassador for the breed, delighted to award her the CC & BOB and also to see her later go BIS. 2 Ergis' Siouxline Thomasina JW. B/t bitch with much to commend her. Super head with excellent reach of neck, well placed shoulders and correct front - as with all this exhibitor's dogs. Well ribbed with strong loin and correct rear angulation. Sound and true on the move, unlucky to meet first on top form. 3 Reed's Deercroft Devotion JW.
Mike Turner