Southern Dachshund Championship Show 2013

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Judge: Helen Geeson (Abydachs)

BEST OF BREED : HUNT Ch Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama A Carpaccio JW 
Dog CC : MUGGLETON Mosiarto Mister Motivator 
Res Dog CC :  WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Can’t Touch This
Bitch CC :  HUNT Ch Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama A Carpaccio JW 
Res Bitch CC : KENT Lokmadi Paper Tiger 
Best Puppy : KENT Lokmadi Paper Tiger
Best Veteran : REED Deercroft Devotion JW 

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: REED Deercroft Devotion JW 

Minor Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: MUGGLETON Mosiarto Mister Muscle 

Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: BURTON Swingletrees Razzamatazz 

Junior Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: SMYTH Hoddernstorm Silver Duster at Morrow 

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: MUGGLETON Solar Flare at Mosiarto

Limit Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: BLACKBURN Welcumen Red Rum At Stargang  
2nd: KENT Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven JW
3rd: BURTON Swingletrees Just-In-Time 

Open Dog (8 Entries) Abs: 6
1st:  MUGGLETON Mosiarto Mister Motivator
2nd: WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Can't Touch This

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: KENT Lokmadi On Silent Wings 
2nd: HUNT Carpaccio Daisy Dalrymple 
3rd: ENDERSBY Mowbray Miss Miranda

Puppy Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: KENT Lokmadi Paper Tiger 
2nd: BURTON Swingletrees Eiderdown 

Junior Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 7 
1st: SEATH Carpaccio Crimson Ribbon at Milfer 
2nd: MITCHELL Bronia Carmina At Imirika 
3rd: ENDERSBY Mowbray Marissa
Res: PUNTER Welcumen Kiss Me Kate

Post Graduate Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 4 
1st: PHILLIPS Mosiarto Top Totty at Daxphilly
2nd: WEST Yewlitt Dinah to Archidax

Limit Bitch (10 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: BLACKBURN Lokmadi Coral Sea At Stargang 
2nd: BURTON Swingletrees Amazing-Grace 
3rd: REED Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft
Res: ENDERSBY Mowbray Morning Mist
VHC: KENT Lokmadi Hidden Dragon

Open Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: HUNT Ch Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama A Carpaccio JW 
2nd: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Ch Lokmadi Sea Holly At Stargang 
3rd: KENT Lokmadi Crouching Tiger

Class 154 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 637 LOMBARDELLI Mrs A D'arisca Lorna Doone At Kelmbeck 


What a privilege to be asked to judge at The Southern Dachshund Association’s Centenary Championship Show, and I thank the exhibitors for the lovely entry. Such a shame that so many exhibitors couldn’t make it to the show due to the weather conditions and being snowed in.

Whilst there was a large proportion of my entry missing due to the weather, I was pleased with my principle winners. Several present however, were very short in ribbing and when this was also combined with being far too low to ground, the over all appearance was just not at all what I was looking for. Dachshunds need to have enough ground clearance to be able to do the job they were originally bred to do, they also need long ribbing not only to protect their heart and lungs, but also give strength to the spine. A few present were in my opinion overly long and therefore didn’t have the correct height to length ratio.


Veteran Dog or Bitch – 2 Entries (1 absent)

1. Reed’s - Deercroft Devotion JW - 7½  yr old red bitch of lovely type. Very balanced. Good shoulder angulation, prominent pro-sternum. Good length of ribbing with correct top and underline. Neat rear which she used well to drive on the move. True parallel movement both coming and going. Very close to top honours, surprised she isn’t a Champion. Best Veteran in Breed


Minor Puppy Dog – 3 Entries (2 absent)

1.Muggleton’s – Mosiarto Mister Muscle - 6.5 month B/T dog with a good head and neck. Plenty of pro-sternum, well laid shoulder but short in upper arm which restricted his front extension on the move. Held a correct topline stacked and on the moved but would like longer ribbing.


Puppy Dog – 3 Entries (2 absent)

 1. Burton’s – Swingletrees Razzamatazz - 9 month red dog of a good type. Could carry more weight to advantage but not thin. Good length of neck leading in to well placed shoulders. Plenty of pro-sternum. Good topline but short in ribbing giving him too much tuck-up underneath. Moved well in profile with correct drive. A little narrow through. Best Puppy Dog.


Junior Dog – 2 Entries (1 absent)

 1. Smyth’s – Hoddernstorm Silver Duster at Morrow - 14 Month Silver Dapple with good markings. Small, lightly boned male who could carry a bit more weight to advantage but he wasn’t thin. Good length of neck leading into adequate shoulders. Needs more angulation behind which would improve his rear movement. Another who was short in ribbing giving too much tuck-up underneath.


Post Graduate Dog – 3 Entries (2 absent)

 1. Muggleton’s – Solar Flare at Mosiarto - 14 month B/T dog with a lovely head and length of neck. Good pro-sternum. Ribbing ok. Correct top and underline. Good profile movement but a little close in front.


Limit Dog – 5 Entries (2 absent)

 1. Blackburn’s – Welcumen Red Rum at Stargang - 16 month red dog. Good head but very pale eye rims gives the impression of round eyes. Long neck leading into an excellent front assembly. Long ribbing and a neat rear. Correct top and underline. Moved well from all angles. Close up.

 2. Kent’s – Lokmadi Ocean’s Eleven JW – 2 yr shaded red dog who has an excellent front assembly. Long conical head, strong neck. Good topine, but short in ribbing which gives him too much tuck-up for me. Moves well with plenty of drive.

 3. Burton’s – Swingletrees Just-In-Time


Open Dog – 8 Entries (6 absent)

1. Muggleton’s – Mosiarto Mister Motivator - Really smart 18 month B/T dog of a lovely type. Lovely head and front construction. Correct ground clearance and correct height to length proportions. Good ribbing, correct top and underline. Moved with drive and true coming and going.  In excellent condition and showing his socks off, couldn’t be denied this class and the CC (his 2nd) in good company. Hope his 3rd isn’t far off.

 2. Williams – Cwmdarhian Can’t Touch This – 2 yr old dog who on first impression thought would be an easy winner here. Such a lovely type of dog. Good head and neck leading into excellent shoulders. Long ribbing. Correct top and underline. Lovely neat rear assembly which he used well on the move. Unfortunately didn’t match the condition of 1 who was on top form and had to settle for a well deserved RCC.


Minor Puppy Bitch – 6 Entries (3 absent)

 1. Kent’s – Lokmadi On SIlent Wings - 6 month red bitch, small, well balanced girl with an excellent front assembly and matching rear. Good top and underline. Moved well. Plenty of confidence for one so young, which was lovely to see. Very promising baby.

 2. Hunt’s – Carpaccio Daisy Dalrymple – 8 month red with a good head. Excellent front construction. Long ribbing. Moved out well but very proud of her tail which doesn’t help her topline on the move.

 3. Endersby’s – Mowbray Miss Miranda


Puppy Bitch – 7 Entries (5 absent)

 1. Kent’s – Lokmadi Paper Tiger - Beautiful 8 month B/T Brindle bitch of a lovely type. Excellent head and beautiful front construction as was typical of all this breeders’ dogs. Good top and underline. Well constructed rear which she used to drive on the move. Confident girl which showed in her lovely movement. Will watch her progress with interest. RCC and BPIB.

2. Burton’s – Swingletrees Eiderdown – Red bitch with a good head and neck. Could use more angulation in rear. Ok front construction. Needs to relax more to improve her topline.


Junior Bitch – 11 Entries (7 absent)

 1. Seath’s – Carpaccio Crimson Ribbon at Milfer - Red bitch of excellent type. Good head and front construction. Correct top and underline. Neat rear. Correct movement front and back and looked good in profile.

 2. Mitchell’s – Bronia Carmina at Imirika – B/T bitch of a more compact type. Would prefer more length to foreface. Good front construction, ok for ribbing. Good topline. Neat rear. Moved well with plenty of drive. In lovely condition.

 3. Endersby’s – Mowbray Marissa


Post Graduate Bitch – 6 Entries (4 absent)

 1. Phillips’ – Mosiarto Top Totty at Daxphilly - 19 Month Red bitch of a cobby type. Ok in head, could use more length of neck. Would prefer more ground clearance. Good angulation at both ends. Move true both coming and going and showed plenty of drive in profile.

 2. West’s – Yewlitt Dinah to Archidax – 18 Month B/T bitch. Ok in head, good length of neck, shoulder angulation adequate. Good topline, but too much tuck up underneath due to being short in ribbing. Looked lovely in profile moving with drive but a bit narrow coming towards. Lovely temperament.


Limit Bitch – 10 Entries (5 absent)

 1. Blackburn’s – Lokmadi Coral Sea at Stargang - Pale red of a good type. Excellent head and neck leading into good front construction. Long ribbing giving a correct top and underline. Neat rear. Moved well from all angles, would prefer slightly more ground clearance.

 2. Burton’s – Swingletrees Amazing Grace – 3 yr old deep red bitch of a good type. Lovely head and front construction, good top and underline with correct ground clearance. Well constructed rear. Looked good on the move in profile but slightly wide going away.

3. Reed’s – Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft JW


Open Bitch – 5 Entries (2 absent)

1. Hunt’s – CH Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama at Carpaccio JW - Lovely B/T bitch with a good head, excellent front construction with the correct ground clearance. Long ribbing giving the correct top and underline. Good rear angulation which she used to really drive on the move. Absolutely true coming and going and excellent in profile. In lovely coat and condition as is usual from this exhibitor. Delighted to award her the CC and BOB, it was a pleasure to watch both CC winners going round, really similar in type the bitch just had the edge on front construction.

2. Blackburn-Bennett’s – CH Lokmadi Sea Holly at Stargang – 2 yr old red bitch of an excellent type. Stunning head and neck. Excellent front construction. Good top and underline, but a little short in ribbing. Looked a picture in profile movement but a little wide behind. Really nice bitch who was close up.

3. Kent’s – Lokmadi Crouching Tiger