Windsor Championship Dog Show 2013

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mr G Robertson 



BEST OF BREED : 2452 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Aurora JW 
Dog CC : 2450 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Levi 
Res Dog CC : 2437 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Stargang Avenger 
Bitch CC : 2452 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Aurora JW 
Res Bitch CC : 2436 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Miss H Ch Lokmadi Sea Holly At Stargang 
Best Puppy : 2437 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Stargang Avenger 
Best Veteran : 
Best Breeder : Sue Ergis 

Class 614 VD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2480 REED Mrs E A Deercroft Devotion JW 
2nd: 2469 MAYGER Mr D F & Mrs H J Woolsocks Black Satin 

Class 615 MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2496 THOMPSON Mrs E Siouxline Nathanael 
2nd: 2482 ROBERTSON Mrs G Mosiarto Masterpiece 
3rd: 2464 KEMPTON Miss L Sir Percy 
Res: 2449 DYSON Ms E Prince Harry 

Class 616 PD (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 2437 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Stargang Avenger 
2nd: 2447 DAYKIN Mrs C H Barratini Jonny Cash 
3rd: 2462 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Red Adair 
Res: 2490 SHELTON Mrs A Barisse Eragon 

Class 617 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 2450 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Levi 
2nd: 2440 BURTON Mr B N & Mrs V A Swingletrees Razzamatazz 

Class 618 YD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2479 PUNTER Mrs M J P Welcumen Guinness 
2nd: 2440 BURTON Mr B N & Mrs V A Swingletrees Razzamatazz 
3rd: 2493 SMYTH Ms S Hoddernstorm Silver Duster At Morrow 

Class 619 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2487 SCOTT Miss C M Wolferlow Captain Bellamy 
2nd: 2492 SHUKER Mrs S Yewlitt Dougal 
3rd: 2474 NEILL-FRASER Lady S Granadan Revelation at Baxendale 

Class 620 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2451 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Zebedee JW 
2nd: 2494 STARTUP Miss J Barisse A Touch of Magic 
3rd: 2477 PHILLIPS Mrs I Jentiki Red Chilli Pepper of Robinswood 
Res: 2472 MUGGLETON Miss L Mosiarto Mister Motivator 
VHC: 2441 BURTON Mr B N & Mrs V A Swingletrees Just-In-Time 

Class 621 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2498 WILLIAMS, Ms R & MOES Mr C Cwdarhian Can't Touch This 
2nd: 2456 HERRINGTON Mrs K Kathington Coeur De Lion 
3rd: 2465 KENT Mrs Y & Mr M Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven JW 

Class 622 GCDorB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2474 NEILL-FRASER Lady S Granadan Revelation at Baxendale 

Class 623 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2488 SCOTT Miss C M Wolferlow Anthea 
2nd: 2483 ROLLINSON Mrs A Cwmdarhian Lady Marmalade By Diamonddax 
3rd: 2495 STYTHE Mrs V Dickleygates Martina 
Res: 2473 MUGGLETON Miss L Minimead Made De Lite Full For Mosiarto 
VHC: 2470 MCGUIGAN, Mrs A & MCGUIGAN, Miss T & BLACKWELL M Tythe C'est La Vie 

Class 624 PB (8 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2460 HUGHES Mrs J M Julidachs Jocasta 
2nd: 2438 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Stargang Evora 
3rd: 2488 SCOTT Miss C M Wolferlow Anthea 
Res: 2435 BAKER Mrs J Welcumen Florence 
VHC: 2454 FEDDERY, Mr P & POMPHREY Mr D Stargang Corvette Of Santorna 

Class 625 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2466 KENT Mrs Y & Mr M Lokmadi Paper Tiger 
2nd: 2457 HERRINGTON Mrs K Kathington Chance To Dream 
3rd: 2442 BURTON Mr B N & Mrs V A Swingletrees Eiderdown 
Res: 2458 HOLLANDS Mrs C E Lokmadi Morning Cloud At Zarosa 
VHC: 2484 ROLLINSON Mrs A Diamonddax Royal Jubilee 

Class 626 YB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2486 SALISBURY Mrs G E Brocklewood Calypso JW 
2nd: 2442 BURTON Mr B N & Mrs V A Swingletrees Eiderdown 

Class 627 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 2489 SCOTT Miss C M Wolferlow Facinating Aida 
2nd: 2459 HOLLANDS Mrs C E Zarosa Touch Of Black 

Class 628 LB (10 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 2452 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Aurora JW 
2nd: 2448 DAYKIN Mrs C H Barratini Margo 
3rd: 2471 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia Feliciana 
Res: 2481 REED Mrs E A Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft JW 
VHC: 2467 KENT Mrs Y & Mr M Lokmadi Hidden Dragon 

Class 629 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2436 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Miss H Ch Lokmadi Sea Holly At Stargang 
2nd: 2463 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Ch Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama A Carpaccio JW 
3rd: 2453 ERGIS, S, MELBOURNE, D & HOLDSWORTH, F Sioux Alliance With Melriding JW 
Res: 2468 KENT Mrs Y & Mr M Lokmadi Crouching Tiger 
VHC: 2499 WINCHURCH Mrs F M Brianolf Opalite  

V (2) 1 Reedís Deercroft Devotion, good head & expression, nice forechest, good bone, topline & ribs. A little high in hock. Nice condition; 2 Maygerís Woolsocks Black Satin, 11 years, good eye & ear. A little portly but nice back & well angled rear. Nails a bit long. MPD (4) 1 Thompsonís Siouxline Nathanael, nice head & expression. Needs to develop in front. Good rib, moderate rear angles, firm topline, neat feet, nice type; 2 Robertsonís Mosiarto Masterpiece, rangier dog than 1 & needs to fill out throughout. Not as good in front as ideal, needs to settle. Pleasing head & eye; 3 Kemptonís Sir Percy. PD (6) 1 Blackburn-Bennettís Stargang Avenger, lovely clean shape & outline, head & expression houndy, super neck, chest & lay of shoulder. Once settled a firm topline & muscular rear. BP & RCC; 2 Daykinís Barratini Jonny Cash, nice young dog, slightly different type but all in right place. Just needs time to mature. Firm topline & good ribs; 3 Huntís Carpaccio Red Adair. JD (4) 1 Ergisí Siouxline Levi, super type, balance & clean outline, classic houndy head without exaggeration, good chest & upper arm, well sprung ribs, excellent rear. Free standing dog in firm condition. CC; 2 Burtonís Swingletrees Razzamatazz, nice expression & muzzle. Not as well constructed as 1. Deep chest, strong loin, good tailset. Not overly happy. YD (3) 1 Punterís Welcumen Guinness, nice head & expression, dark eye. Would prefer more fill in front. Good topline, neat feet, moves soundly; 2 S Razzamatazz; 3 Smythís Hoddernstorm Silver Duster at Morrow. PGD (3) 1 Scottís Wolferlow Captain Bellamy, masculine head, good strength of muzzle, well constructed front assembly, nice ribbing, firm rear quarters. Just needs to drop in rear slightly. Good leg length; 2 Shukerís Yewlitt Dougal, stronger in backskull than 1. Deep chest. Would prefer lower set hocks. Neat feet. Not as clean in outline as 1; 3 Neill-Fraserís Granadan Revelation at Baxendale. LD (5) 1 Ergisí Siouxline Zebedee, good clean shape, nice neck & shoulder, nice length of skull, well placed ears, super topline, nice tailset. Ideally like more rear angles. Nice type; 2 Startupís Barisse A Touch Of Magic, conical head, nice expression, good front assembly & spring of rib. Not quite up on leg as much as 1. Nice balance, in hard condition, good coat; 3 Phillipsí Jentiki Red Chilli Pepper of Robinswood. OD (3) 1 Williams & Moesí Cwdarhian Canít Touch This, pleasing head & expression, nice eye, good forechest. Ideally like more leg length. Nice topline, moderate rear, in hard condition & ribs; 2 Herringtonís Kathington Coeur De Lion, nice muzzle, good ears, clean throat, neat feet. Not as firm in topline as 1. Moderate rear, moved OK. Prefer more width in rear quarters; 3 Kentís Lokmadi Oceanís Eleven. GCD (1) 1 G Revelation at Baxendale, well balanced head, super neat feet, very deep chest. Would like more leg length. Nice coat & condition, showed well.

MPB (6) 1 Scottís Wolfarlow Anthea, promising bitch, nice quality throughout, clean head, nice earset, nice front assembly. Needs to firm up in topline. Well angled rear, good bone & feet, nice proportions; 2 Rollinsonís Cwmdarhian Lady Marmalade by Diamonddax, real baby but with potential. Feminine head, good bone & chest, good rear. Just needs to settle; 3 Stytheís Dickleygates Martina. PB (8) 1 Hughesí Julidachs Jocasta, nicely balanced, quality head, good legs & super topline, moderate rear, neat feet, nice proportions; 2 Blackburn-Bennettís Stargang Evora, different type to 1 but full of quality. Lovely head & expression, muscular neck, good forechest. Needs to tighten in front, little longer in back than 1 but holds firm outline. Strong rear; 3 W Anthea. JB (5) 1 Kentís Lolmadi Paper Tiger, feminine head & expression. A little throaty but clean neck into nice shoulders. Good body, ribs & rear, nice temperament & condition; 2 Herringtonís Kathington Chance To Dream, a little finer in muzzle than 1 but clean skull & nice eye. Good shape. Prefer more front. Well angled rear, moved well; 3 Burtonís Swingletrees Eiderdown. YB (2) 1 Salisburyís Brocklewood Calypso, lovely bitch, feminine expression, well constructed front, good leg length, clean outline, nice open free profile movement, well angled rear, nice type; 2 S Eiderdown, not as developed as 1. Nice head. Would prefer better lay of shoulder. Good leg length, long ribcage. Needs more width in rear quarters. PGB (3) 1 Scottís Wolferlow Facinating Aida, finer head but good length of skull, good neck & shoulders. Prefer firmer topline. Moderate balanced rear, moves soundly; 2 Hollandsí Zarosa Touch Of Black, slightly shorter in foreface than 1 & prefer more leg length. Good topline, chest & rear quarters. Would like more reach in front. LB (10) Quality class but quite mixed in type. 1 Ergisí Siouxline Aurora, lovely back, good leg length, clean neck & shoulder, feminine head & expression, super purposeful mover, nice type. CC; 2 Daykinís Barratini Margo, quality head, good clean neck & front. Slightly shorter on leg than 1. Strong ribs, firm topline, moderate rear, nice type; 3 Mitchellís Bronia Feliciana. OB (6) Lovely class with quality all through. 1 Blackburn-Bennettís Ch Lokmadi Sea Holly at Stargang, super clean outline, feminine head & expression, nice leg length, good chest, topline & rear, correct ribbing, sound mover. RCC; 2 Huntís Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama A Carpaccio, feminine head & expression, lovely eye, good proportions, firm topline, good rib, well angled rear, lovely profile movement, super condition; 3 Ergis, Melbourne & Holdsworthís Sioux Alliance with Melriding.