Houndshow 2014

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mr M G Armstrong 


BEST OF BREED : 722 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Stargang Desert Vixen 
Dog CC : 729 COXON Mrs L Ch D'Arisca I Do Declare 
Res Dog CC : 772 PROTHEROE Mr P Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil At Royalmaple 
Bitch CC : 722 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Stargang Desert Vixen 
Res Bitch CC : 758 MELBOURNE Mrs D A Melriding Berengaria 
Best Puppy : 759 MELBOURNE, Mrs D & HOLDSWORTH Mrs F Melriding Perkin Warbeck 
Best Veteran : 777 REED Mrs E A Deercroft Devotion JW 
Best Breeder : S Ergis 

Class 181 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 783 SHELTON Mrs A Barisse Grimaldi 
2nd: 728 COXON Mrs L Sundsdal's Twist and Shout D'Arisca (Imp) NAF ARAF 
3rd: 771 PRIESTLEY Mrs H Hillstar Silver Shade 

Class 182 PD (7 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 759 MELBOURNE, Mrs D & HOLDSWORTH Mrs F Melriding Perkin Warbeck 
2nd: 736 ERGIS Mrs S M Siouxline Flynn Rider 
3rd: 749 KENT Mrs Y & Mr M Lokmadi A Boy Named Sue 
Res: 746 JONES Mrs M Radclyffe Xteal 
VHC: 716 ANDISON, Mr J & PEEL Ms K Stargang Eye Of The Tiger 

Class 183 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 772 PROTHEROE Mr P Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil At Royalmaple 
2nd: 744 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Mylforbe Matchmaker At Carpaccio 
3rd: 764 PAGET, Mr M J & CARROLL Mr G J Bronia Valente Of Marvale 

Class 184 SBD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 725 CAREY Miss D Swingletrees Abracadabra 
2nd: 726 CAREY Miss D Debbiejay Izzy Whizzy By Swingletrees 

Class 185 PGD (7 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 790 THOMPSON Mrs E Siouxline Nathanael 
2nd: 785 SHUTT Mrs M E Shantallah All Spiced Up for Donnadoon 
3rd: 757 MELBOURNE Mrs D A D'arisca Flaunt It At Melriding 
Res: 748 KEENAN, Mrs J & SMITH Miss R Bronia Vivaldo Of Citycroft 
VHC: 725 CAREY Miss D Swingletrees Abracadabra 

Class 186 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 739 FEDDERY Mr P Donnadoon Jolly Roger For Glyndwr 
2nd: 734 DAYKIN Mrs C H Barratini Jonny Cash 
3rd: 763 NOLAN Mrs V Kelmbeck Lord of the Dance at Eddyval 

Class 187 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 729 COXON Mrs L Ch D'Arisca I Do Declare 
2nd: 741 HERRINGTON Mrs K A Ch Kathington Coeur De Lion 
3rd: 717 ANDISON, Mr J & PEEL Ms K Clentry Black Pudding 
Res: 789 STARTUP Miss J Barisse A Touch of Magic 

Class 188 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 787 SIM Mrs B Y Little Wizard of Kelmbeck 

Class 189 MPB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 742 HERRINGTON Mrs K A Kathington Chance Be A Lady 
2nd: 775 REED Mrs E A Deercroft Summer Serenade 
3rd: 769 PHILLIPS Mrs J Magical Skylight At Daxphilly 

Class 190 PB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 721 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Stargang Tiger Tattoo 
2nd: 738 ERGIS, S, MELBOURNE, D & HOLDSWORTH, F Siouxline Rapunzel With Melriding 
3rd: 768 PATERSON, Mr P & PATERSON Mr B Shelsall Ginger Rogers At Ambiesque 
Res: 786 SHUTT Mrs M E Donnadoon Miss Magestic 
VHC: 770 PRICE Mr P J & Mrs N F Brianolf Pink Sapphire With Samlane 

Class 191 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 765 PAGET, Mr M J & CARROLL Mr G J Bronia Vittoria Of Marvale 
2nd: 751 KENT Mrs Y & Mr M Lokmadi Goodnight Irene JW 
3rd: 781 SALISBURY Mrs G E Brocklewood Black Rose 
Res: 776 REED Mrs E A Deercroft Spring Promise 
VHC: 732 CURTIS Mrs J P Curtisey Chantilly Lace 

Class 192 SBB (3 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 753 KERRY Mrs T & Miss R Brocklewood Bee's Knees at Kireton 
2nd: 793 WHITNEY Ms C Arbennik Scarlett Fury 

Class 193 PGB (12 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 718 ANDISON, Mr J & PEEL Ms K Clentry Golddigga 
2nd: 747 JONES, Mrs M & EVANS Mr R Radclyffe Waxwing 
3rd: 735 DAYKIN Mrs C H Barratini Jennifer Eccles 
Res: 782 SCOTT Mrs & Miss P & H Radclyffe Willow Warbler For Daisarch 
VHC: 733 CURTIS Mrs J P Curtisey Peggy Sue 

Class 194 LB (13 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: 724 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Stargang Serena's Song 
2nd: 780 RUTTER Mrs K Siouxline Mariella 
3rd: 755 LOMBARDELLI Mrs A Mylforbe Fleur De Lys At Kelmbeck 
Res: 794 WILLIAMS Mr R & Mrs S L Manacas Amber Cover at Wilmerella 
VHC: 730 COXON Mrs L D'Arisca Be Dazzled  

Class 195 OB (12 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 722 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Stargang Desert Vixen 
2nd: 758 MELBOURNE Mrs D A Melriding Berengaria 
3rd: 731 COXON Mrs L D'Arisca Damsel In A Dress 
Res: 745 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Crimson Ribbon 
VHC: 784 SHELTON Mrs A Barisse Arbennik Isoldes Endeavour 

Class 196 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 777 REED Mrs E A Deercroft Devotion JW 
2nd: 761 MINNS Mrs B Hannah 

MPD (3) 1 Shelton’s Barisse Grimaldi, the only one of the three to come in under the correct weight, 8½ months shaded red, would have liked a little more stronger head but may improve as he gets older, enough bone for his size & moved the best of the three; 2 Coxon’s Sunsdal’s Twist And Shout D’arisca, larger type than the winner, stronger head, good reach of neck, level topline, shoulder placement right for a puppy of this age, just a little overweight today; 3 Priestley’s Hillstar Silver Shade. PD (7,1a) 1 Melbourne & Holdsworth’s Melriding Perkin Warbeck, 11 month old red dog, strong masculine head for a youngster, correct bite, dark well shaped eyes, enough neck laying on a well balanced front & shoulders, good topline which he kept when on the move & a strong rearend. One I will watch with interest. BP; 2 Ergis’ Siouxline Flynn Rider, another 11 month old red dog. A little smaller in scale to the 1st, head & neck OK. Carrying enough bone, strong front & shoulders, level topline & well developed quarters. Looked a little off balance in front coming towards me; 3 Kent’s Lokmadi A Boy Named Sue. JD (3) 1 Protheroes’ Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil at Royalmaple, 16 month old red, good shaped head, enough neck, well rounded shoulders, elbows well tucked into a good strong ribcage, stood a little close behind when stacked up & I preferred his movement to the other two dogs. RCC; 2 Hunt’s Mylforbe Matchmaker at Carpaccio, not strong enough in the head for me & lacks that arrogant expression that a Dachshund should have. Would like a little more neck, strong front & shoulders, level back & well rounded rearend; 3 Paget & Carroll’s Bronia Valente of Marvale. BD (2) 1 Carey’s Swingletrees Abracadabra, shown in excellent condition, pleasant head, good reach of neck, a little narrow in front, did not like the topline & the underline ran up far too much which impeded his movement; 2 Carey’s Debblejay Izzy Whizzy by Swingetrees, carbon copy of his dad. PGD (7) 1 Thompson’s Siouxline Nethanael, clear red dog, correct bite, balanced head with a good reach of neck, sound front, tight fitting elbows with plenty of ribbing, level topline, moved out well; 2 Shutt’s Shantallah All Spiced Up for Donnadoon, choc dog, smaller type than one, looked really nice in profile when set up but lost to one on his hind movement; 3 Melbourne’s D’arisca Flaunt It at Melriding. LD (3) 1 Feddery’s Donnadoon Jolly Roger for Glyndwr, 2 year old red dog, balanced head with enough neck, good front & shoulders, elbows tucked in, level topline that he keeps on the move, correct shaped backend; 2 Daykin’s Barratini Jonny Cash, another 2 year old red, larger type than one, head OK. Good reach of neck, strong front & shoulders but I would like a little more length in the ribbing; 3 Nolan’s Kelabeck Lord Of The Dance at Eddyval. OD (5,1) 1 Coxon’s Ch D’arisca I Do Declare, super stallion hound, really looked the part, masculine head, darkest of eyes, ears well set & a good reach of neck, prominent front, lovely shoulder placement & super topline, well angled rearquarters, went around the ring with ease. CC; 2 Herrington’s Ch Kathington Coer De Lion, smaller type than the winner, mature looking, well balanced hound all through, would have liked a little longer stride from behind; 3 Phillips’ Magical Skylight at Daxphilly.VD (2,1) 1 Sim’s Little Wizard of Kelmbeck, 7½ year old, looked really well for his age, moved OK for an oldie.

MPB (3) 1 Herrington’s Kathington Chance Be A Lady, lovely short coupled red youngster, feminine head, good reach of neck, level topline, nicely fitting shoulders & pleasing backend, moved best of her other two rivals; 2 Reed’s Deercroft Summer Serenade, slightly larger than one, another with a ladylike head with dark eye, good reach of neck & a level topline, just preferred the hind movement of the winner; 3 Phillips’ Magical Skylight at Daxphilly. PB (6) 1 Blackburn’s Stargang Tiger Tattoo, a really nice looking brindle puppy at 10 months. Correct bite, lovely shaped dark eyes with a good reach of neck, level top & underline, just needs to get it together in the ring to go on to the top; 2 Ergis, Melbourne & Holdsworth’s Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding, a really pleasing looking red, unlucky to come up against the winner, well shaped head, good reach of neck with correct shoulder placement, level topline, just a little too much daylight when coming back to me; 3 Paterson’s Shellsall Ginger Rogers at Ambiesque. JB (6,1) 1 Pagets & Carroll’s Bronia Vittoria of Marvale, I was really taken with this youngster, a well constructed young lady, good shoulder, super topline, everything in the right place. Just carrying a bit of a phantom today & moved out really well, would have liked just a little more work in her skull, pushed hard for top honours; 2 Kent’s Lokmadi Goodnight Irene, quite a nice looking lady, balanced head, fair reach of neck & a well developed front, elbows well tucked in, level back & well rounded rear; 3 Salisbury’s Brocklewood Black Rose.BB (3,1) 1 Kerry’s Brocklewood Bee’s Knees at Kireton, a lovely size red bitch, not a bad overall outline, strong looking front, well sprung ribs with a good well angled rearend; 2 Whitney’s Arbennik Scarlett Fury, a rangy red, showed well but to cut up underneath for me. PGB (12,1) 1 Andison & Peel’s Clentry Golddigga, red bitch, well formed head with a good reach of neck, enough sternum, good shoulder placement, level topline kept on the move, carried herself well around the ring; 2 Jones & Evans’ Radcliffe Waxwing, smaller type than the first, not the head of one & I would just like a little more sternum but again blessed with level top & underline, conducted herself well around the ring; 3 Daykin’s Barratini Jennifer Eccles. LB (13,3) 1 Blackburn-Bennet’s Stargang Serena’s Song, quality red, super head, strong looking neck standing on well developed shoulders, well rounded ribs, level back & well angled quarters; 2 Rutter’s Siouxline Mariella, red bitch, carrying enough bone for her size, well developed front with good strong shoulders, top & underline OK. With a neat rearend; 3 Lombardelli’s Mylforbe Fleur De Les at Kelmbeck. OB (12,2) 1 Blackburn’s Stargang Desert Vixen, stunning young lady. A really classy looking red, excellent shaped head, darkest of eyes, strong looking arched neck placed on correct well shaped shoulders, good ribbing & a power full rearend, moved out well. CC & BOB; 2 Melbourne’s Melriding Berengaria, glamorous b/t who has everything going for her, really well made throughout, put in a strong challenge in this quality class. RCC, will follow both these dogs in the future; 3 Coxon’s D’arisca Damsel In A Dress. VB (3,1) 1 Reed’s Deercroft Devotion, a 9 year old red bitch, lovely head & front, still carrying a splendid level topline, could easily have given some of the youngsters a run. Still moves around the ring with grace; 2 Minn’s Hannah, 10 years old, a little overweight, still a good outline when stacked. Bestbreeder Ergis.