Great Joint Dachshund Ass Championship Show 2014

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Judge: Sigurd Wilberg (Kanix)

BEST OF BREED :   KENT Lokmadi Paper Tiger JW ShCM
Dog CC : ERGIS Siouxline Flynn Rider
Res Dog CC  : ROBERTS Denver Darling Doctor Who
Bitch CC  : KENT Lokmadi Paper Tiger JW ShCM
Res Bitch CC  :  ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Gold Digga
Best Puppy : ROBERTS Denver Darling Doctor Who

Best Veteran : SIM Little Wizard of Kelmbeck

Minor Puppy Dog (4 Entries) 
1st: KENT Lokmadi Come Fly with Me
2nd: HANDY Pelirroja Rocket Science
3rd: ERGIS Siouline Aaron
Res: SCOTT Danton Mr Brown at Wolferlow

Puppy Dog  (6 Entries) Abs 1
1st:  ROBERTS Denver Darling Doctor Who
2nd: KENT Lokmadi Come Fly with Me
3rd:  SHELTON Barisse Grimaldi
Res: SCOTT Danton Mr Brown at Wolferlow
VHC: DUNHILL Santorna Walk the Line at Gellijam

Junior Dog (6 Entries) Abs 2
1st: PARISH Melriding Lambert Simnel of Garlandelms
2nd: MITCHELL Ygeia Landgraf 1 For Bronia (Swed Imp)
3rd: MELBOURNE & HOLDSWORTH Melriding Perkin Warbeck
Res: PHILLIPS Carpaccio Mr Selfridge of Robinswood

Yearling Dog (4 Entries) Abs 1
1st: ERGIS Siouxline Flynn Rider
2nd: RUSSELL Russteck Figgy Duff
3rd:  CAREY Debbiejay Izzy Whizzy by Swingletrees

Post Graduate Dog (2 Entries)
1st: HEPINSTALL Pascalli Blue Moon
2nd: CAREY Swingletrees Abracadabra

Limit Dog (5 Entries) Abs 2
1st: PROTHEROE Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil At Royalmaple 
2nd: MELBOURNE D'Arisca Flaunt It at Melriding
3rd:  SHUTT Shantallah All Spiced Up for Donnadoon 

Open Dog (5 Entries)
1st: ROBERTS Ch Denver Darling Harry Potter
2nd: SMITH & CONNOR Ch Bronia Gregorio JW ShCM
3rd: DAYKIN Ch Daykin Jonny Cash
Res: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Black Pudding
VHC: PEARSON Djeata Midnight Sun

Veteran Dog (1 Entry)
1st: SIM Little Wizard of Kelmbeck

Minor Puppy Bitch (4 Entries) 
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Curly Wurly
2nd: OAKLEY & PEARSON Ardenrun Valentines Day
3rd: SHUTT Kissed by the Moon Da Casa Dos Quadros of Donnadoon (Imp Prt)
Res: DUNHILL Gellijams Miss Marple

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries)  
1st: SHELTON Barisse Donnamira
 MITCHELL Denver Darling Senorita at Bronia
3rd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Miss Solitaire

Res: OAKLEY & PEARSON Ardenrun Valentines Day
VHC:  HERRINGTON Kathington Chance Be a Lady

Junior Bitch (7 Entries) Abs 0
1st: KENT Lokmadi Goodnight Irene 
2nd: OAKLEY & PEARSON Ardenrun Fridays Child
3rd:  DUNHILL Shantallah Tease n Please for Gellijam
Res:  SCOTT Wolferlow Mary Quant
VHC: PATERSON Shelsall Ginger Rodgers at Ambiesque

Yearling Bitch (4 Entries)
1st: PRICE Brianolf Pink Sapphire with Samlane
2nd: SANT Stargang Oh So Sharp
3rd:  SHUTT Donnadoon Miss Magestic
Res: KERRY Kireton Bonbon

Post Graduate Bitch (9 Entries)  Abs 4
1st:  SALISBURY Brocklewood Black Rose JW
2nd: KENT Lokmadi on Silent Wings JW
3rd:  CAREY Lily Diamond Rose of Debbiejay
Res: SCOTT Wolferlow Anthea
VHC: OAKLEY & PEARSON Ardendun Serena

Limit Bitch (9 Entries) Abs 0
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Gold Digga
2nd: LOMBARDELLI Mylforbe Fleur De Lys at Kelmbeck
3rd: ROLLINSON Cwmdarhian Lady Marmalade by Diamonddax JW ShCM
Res: CAREY Lily Diamond Rose of Debbiejay
VHC: KERRY Brocklewood Bacall at Kireton

Open Bitch (9 Entries)  Abs 0
1st:  KENT Lokmadi Paper Tiger JW ShCM
2nd: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Aurora JW
3rd: WILLIAMS & MOES Lux Ch Mal Ch Cwmdarhian Cara Mia 
Res: MELBOURNE & HOLDSWORTH Ch Golden Algonquinette of Melriding
VHC: DAYKIN Barratini Marg

Veteran Bitch
1st:  No Entries

 I have admired this breed from ringside for years, but this was my first CC appointment in the UK. It turned out that what I saw from the middle of the ring was very different from the impression I had about the breed based on judging from ring side. I was impressed by the temperament of the dogs shown under me, but I would have liked to see better heads. I thought some of them were to small and short and too many eyes were round and too big. Most of the dogs looked nice stacked, but too many disapponted me when they started moving. Quite a few were narrow chested and some were paddling in front. Hind movements seen from behind were mostly good even if a few were missing sufficient drive moving around. Miniatiure Smooth is normaly judged by Dachshund people, which is the way it should be; the problem is, however, that they get so used to seeing the faulty fronts that the breeders get away with it. The same happened to me because the fault was so commen that it was a limit to how severely I could penelise dogs which except for their fronts were excellent speciments of the breed. I want to thank the club for inviting me and the exhibitiors for the sporty way they accepted my decitions. Dog judging is all about pleaseing the few and disappointing the many. That has always been the case and it will never change. MPD 1 Lokmadi Come Fly With Me; I was totally taken by this 6 month old baby. He still needs a bit of schooling, but when he gets going he moves well and shows great potensial. He has a lovely head and he is sound both ends with excellent outline. My guess is that this guy will go on to do great things. 2 Pelirroja Rocket Science; A stylish dog of excellent type, but slightly on the long side. He moved well around the ring and he pleased my eye. 3 Siouxline Aaron. PD 1 Denver Darling Doctor Who; This is an outstanding puppy which dominated the ring. I liked everything about him. He has precence and he is as sound as they come. I did considder him for the CC, but when I moved him and Flynn Rider around in the challange I prefered the side movements on Flynn Rider even if Doctor Who moved better in front. Close decission. RCC and BP. 2 Lokmadi Come Fly With Me. 3 Barisse Grimaldi. JD 1 Melring Lambert Simnel at Garlendelms; Lovely dog of excellent type which stands and moves well. 2  Ygeia Landgraf 1 for Bronia; Typical dog which gave quite a good picture standing, but he is to narrow in front and his front movements could be better. He moves well around, but curves to much over the loin. 3  Melriding Perkin Watbeck. YD 1 Siouxline Flynn Rider; This is a high flyer with a lot of charisma. I loved his outline and he moves around the ring with drive and excitement. His front movements could have been better coming towards me, but we could fault all the good once so his many good points won the day. CC. 2 Russteck Figgy Duff; Beautiful dog with a lot of good points, but unfortunately too heavy for me. 3 Debbiejay Izzy Whizzy by Swingletrees. PG1 Pascalli Blue Moon; Nice dog, good topline, moves well. 2 Swingletrees Abracadabra; Typical dog which moves quite well, but topline could be better. LD 1 Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil at Royalmaple. This was a fasinating dog with a lot of style and presence. Ha moved very well, but he is too long in loin. I wasn't crazay about his underline and thought the ribbing could be longer, but that might have been an elution because of his length. He was moving arount the ring like an profesional athlet and though he was trained to keep his tail down, it came up as soon as the handler relaxed. 2 D'Arisca Flaunt It at Melriding; Nice typical dog of very good type which was outmoved by the winner. 3 Shantallah All Spiced Up for Donnadoon. OD 1 Ch Denver Darling Harry Potter; This dog had a lot going fro him. I liked his type and size and he was an clear winner of his class. He is very well constucted with an excellent outline and he moved very well. The truth is that when I gave him the open class I thought he would be a strong challanger for the CC, but in the challenge he was handled by Mr Roberts while Mrs Robert choose to handle the puppy. That turned out to be a good choice, but it ruin Harry Potter's chance because the new handler could hardly get him off the floor. 2 Ch Bronia Gregori JW ShCM; When this dog entred the ring my mind said: Vow. He is very impressive moving around and he is a picture standing. His front movements is, however, not good  and he was one of the few which was too weak behind. 3 Ch Barratini Jonny Cash. VD 1 Little Wizard of Kelmbeck; Nice sound and typical dog in good condition for age. MPB 1 Clentry Curley Wurley; This 6 months old bitch was staight up my street. I loved her proportion and lines and in addition to that she had one of the best heads on the day. She moved very well, but when she came up against the best dog puppy she lost out on maturity. I can honestly say that my four puppy winner were all top class. It is of course a great thing for a breed to have promising youngsters. 2 Arderun Valetine's day; Nice well constructed puppy which needs more time. 3 Kissed By The Moon Da Casa Dos. PB 1 Barisse Donnamira; Here we go again, another first class puppy of high class. Stands and moves like a manuqueen, but I would have liked her a bit more rounded. 2 Denver Darling Senorita at Bronia; Very nice bitch which moves well, but slightly too long. 3 Mumysami Miss Solitaire. JB 1 Lokmadi Goodnight Irene JW; A lovely bitch of high class. Excellent outline, moved well. 2 Bronia Vittoria Marvale; Lovely bitch of very good type. She was close to the winner, but not in the best of form on the day. 3 Shantallah Tease N'Please for Gellijam.  YB 1 Brianolf Pink Sapphire with Samlane; Attractive bitch which pleased my eye. She is well constructed and moves well, but her eyes are a bit prominent. 2 Stargang Oh So Sharp; Similar to the winner in type and quality, but front movements could be better. 3 Donnadoon Miss Magic. PGB 1 Brocklewood Black Rose JW; Stylish bitch of high class. Well-constructed, moves well. 2 Lokmadi On Silent Wings JW; Quality bitch with a very nice outline, but she is a bit heavy chested for me. 3 Lily Diamond Rose of Deddiejay. LB 1 Clentry Gold Digga; This is a superb bitch of the type I was looking for. I loved her curves, construction and attitude. She an excellent representative of her breed. In the challenge she was pushing hard for the ticket, but her front movement let her down when she came up against Paper Tiger. RCC. 2 Mylforbe Fleur De Lys at Kelmbeck; Another bitch to be proud of. She was close to the winner, but was not as well angulated behind. 3 Cwmdararhian Lady Marmelade by Diamonddax JW SHCM. OB 1 Lokmadi Paper Tiger JW ShCM; This was the day's best dog. I learned many years ago from my early tutor that if you during a day's judging find a dominant fault you should try to give the top award to one which didn't have this weakness.  Paper Tiger has a classical front and a super outline. She has the correct curve over the loin and she is impossible to overlook. Her head and expression is pleasing and I loved her to bits. To be critical I would have preferred her to be a little bit more extravert on the move, but I guess you can't get it all. CC & BOB. 2 Ch Siouxline Aurora. This bitch had all the charisma in the world and I loved her style and attitude, but I preferred the front and the overall construction of the winner. 3 Ch/Lux Ch Vwmdarhian Cara Mia.
Sigurd Wilberg