Northern Counties Dachshund Ass Championship Show 2015

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Judge: Sue Hewart Chambers

BEST OF BREED : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Flynn Rider
Dog CC : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Flynn Rider
Res Dog CC  : MELBOURNE & HOLDSWORTH Melriding Perkin Warbeck
Bitch CC  : ERGIS & MELBOURNE Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
Res Bitch CC  : COXON D'Arisca Dizzy Heights
Best Puppy : MUGGLETON Mosiarto Miss Calculate

Best Veteran : MELBOURNE Melriding Creole Lady


Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 Entries)
1st:  MELBOURNE Melriding Creole Lady
2nd: ROUSE Dvordac Kiss the Future
3rd:  SIM Little Wizard of Kelmbeck

Minor Puppy Dog (6 Entries) 
1st: BARRETT Ayseebee Rumour Has It
2nd: PROTHEROE Royalmaple Anky Panky
3rd:  FEDDERY Glynlythe Gad About Town

Res: FIEKE Lustrum Cushendall
VHC:  BURTON Swingletrees Double O'Seven

Puppy Dog  (5 Entries)
1st:  COXON Distinctly So D'Arisca
2nd: MOULDS Duddindaxs Marmaduke
3rd:  BURTON Swingletrees Double O'Seven
Res: LAIDLAW Clentry Scotch Pie

Junior Dog (3 Entries)
1st: ERGIS Siouxline Aaron
2nd: KENT Lokmadi Come Fly with Me
3rd:  SCOTT Danton Mr Brown at Wolferlow

Yearling Dog (3 Entries)
1st: MELBOURNE & HOLDSWORTH Melriding Perkin Warbeck
2nd: PARISH Melriding Lambert Simnel at Garlandelms
3rd:  SCOTT Danton Mr Brown at Wolferlow

Post Graduate Dog (5 Entries)
1st: RUSSELL Russteck Figgy Duff
2nd: MUGGLETON Solar Flare at Mosiarto
3rd: FIEKE Lustrum Bachelor Boy
Res: FEDDERY & WOLSEY Donnadoon Jolly Roger for Glyndwr
VHC: BURTON Debbiejay Izzy Whizzy by Swingletrees

Limit Dog (7 Entries)
1st: MELBOURNE D'Arisca Flaunt It at Melriding
2nd: PAGET & CARROLL Bronia Valente at Marvale
3rd:  COXON & WEIR D'Arisca Prince of Darkness at Amberglo
Res: MUGGLETON Elnside Two Toned Boy at Mosiarto
VHC: PROTHEROE Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil At Royalmaple 

Open Dog (6 Entries)
1st: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Flynn Rider
2nd: PEARSON Djeata Midnight Sun
3rd: FOSSETT & KENT Lokmadi a Boy Named Sue JW
Res: DAYKIN Ch Barattini Jonny Cash
VHC: SMITH & CONNOR Ch Bronia Gregorio JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch (10 Entries) 
1st: MUGGLETON Mosiarto Miss Calculate
2nd: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Titchy Stryder
3rd: ANDISON & PEEL Billie Holiday Gang Della Parda (Imp Ita)
Res: THOMPSON Glynltyhe Saphire Oraysha
VHC:BURTON Swingletrees Supreama

Puppy Bitch (9 Entries)  
1st: KERRY Kireton Cici
2nd: MELBOURNE & HOLDSWORTH  Stargang Sea Fever at Melriding
3rd: THOMPSON Shantallah Kandy Kisses Oraysha
Res: ROUSE Radclyffe Yhirundo
VHC: CAREY Debbiejay Magical Spell

Junior Bitch (9 Entries)
1st: COXON D'Arisca Dizzy Heights
2nd: HERRINGTON Kathington Chance be a Lady
3rd:  MITCHELL Denver Darling Senorita at Bronia
Res:  SHUTT Donnydax Twinkle Toes
VHC: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Curly Wurly

Yearling Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: ERGIS & MELBOURNE Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
2nd: PRICE Brianolf Pink Sapphire with Samlane
3rd:  KENT Lokmadi Goodnight Irene JW
Res: SCOTT Wolferlow Mary Quant
VHC: SALISBURY Brocklewood Black Rose JW

Post Graduate Bitch (6 Entries)  
1st:  MUGGLETON Mosiarto Miss Minimum
2nd: SCOTT Wolferlow Mary Quant
3rd: SCOTT Hollybirch She's the One
Res: BURTON Swingletrees Xtravaganza
VHC: PEEL Wynndax Coco Chasca

Limit Bitch (8 Entries)
1st: LOMBARDELLI Mylforbe Fleur de Lys at Kelmbeck
2nd: HERRINGTON Kathington Chance to Dream
3rd: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Golddigga
Res: SCOTT Wolferlow Anthea
VHC: FIEKE Lustrum April Love

Open Bitch (7 Entries)  
1st:  CALLOW Garthorne Little Eva
2nd: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Aurora JW
3rd:  COXON D'Arisca Damsel in a Dress
Res: MELBOURNE Melriding Berengaria
VHC: MUGGLETON Mosiarto Miss Understood


V (3) 1 BV, Melbourne’s Melriding Creole Lady, smart 7 year old in gleaming condition, pretty head, eyes, well set ears, good sweep of keel, tight arched feet, level topline & good angulation. Moved with enthusiasm & drive; 2 Rouse’s Dvordac Kiss The Future, compact dog of 9 years, alert & inquisitive expression, mobile ears, level topline with substantial body. Carrying a little bit too much weight, well set & carried tail & moved steadily; 3 Sim’s Little Wizard of Kelmbeck. MPD (6) 1 Barrett’s Ayseebee Rumour Has It, b/t, smart outline, masculine head, dark almond eye, pleasing balanced outline, tight feet & moved out easily; 2 Protheroe’s Royalmaple Anky Panky, red with good bone, lovely head & expression, a tad short in ribbing but good angulation, good front & arched feet, level topline, well set tail, moved out freely; 3 Feddery’s Glynlythe Gad About Town. PD (5) 1 Coxon’s Distinctly So D’Arisca, pleasing head & expression, dark eye & well set ears, good keel & depth of chest, tight elbows, level topline & well set tail. Maybe a tad short in ribbing, moved out easily in gleaming condition; 2 Moulds’ Duddindaxs Marmaduke, brindle, pleasing head & dark eyes, good keel, but tad narrow in front, level topline, arched feet, good tailset & carriage, could stand a little straighter from rear; 3 Burton’s Swingletrees Double O’Seven. JD (3) 1 Ergis’ Siouxline Aaron, lovely boy so much to offer, with substance & balance with appealing head & good pigment, sweep of keel & shoulders, good bone & topline, strong quarters & good drive; 2 Kent’s Lokmadi Come Fly With Me, tad narrow all through, with lovely profile outline tight arched feet, well set tail, good depth of body & sweep of keel, alert & keen & moved out eagerly; 3 Scott’s Danton Mr Brown at Wolferlow. YD (3) 1 RCC, Melbourne & Holdsworth’s Melriding Perkin Warbeck, first waggy tail of the day, a cheeky chap with attitude, lovely clear red, when settled stood & presented a lovely outline with plenty of bone & tight arched feet, really promising young man, quality lad; 2 Parish’s Melriding Lambert Simnel at Garlandelms, reluctant to show himself, good topline, sweep of keel & ribbed well back, strong head, dark eye, tad narrow, alert & watchful, moved out easily; 3 D Mr Brown at W. PGD (5) 1 Russell’s Russteck Figgy Duff, this a lad is a lovely super shape, tight arched feet, lovely expression with pleasing head proportions, balanced overall shape, with so much to like he had to have this class; 2 Muggleton’s Solar Flare at Mosiarto, compact lad, lovely head with gentle expression, tight arched feet, good coat, with level topline, good angulation & strong rear, pleasing tailset, moved well; 3 Fieke’s Lustrum Bachelor Boy. LD (7) 1 Melbourne’s D’Arisca Flaunt It at Melriding, red, smart quality boy of lovely balanced shape, good bone & tight arched feet, ribbed well back with strong rearquarters & rounded croup, pleasing head, expression & type; 2 Paget & Carroll’s Bronia Valente at Marvale, smart b/t, lovely size, substance & shape, pleasing tight arched feet & good bone, ribbed well back, good tail carriage, moved out with drive; 3 Coxon & Weir’s D’Arisca Prince Of Darkness at Amberglo. OD (6) 1 CC & BOB, Ergis’ Ch Siouxline Flynn Rider, quality, for me this boy had it all, superb balanced overall shape, combined with his sound driving movement makes this dog a star to watch. Just loved him; 2 Pearson’s Djeata Midnight Sun, Standard Smooth in miniature, pleasing masculine head & the most lovely shape with strong rearquarters & good bone, good angulation front & rear, moved out easily; 3 Fossett & Kent’s Lokmadi A Boy Named Sue.

MPB (10) 1 BP, Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Calculate, so happy, lovely waggy tail, gorgeous baby & so pretty with her sweet expression in my notes I have written wow. Quality girl who should go far; 2 Andison & Peel’s Clentry Titchy Stryder, another beautiful baby, lovely balanced overall shape, very happy, & cheeky, with her waggy tail, very promising, another star for the future; 3 Andison & Peel’s Billie Holiday Gang Della Parda. PB (9) 1 Kerry’s Kireton Cici, b/t, smart with pleasing all over profile shape, lovely sweep of keel & reach of neck, level topline, rounded croup & well set tail; 2 Melbourne & Holdsworth’s Stargang Sea Fever at Melriding, really promising brindle baby, super shape & so much going for her, but she is giving her mum a hard time, she is a right scamp; 3 Thompson’s Shantallah Kandy Kisses Oraysha. JB (9) 1 RCC, Coxon’s D’Arisca Dizzy Heights, really smart quality red, super balanced outline, good bone, level topline, pleasing sweep of keel, very pretty with lovely expression & head proportions. Promising young lady who should go far, this girl really appealed; 2 Herrington’s Kathington Chance Be A Lady, very pretty young lady, lovely dark almond eyes, pleasing balanced shape with level topline & sweep of keel, in super condition, a very happy girl who moved out easily; 3 Mitchell’s Denver Darling Senorita at Bronia. YB (6) 1 CC, Ergis & Melbourne’s Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding, absolutely gorgeous, such a balanced shape, with a beautiful head & expression & movement to die for, I really can’t say enough about this bitch, she has so much that appealed to me, wish she was mine; 2 Price’s Brianolf Pink Sapphire with Samlane, very pretty head & expression with lovely dark eye, in lovely condition, as matured so much since I last judged her same remarks apply, should go far; 3 Kent’s Lokmadi Goodnight Irene. PGB (6) 1 Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Minimum, smart b/t girl, pleasing overall shape, excels in movement lovely to watch her go round. Such a happy girl, tail never stops; 2 Scott’s Wolferlow Mary Quant, this girl has a pleasing shape, good bone & nice type, she is very low to the ground & I would prefer a little more clearance. She moves out steadily; 3 Scott’s Hollybirch She’s The One. LB (8) 1 Lombardelli’s Mylforbe Fleur de Lys at Kelmbeck, smart b/t I have previously judged, she had matured nicely since then, in lovely condition, very balanced with strong quarters & very pretty, one to watch; 2 Herrington’s Kathington Chance To Dream, compact type, with lovely sweep of keel & level topline & ribbed well back, tight arched feet, very pretty girl with dark almond eyes, well set ears, good reach of neck, she moved out easily; 3 Andison & Peel’s Clentry Golddigga. OB (7) 1 Callow’s Garthorne Little Eva, smart quality girl, moved steadily & happily, lovely balanced, flowing shape, tight feet & good bone, this girl has so much going for her but the quality today is outstanding; 2 Ergis’ Ch Siouxline Aurora, pleasing balanced shape, very pretty with lovely expression, another from this kennel with same type & quality. Moved out so easily; 3 Coxon’s D’Arisca Damsel In A Dress.