Smooth Dachshund Club 2015

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs Sue Ergis

BEST OF BREED : MITCHELL Denver Darling Senorita At Bronia
Dog CC : PROTHEROE Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil At Royalmaple
Res Dog CC : COXON Distinctly So D'Arisca
Bitch CC : MITCHELL Denver Darling Senorita At Bronia
Res Bitch CC : MUGGLETON Mosiarto Miss Calculate
Best Puppy : COXON Distinctly So D'Arisca
Best Veteran : Absent

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2) Abs: 2

1st Absent

Minor Puppy Dog (1 Entry) Abs: 0
1st: MITCHELL Ygeia Quite Gorgeous to Bronia

Puppy Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: COXON Distinctly So D'Arisca
2nd: BARRETT Ayseebee Rumour Has It
3rd: PHILLIPS Stargang High Hopes of Robinswood
Res: PROTHEROE Royalmaple Anky Panky
VHC: BURTON Swingletrees Double O'Seven

Junior Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: HUNT Carpaccio Casablanca 
2nd: RUDKIN Dynastydax Secret Agent
3rd: KENT Lokmadi Come Fly with Me
Res: SCOTT Danton Mr Brown At Wolferlow


Novice Dog (3 Entries ) Abs : 0

1st: RUDKIN Dynastydax Secret Agent
2nd: PHILLIPS Arbennik St Thomas of Robinswood
3rd: BURTON Swingletrees Double O'Seven

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: MITCHELL, & ANTONOPOULOS Ygeia No One Like You (Imp) ARAF
2nd: PARISH Melriding Lambert Simnel of Garlandelms
3rd: PHILLIPS Carpaccio Mr Selfridge of Robinswood

Limit Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: BURTON  Swingletrees Razzamatazz JW
2nd: PAGET & CARROLL Bronia Valente Of Marvale
3rd:  CAREY Swingletrees Abracadabra
Res: ROBERTSON Mosiarto Masterpiece at Ravenwood

Open Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PROTHEROE Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil At Royalmaple
2nd: COXON & WEIR D'Arisca Prince of Darkness at Ambreglo
3rd: FOSSETT Lokmadi a Boy Named Sue
Res: BLACKBURN  Stargang Tiger Feet
VHC: STARTUP Barisse a Touch of Magic

Minor Puppy Bitch (4 Entries)
1st: RUSSELL Russteck Plum Duff
2nd: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Star Anise
3rd: MITCHELL Bronia Gianeta
Res: HARISON Danton Coco Chanel

Puppy Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: MUGGLETON Mosiarto Miss Calculate
2nd: RUSSELL Russteck Plum Duff
3rd: PAGET & CARROLL Bronia Maddalena Of Marvale
Res: BOYCE Hollygor Heaven Sent
VHC: BURTON Swingletrees Supreama

Junior Bitch (13 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: THOMAS Royaldach Authorized Queen
2nd: COXON D'Arisca Dizzy Deights
3rd: OAKLEY & PEARSON May Blossom at Aredenrun
Res: ROLLINSON Mrs A Cwmdarhian Lady In Red For Diamonddax

VHC: STEPHEN Bedu Sent from Heaven


Novice Bitch (3 Entries) Abs 1
1st:  RUSSELL Russteck Plum Duff
2nd: BURTON Swingletrees Supreama

Post Graduate Bitch (15 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: STOKES Webbers Swansong
2nd: REED Deercroft Summer Serenade JW
3rd: BURTON Swingletrees Xtravaganza
Res: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Wyndsmoor Twinkled
VHC: PRICE Brianolf Pink Sapphire With Samlane

Limit Bitch (19 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: MITCHELL Denver Darling Senorita At Bronia
2nd: SCOTT Wolferlow Anthea
3rd: ROLLINSON Cwmdarhian Lady Marmalade By Diamonddax JW Sh.CM
Res: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Golddigga
VHC: PAGET & CARROLL Bronia Vittoria of Marvale

Open Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: COXON D'Arisca Damsel in a Dress
2nd: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Ch Lokmadi Sea Holly At Stargang
3rd: KENT Lokmadi Paper Tiger JW ShCM
Res: HUNT Barratini Jennifer Eccles at Carpaccio

It's quite difficult judging the breed that is owned, bred and exhibited by yourself.
Most of the dogs and their wins are known to you, as are the exhibitors. Some dogs you have admired around the ring or placed well in the past, didn't look as good or move so well on the day, and others moved and looked better than seen on other occasions.  This was the case in several instances, I could only place as I saw them today.
There was a good entry and I didn't find any dog too thin or undernourished, several were over 11lbs. We mustn't let the extra ounces creep in too much!
Head qualities need watching, the foreface being too short to balance, often accompanied with round eyes.
Some were too deep and over exaggerated in front, and some were too short in the rib and long in the loin making them look tucked up, this all gave an unbalanced appearance.
I was pleased that many stacked parallel on the table, not so many standing 'cow-hocked' that is a great improvement. Temperament was good.
Thank you exhibitors for your entry, we all have differing opinions on what is a good Dachshund, this was my view on the day.
Veteran D/B.  Both absent.
Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1. Mitchell's YGEIA QUITE GORGEOUS TO BRONIA. A promising baby with lots to like. Good balance to head,nice almond eye giving a lovely expression, good body length and depth with sound front assembly, well bent stifles, parallel movement fore and aft, I would have liked a firmer topline on the move however it's level when stacked. Quite a big lad, I hope he doesn't grow anymore.
Puppy Dog (7)
1. Coxon's DISTINCTLY SO D'ARISCA. Really liked this chap for his outgoing nature and super movement. Long well shaped head and correct eye, reachy neck, shoulders well laid with good sternum and width and depth of rib, good underline, strong quarters which he used well on the move, he maintained a level topline and has a free easy stride with a balanced outline, parallel fore and aft. RES CC. & BEST PUPPY.  Pleased to see him go on to Best Puppy in Show.
2. Barratt's AYSEEBEE RUMOUR HAS IT.  Mature boy with good length and depth, masculine head, lovely expression, well ribbed back with level topline, prominent sternum, tight elbows, sound quarters, he moved true maintaining a nice outline.
Preferred drive of 1.
3. Phillips STARGANG HIGH HOPES OF ROBINSWOOD. Promising lad, nice outline and moved fairly well.
Junior Dog (5,1a)
1. Hunts CARPACCIO CASABLANCA. Nicely balanced boy, correct head shape and eye, good reach of neck and length of ribbing, short loin, firm backline, well bent stifles, low hock, stacked true and moved away well with parallel action, moving slightly wide in front today but he is a stylish dog of good type.
2. Rudkin's DYNASTYDAX SECRET AGENT. This chap scores in his head shape and his obliquely set almond shaped eye giving lovely expression, lengthy neck, good sternum with ribbing carried back, well turned stifles, level topline, nice overall picture, moved well enough but his handler needs to practise moving away in a straight line!
3. Kent's LOKMADI COME FLY WITH ME. Lots to like, lovely head, good body proportions but today preferred balance of 1 & 2.
Novice Dog (3)
2. Phillips ARBENNIK ST THOMAS OF ROBINSWOOD. Good head and eye shape, a compact dog with a prominent forechest, deep front with tight elbows but a bit light in loin giving a slightly unbalanced appearance, fairly true fore and aft.
3. Burton's SWINGLETREES DOUBLE O SEVEN. Typical head and expression, neat front and feet, sound moving quarters but today he was a tucked up in loin and looked a little rangy.
Post Grad Dog (3)
1. Mitchell & Antonopoulos YGEIA NO ONE LIKE YOU. Liked this boy for his overall balance and outline, good head properties with correct eye, reachy neck, well placed shoulders, tight elbows, strong topline with ribbing carried back, sound quarters, he moved parallel in front and behind but he just lacked a little drive.
2. Parish' MELRIDING LAMBERT SIMNEL OF GARLANDELMS. Shorter coupled lad with good solid body make and shape, masculine head, sound forehand, good feet, well ribbed,level topline, quite nice outline and moved true.
3. Phillips CARPACCIO MR SELFRIDGE OF ROBINSWOOD. Good body make and shape but moving a little wide today.
Limit Dog (5,1a)
1. Burton's SWINGLETREES RAZZAMATAZZ. Stylish red dog with good head shape  and almond eye, long neck, prominent sternum, sloping shoulders, neat front and feet, good depth and length of rib, good underline, well turned stifles, moved parallel maintaining a level topline where he scored over 2.
2. Paget & Carroll's BRONIA VALENTE OF MARVALE. This boy has a lovely head and eye of correct make and shape, good neck and sufficient pro-sternum, ribbing carried back, would prefer a firmer topline, moved true fore and aft, nicely handled and presented.
3. Carey's SWINGLETREES ABRACADABRA. Good body proportions but a little tucked up in loin today.
Open Dog (5)
1. Protheroe's GRANDGABLES CRAFTY LIL DEVIL AT ROYALMAPLE.  There have been times when this dog has not looked the part but today he was spot-on. He has a lovely head of correct proportions and good eye shape, good reach of neck, nice lay of shoulder, tight elbows, neat front and feet, ribbing carried back, good hind angulation. Today his topline was firm and level and he stacked and moved parallel maintaining a balanced outline, his coat was gleaming with condition. I had no hesitation in awarding him his 3rd CC.
2. Coxon & Weir's D'ARISCA PRINCE OF DARKNESS AT AMBREGLO. Nice body proportions on this boy, low to ground but sufficient ground clearance, good forechest with deep ribbing carried back, liked his top and underline, well bent stifles, stacked nicely on the table, moved away well, just a tad close in front on the day.
3. Fossett & Kent's LOKMADI A BOY NAMED SUE.  Nicely balanced dog with true movement, preferred outline of 1 & 2.
Minor Puppy Bitch (4)
1. Russell's RUSSTECK PLUM DUFF.  Lovely B/T baby showing great promise, well shaped head with almond eye, sound front assembly, good depth of body and firm topline, well bent stifles, true movement in front and behind, balanced outline both stacked and on the move where she scored on the day.
2. Blackburn-Bennett's STARGANG STAR ANISE.  Attractive baby, appealing head and expression with correct eye, quite low to ground with deep forechest and length of ribbing, good angulation behind which enabled her to move with drive.
3. Mitchell's BRONIA GIANETA. Good body make and shape, head a little short to balance.
Puppy Bitch (8,2a)
1.Muggleton's MOSIARTO MISS CALCULATE. Beautiful red girl with lots to like, super head and eye of correct shape, long neck, good shoulder and upper arm angulation, prominent sternum, neat front, well ribbed with good top and underline,
well turned stifles, she is parallel on the move with good side gait and a balanced outline. A quality girl who should have a bright future.  RES CC. Best Puppy Bitch.
3. Paget & Carroll's BRONIA MADDALENA OF MARVALE. Good body proportions, head a little short to balance.
Junior Bitch (13,2a)
1. Thomas' ROYALDACH AUTHORIZED QUEEN. I liked this girl for her overall make and shape, lovely head of correct proportions with almond eye, good reach of neck, sound even front, tight elbows, long smooth ribcage carried well back, well bent stifles, she maintained a nice outline both stacked and on the move and was true fore and aft.
2. Coxon's D'ARISCA DIZZY HEIGHTS. I also liked this girl for her balance and soundness, just preferred head of 1 but she was close up and has lots to like.
Excellent body proportions with good pro-sternum, neat front and good length and depth of ribbing, sound quarters moving parallel in front and behind.
3. Oakley & Pearson's MAY BLOSSOM AT ARDENRUN. Nice outline and good body make and shape, quite promising.
Novice Bitch (3,1a)
2. SWINGLETREES SUPREAMA. Pretty red baby that moved and showed well, typical head, almond eye, good front and feet, sound quarters, she moved true and carried a level topline giving a pleasing outline, she just needs to grow on.
Post Grad Bitch (15,4a)
1. Stokes WEBBERS SWANSONG.  Nicely constructed B/T, her overall balance and movement won the class. Lovely head and expression, long neck, sound front assembly, good length and depth of rib, firm topline, strong well muscled quarters with good angulation, moved true fore and aft maintaining her balanced outline.
2. Reed's DEERCROFT SUMMER SERENADE. Shorter coupled girl of nice make and shape, good neck length, well fitting front with adequate sternum and tight elbows, level topline, sound quarters but would like more angulation, parallel movement.
3. Burton's SWINGLETREES XTRAVAGANZA. Liked this one for her balanced outline and movement, not the maturity of 1 & 2 but she has lots of promise.
Limit Bitch (19,7a)
1. Mitchell's DENVER DARLING SENORITA AT BRONIA. I thought this girl looked lovely today, she has a classic shape and her movement perfect, there have been times when her topline looks quite uneven but today she carried a nice balanced outline. She has a well proportioned head with lovely eye shape, reachy neck, good forechest with correctly angled shoulders and upper arm, ribbing carried back with nice underline, just the right amount of ground clearance, well turned stifles and low hocks, she stacked and moved parallel with a good profile. Pleased to award her 3rd CC and she went on to Best in Show.
2. Scott's WOLFERLOW ANTHEA. Nicely constructed girl of similiar type to 1. Appealing head and expression, good eye shape, neat front with sufficient pro-sternum and tight elbows, level topline, sound hindquarters, nice outline stacked and on the move, preferred quarters of 1 but this girl has a lot of quality and she moved and showed well.
3. Rollinson's CWMDARHIAN LADY MARMALADE BY DIAMONDDAX.  Sound moving girl with good body proportions, completed a trio of lovely bitches.
Open Bitch (7,3a)
1. Coxon's D'ARISCA DAMSEL IN A DRESS. This girl had the best movement in this class today, her parallel action fore and aft is good, she has nice body proportions and construction, carrying a balanced outline both stacked and on the move, would like a tad more length but she has quality and soundness.
2. Blackburn-Bennett's CH.LOKMADI SEA HOLLY AT STARGANG. At first I thought this girl would be my winner, she has a lovely outline stacked with a balanced head shape, almond eye, good neck and shoulder, well ribbed with good length, level topline, nice underline, she moved well in front but unfortunately today her hind movement let her down and this cost her the place.
3. Kent's LOKMADI PAPER TIGER. A quality girl with lots to like, good body proportions, lovely head and expression, just not moving as well as I've seen before.