National Dog Show 2016

Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired)

Judge: Mr Derek Smith


BEST OF BREED : 8270 WALTERS Miss H & R Metadale Masterchef
Dog CC : 8270 WALTERS Miss H & R Metadale Masterchef
Res Dog CC : 8278 WOODALL Mrs C Half Century at Rarewood
Bitch CC : 8218 GEESON Miss E H Ch Abydachs Absolutely
Res Bitch CC : 8217 EDWARDS Mrs M B Barok Blondeliah
Best Puppy : 8203 BROWN Mrs L Boris Bear at Garbosa
Best Veteran : 8217 EDWARDS Mrs M B Barok Blondeliah

Class 2055 MPD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8269 SHUTT Mrs M E Mocha Magic of Donnadoon
2nd: 8192 BEDFORD Miss L Eldmour Kango Kajali of Dinkidudlor
3rd: 8273 WHITNALL Mrs M Cankasper Flyin Solo
Res: 8251 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Au Prince
VHC: 8196 BROAD Mrs S A Eldmour Sea Lord Of Dinkidudlor

Class 2056 PD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8203 BROWN Mrs L Boris Bear at Garbosa
2nd: 8268 SHUTT Mrs M E Star Gazer of Donnadoon
3rd: 8229 JURY Mrs D Bluebegin Pagen Moon At Torwood
Res: 8205 CHAMBERS Mrs D M Lyndarlea Bill Bailey
VHC: 8279 WOODALL Mrs C Lyndarlea King Arthur

Class 2057 JD (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 8258 PITFIELD Mrs J L Luna Caprese D'oroed' Argento Of Follyfield (Imp)
2nd: 8252 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Pure Magic
3rd: 8222 HALL Mrs W P & Mr D B Cliffmere Forester
Res: 8194 BREESE Mrs J A Silkdown Phoenix Rising
VHC: 8229 JURY Mrs D Bluebegin Pagen Moon At Torwood


Class 2059 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8198 BROOKS Ms L Obdax Lynn's Badger
2nd: 8249 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Digby Mac JW
3rd: 8206 CHAMBERS Mrs D M Follyfield Francisco

Class 2060 LD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8278 WOODALL Mrs C Half Century at Rarewood
2nd: 8255 PHILLIPS Mrs S E Rossdach Rave On
3rd: 8204 BUCHAN Mrs H & KERSLAKE Mrs P Devonwood Crackerjack at Helenium JW
Res: 8199 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Kenny
VHC: 8230 JURY Mrs D Torwood Please Turn Over

Class 2061 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8270 WALTERS Miss H & R Metadale Masterchef
2nd: 8250 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Santana JW
3rd: 8253 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Going Dutch
Res: 8197 BROAD Mrs S A Neertanuaf Sea Magic Sh.CM JW
VHC: 8191 BEDFORD Miss L Rossdach Cream of The Crop

Class 2062 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8275 WOODAGE Mrs C Totonian Toscanini
2nd: 8259 PITFIELD Mrs J L Andynromadax Dave Of Follyfield

Class 2063 MPB (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8228 JOHNSON Miss A B Charpurdy's Gold McEve
2nd: 8240 MITCHELL Miss E Metadale Coco Chanel Of Bronia
3rd: 8193 BEDFORD Miss L Eldmour Kiwi Kalilu of Dinkidudlor
Res: 8260 PITFIELD Mrs J L Sanmik Milady Fudge
VHC: 8247 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Alice

Class 2064 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8280 WORSWICK Mrs C Dolyharp Bizet's Carmen
2nd: 8247 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Alice
3rd: 8208 CLEWES Mrs P Shardbeck Miss Teak

Class 2065 JB (8 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 8233 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R & LOCKETT-WALTERS Miss H Ralines The Last Word
2nd: 8266 ROBERTS Mr R C & Mrs S C Denver Darling Debutante
3rd: 8223 HALL Mrs W P & Mr D B Cliffmere Folksong
Res: 8200 BROWN Mrs L M Devoncream Montserrat
VHC: 8242 MURPHY Miss M Classidax Liberty Belle

Class 2066 UGB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8235 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Golden Delight
2nd: 8207 CHAMBERS Mrs D M Rummerdax Harvest Moon
3rd: 8257 PHILLIPS Mrs S E Rossdach Rock Chic

Class 2067 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8224 HALSALL Mrs J Lyndarlea Dolly for Kiddles
2nd: 8263 POOLE Mrs M E Findowrie Dixie Rose
3rd: 8201 BROWN Mrs L M Devoncream Diamond Trinket
Res: 8236 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Red Splendour
VHC: 8274 WHITNALL Mrs M Cankasper Myss China Doll

Class 2068 LB (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8245 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Love Actually JW
2nd: 8216 EDWARDS Mrs M B Barok Blonde Bombshell
3rd: 8212 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Silver Slipper
Res: 8202 BROWN Mrs L M Xemxija Ice Mimosa Is Devoncream
VHC: 8272 WESTON, Mrs K F & JOHNSON Miss V Ecotyne Firewitch

Class 2069 OB (10 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8218 GEESON Miss E H Ch Abydachs Absolutely
2nd: 8254 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Dutch Affair
3rd: 8246 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just So JW
Res: 8232 LATHAM-JACKSON Mr P & Mrs A Ch Urishay Sweet Pea
VHC: 8227 JOHNSON Miss A B Charpurdy Just Willow

Class 2070 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8217 EDWARDS Mrs M B Barok Blondeliah

MPD (5) 1 Shutt’s Mocha Magic of Donnadoon, only a baby but full of promise, this choc/t was an easy winner here, lovely head, has a neck & so well made with lovely bone & feet & firm topline; 2 Bedford’s Eldmour Kango Kajali of Dinkidudlor, b/t with a pleasing head & eye, good front & holds his topline, sound on the move; 3 Whitnall’s Cankasper Flyin Solo. PD (7) 1 Browns’ Boris Bear at Garbosa, very glamorous & beautifully presented b/t shown in super coat & lovely body, lovely head & eye, ample neck, good bone & feet, very good to go over, very sound & very showy. BP; 2 Shutt’s Star Gazer of Donnadoon, only 6 months so giving a lot away, quality b/t who has all the essentials, lovely head on reachy neck, good bone & front, lovely body & topline, good mover, most promising; 3 Jury’s Bluebegin Pagen Moon at Torwood. JD (8,2a) 1 Pitfield’s Luna Caprese D’oroed’ Argento of Follyfield, liked the head & eye on this silver/dapple & he has a lovely neck, very well balanced in outline, pleasing to go over, shiny coat & a good mover; 2 Norton’s Halunke Pure Magic, well presented red, pleasing in head & eye, lovely body with good ribbing, sound movement, would prefer a little more neck; 3 Hall’s Cliffmere Forester. UGD (0). PGD (3) 1 Brooks’ Obdax Lynn’s Badger, heavily marked silver/dapple, liked his head & lovely dark eyes, ample neck, so well made with good bone & ribbing, very sound mover who was shown in good coat; 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Digby Mac, shaded cream with a pleasing head & good pigment, decent front & decent mover, not quite the neck of winner & very naughty today; 3 Chambers’ Follyfield Francisco. LD (7) 1 Woodall’s Half Century at Rarewood, brightly coloured & well marked silver/dapple, lovely head & eye on super neck, good front & feet, lovely balance to his outline, holds himself well on the move & in good coat & condition. RCC; 2 Phillips’ Rossdach Rave On, very dark b/t, very masculine in head, ample neck & good to go over being so well made, strong topline, good movement; 3 Buchan & Kerslake’s Devonwood Crackerjack at Helenium. OD (6) 1 Walters’ Metadale Masterchef, lovely quality shaded cream, super on the table, he is a good Dachshund, liked his head very much, good neck, lovely bone, front & feet & dark nails! Well ribbed up with a firm topline, so sound on the move & holds his outline going round, beautifully presented. CC & BOB; 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Santana, this light red comes into his own on the move, looks so good going round, he has a pleasing head & is well pigmented & is a sound mover with a very good coat; 3 Norton’s Halunke Going Dutch. VD (2) 1 Woodagte’s Totonian Toscanini, very dark b/t of lovely type, nice head on decent neck, very good outline & a good mover, more could be made of his presentation; 2 Pitifled’s Andynromadax Dave of Follyfield, very attractive b/t, a little short all over, very well bodied & has all his teeth, good mover too.

MPB (9,1) Very good class. 1 Johnson’s Charpurdy’s Gold McEve, gorgeous very dark red, quite lovely in every way, super to go over on the table, lovely head with dark eyes, so well pigmented, lovely neck, good front & feet, well ribbed & a firm topline, very sound & full of style, lovely coat too; 2 Mitchell’s Metadale Coco Chanel of Bronia, quality b/t, another who is lovely on the table, beautiful head & eye, super neck, front & feet, good topline, shown in beautiful coat & condition & so very sound, just needs a little schooling; 3 Bedford’s Eldmour Kiwi Kalilu of Dinkidudlor. PB (4,1) 1 Worswick’s Dolyharp Bizet’s Carmen, very striking b/t, pretty head, enough neck, good front, lovely body & topline, very sound & showy on the table, lovely coat; 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Port Alice, this light red was 5th in MPB, she is of good type with a pleasing head & well bodied, must learn to show herself better; 3 Clewes’ Shardbeck Miss Teak. JB (8,3) 1 Lockett-Walters, Lockett-Walters’ Ralines The Last Word, immaculate b/t with a lovely head & eye, super neck, bone, front & feet, so well ribbed & has a strong topline, good quarters & is an excellent mover, shown inn lovely coat & condition, just looked a baby in the challenge; 2 Roberts’ Denver Darling Debutante, shaded cream of lovely size & with plenty of substance, lovely bone & feet, good front, so well made, ample neck & a beautiful well ribbed body, very good mover & shown in lovely condition & condition; 3 Hall’s Cliffmere Folksong. UGB (5,1) 1 Mee’s Barlaine’s Golden Delight, she is a little too, very neat clear dark red, very pretty head & eye & lovely pigmentation, so well made in every way & beautifully balanced, very sound on the move, immaculate presentation; 2 Chambers’ Rummerdax Harvest Moon, sound moving b/t with a pleasing head on ample neck, good bone & feet, lovely body, just a touch bum high going round; 3 Phillips’ Rossdach Rock Chic. PGB (11) 1 Halsall’s Lyndarlea Dolly for Kiddles, lovely choc/dapple, caught my eye as this big class entered the ring, such a good head, eye & leathers, lovely neck, strong topline, super bone & feet, well put together & in lovely coat; 2 Poole’s Findowrie Dixie Rose, quality dark red in lovely very correct coat, I loved her head & eye, beautiful on the table being so well made, very sound on the move, not quite the neck of winner, but close up; 3 Brown’s Devoncream Diamond Trinket. LB (10,1) 1 McCarthy’s Nagshall Love Actually, this shaded cream was in full coat & such beautiful condition, she was lovely on the table, lovely on the floor, has a lovely head & eye, good feet, good neck, well ribbed with a lovely body & sound as a pound, very nice bitch; 2 Edwards’ Barok Blonde Bombshell, this girl is also full of quality, very good to go over, is sound & has wonderful carriage on the move, very pleasing head but expression is marred by tear staining, good neck & so well balanced in outline; 3 Cooper’s Jumanda’s Silver Slipper. OB (10) 1 Geeson’s Ch Abydachs Absolutely, very mature b/t, a lovely bitch from any angle, so well balanced & beautiful to go over, lovely head & eye, good neck & front, very well ribbed with a strong topline, lovely outline when stacked, on the move she is sound & accurate & was in beautiful coat & condition. CC; 2 Norton’s Halunke Dutch Affair, very attractive, very feminine dark red, lovely head & neck, firm topline, so elegant & so sound, shown in lovely condition with just the right amount of weight; 3 McCarthy’s Nagshall Just So. VB (2,1) 1 Edwards’ Barok Blondeliah, really lovely light red, loved her head & eye, so well pigmented, good neck, front & feet, good shoulders, good ribbing, immaculate backline, strong quarters with short hocks, so very sound & so arrogant going round, shown in full coat, I thought she was a picture. RCC & BV.