Dachshund Club of Wales 2016

Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

Judge: Gillian Goad (Rosanport)


Dog CC : MCCARTHY Nagshall Just Santana
Res Dog CC : NORTON Halunke Going Dutch
Bitch CC :  LATHAM JACKSON Ch Urishay Sweet Pea
Res Bitch CC : GEESON Ch Abydachs Americana
Best Puppy : ANGEAR Ridgegrove Sofia

Best Veteran : JOHNSON Ch Charpurdy Just Iss

Minor Puppy (1)
1st: HILBERT OWEN Creamcost Honey Droplet
2nd:HILBERT Creamcoast Honey Dew

Puppy Dog (3)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Justintime
2nd: NORTON Halunke Pure Magic
3rd:  WOLSEY Lyndarlea Vons Choice

Junior Dog (5)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Digby Mac
2nd: BEDFORD Devoncream Midnight Mirage at Dixloudlor
3rd:  MORTLOCK Metadale Leandros at Hertsmerry
Res: NADEN Sanmik Endeavour for Marielle
VHC: WOLSEY Lyndarlea Vons Choice

Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Digby Mac
2nd: BROOKS Obdax Lynn's Badger at Lyndarlea

Limit Dog (7)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Just Santana
2nd: BROOKS Lyndarlea Kenny
3rd: WOODALL Half Century at Rarewood
Res: WAY Sudasam Livin the Dream
VHC: BEDFORD Rossdach Cream of the Crop

Open Dog (4)
1st: NORTON Halunke Going Dutch
2nd: WALTERS Ch Ralines One of Those
3rd: BROAD Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM
Res: BARNSDALE & HAYWARD Chriskims Trail Blazer JW

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2)
1st: JOHNSON Ch Charpurdy Just Iss
2nd: NADEN Marielle Purest Grem


Minor Puppy Bitch (4)
1st:  ANGEAR Ridgegrove Sofia
2nd: WORSWICK Dolyharp Bizet's Carmen
3rd:  PATERSON Tahira Sunset Nite
Res: OWEN Creamcoast Honey Bee

Puppy Bitch (3)
1st: COOPER Sadie Lady at Jumanda
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Justfizzical
3rd: WALLACE Denver Darling Angelina

Junior Bitch (9)
1st: BROOKS Lyndarlea Chitty Bang Bang
2nd: METCALFE Metadale Aphrodite
3rd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Puttinontheritz
Res: POOLE Findowrie Tears n Roses
VHC: WAY Hillstar Saffron with Sudasam


Post Graduate Bitch (6)
 1st: POOLE Findowrie Dixie Rose
 2nd: BROOKS Willott Elsa at Pauntley
 3rd:  COOPER Jumanda Silver Slipper JW
 Res: SAINSBURY Ridgegrove Constance at Boscolla
 VHC: BROWN Devoncream Diamond Tricket
 Limit Bitch (8)
 1st: JOHNSON  Charpurdy Just Ification
 2nd: BROOKS Willott Astra at Pauntley
 3rd: POOLE Findowrie Demi Rose
 Res: MCCARTHY Nagshall Love Actually
 VHC: BROWN Xemxija Ice Mimosa is Devoncream
 Open Bitch (13)
 1st: LATHAM-JACKSON Ch Urishay Sweet Pea
 2nd: GEESON Ch Abydachs Americana
 3rd: WORSWICK Dolyharp Desert Song
 Res: ANGEAR Ridgegrove Polly Anna
 VHC:POOLE Findowrie Darcia Rose

I would like to thank the officers & committee for inviting me to judge at their ch show, & the exhibitors for the super entry & the sporting way that you accepted my decisions. Just one thing I was disappointed to see dirty teeth in some exhibits in junior & below, it is not acceptable.

MPD (2) 1 Creamcoast Honey Droplet; 2 Creamcoast Honey Dew, shaded cream litter brothers, nice heads with dark points, both well made. Rather hard to assess movement in both. 1 won because of his better height to length ratio. They & their owners need some intense ringcraft training. Two nice puppies. PD (3) 1 Nagshall Justintime, shaded cream of good proportions, nice head & dark eyes. Good shoulder placement, ribbing & keel reasonable. Well angulated quarters which he used to advantage on the move. Hope he doesnít grow much more; 2 Halunke Pure Magic, another nice one, well balanced red. Correct angulation fore & aft, good length of ribbing, moved well in profile, just preferred the movement of 1 coming towards me. Two lovely boys; 3 Lyndarlea Vonís Choice. JD (5) 1 Nagshall Digby Mac, another shaded cream with lovely head & eyes. Nicely balanced, good angulation, well off for bone. Well muscled, nicely rounded rump, which aided his movement, extended well fore and aft. The best mover in the class; 2 Devoncream Midnight Mirage of Dinkidudlor, cr/br, loved his head & dark eye. Slightly longer than 1, good angulation, ribbing reasonable, good backend. Moved well; 3 Metadale Leandros at Hertsmerry. PGD (2) 1 N Digby Mac; 2 Obdax Lynnís Badger at Lyndarlea, another good one, silver dapple who is well balanced & well boned. Lovely head, elegant neck running into correctly placed shoulders. Moved out well, but not quite the topline of 1 on the move. LD (7,1) 1 Nagshall Just Santana, lovely red dog with masculine head, dark pigmentation, kind expression. Long neck into well placed shoulders, pronounced sternum, ribbing carried fairly well back. Moved well from all angles, showing good extension. I liked him very much. CC; 2 Lyndarlea Kenny, a well proportioned b/t, well angulated front, nice feet, hammy rear which he used to advantage. Moved very well, just a bit close coming towards me; 3 Half Century at Rarewood. OD (4) 1 Halunke Going Dutch, I loved this neat little red boy, he had a masculine head, dark eye, well made front assembly, tight  feet, reasonable ribbing  & underline, & well rounded hindquarters. Moved well in profile & coming & going. RCC; 2 Ch Ralines One Of Those, pale cream, well proportioned, nice outline, moved well. A worthy champion. I preferred the head & expression of 1; 3 Neertonauf Sea Magic. V (2) 1 Ch Charpurdy Just Iss, 8 year old b/t, nice shape, lovely head & beautiful teeth. She is well muscled & strode round the ring like a 2 year old; 2 Marielle Purest Gem, 13 year old, enjoying her time in the ring, not quite the elegance of neck of 1, & had to give way to youth on the move.

MPB (4) A class of nice babies. 1 Ridgegrove Sofia, she has a pretty head with dark eyes. She has a good front, (could have a slightly longer neck), ribbing carried well back & good angulation. Moved out well extending front & rear. BP; 2 Dolyharp Bizets Carmen, very similar b/t, well balanced & moved well. Just preferred the headpiece of 1; 3 Tahira Sunset Nite. PB (3) 1 Sadie Lady at Jumanda, a confident cream with lovely head & dark eyes. Well placed shoulders, reasonable length of ribbing, nice underline. Moved out with good extension from every aspect; 2 Nagshall Just Fizzical, sh/cream, bit more length than 1. But of good conformation, still needs time to gain confidence. Good mover; 3 Denver Darling Angelina. JB (9) A super class of promising youngsters. 1 Lyndarlea Chitty Bang Bang, a very classy b/t, lovely head & eye. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, with correct angulation front & rear, nice underline. Moved soundly on tight feet; 2 Metadale Aphrodite, compact, feminine headed cream, with nice lines, well angulated & moved with drive. Just lacked the composure of 1; 3 Nagshall Putitontheritz. PGB (8) 1 Findowrie Dixie Rose, pretty headed, well made, nicely balanced red, she has correctly placed shoulders & a good front. The best mover in the class; 2 Willot Elsa at Pauntley, balanced silver dapple, good head & eye, correct front assembly, nice feet. Moved well keeping level topline; 3 Jumanda Silver Slipper. LB (8) 1 Charpurdy Just Ification, very smart b/t with feminine face & expression. Well proportioned, good shoulders & front assembly, reasonable ribbing. Drove round the ring with good extension. Well presented; 2 Willot Astra at Pauntly, nice s/dapple, balanced & well presented, she has good shoulders, reasonable ribbing & lovely feet. Not the drive of 1 on the move; 3 Findowrie Demi Rose. OB (13,1) A super class I was spoilt for choice. 1 Urishay Sweet Pea, feminine b/t of classic type, nice head & dark eyes. Correct front, in the right proportions length to height, well muscled with hammy quarters. Drove round the ring with happy attitude; 2 Ch Abydachs Americana, another one of excellent type, close up to 1, shade lower to ground. Well angulated fore & aft, moved with drive & extension; 3 Dolyharp Desert Song.