Windsor Championship Dog Show 2016

Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired)

Judge: Mr Gerard Robinson (South African)


BEST OF BREED : 4391 MITCHELL Miss E Bronia Peach Fuzz
Dog CC : 4407 PHILLIPS Mrs S E Rossdach Rave On
Res Dog CC : 4370 EARLEY Mrs V A Lilacfen Sonny Delight of Yelva
Bitch CC : 4391 MITCHELL Miss E Bronia Peach Fuzz
Res Bitch CC : 4430 WORSWICK Mrs C Dolyharps Desert Song
Best Puppy : 4390 MITCHELL Miss E Metadale Coco Chanel Of Bronia
Best Veteran :

Class 1243 VD/B (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4409 PITFIELD Mrs J L Andynromadax Dave Of Follyfield
2nd: 4425 WOODAGE Mrs C Totonian Toscanini
3rd: 4361 CHAPPELL Mr E & Mrs D Gleneddee Mr Harvey Moon
Res: 4375 GREEN Mrs W Eldmour Electra

Class 1244 MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4394 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Au Prince

Class 1245 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4394 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Au Prince
2nd: 4349 BEDFORD Miss L Eldmour Kango Kajali of Dinkidudlor
3rd: 4351 BROAD Mrs S A Eldmour Sea Lord Of Dinkidudlor

Class 1246 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4404 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Pure Magic
2nd: 4395 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just In Time JW
3rd: 4410 PITFIELD Mrs J L Luna Caprese D'oroed' Argento Of Follyfield (Imp)

Class 1247 YD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4411 PITFIELD Mrs J L Follyfield Farley's Fella
2nd: 4369 EARLEY Mrs V A Yelva Dusky Prince
3rd: 4396 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Digby Mac JW

Class 1248 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4370 EARLEY Mrs V A Lilacfen Sonny Delight of Yelva
2nd: 4354 BROOKS Ms L Obdax Lynn's Badger JW
3rd: 4396 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Digby Mac JW
Res: 4421 WESTON, Mrs K F & JOHNSON Miss V Galrhia Twice As Nice at Ecotyne

Class 1249 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4407 PHILLIPS Mrs S E Rossdach Rave On
2nd: 4355 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Kenny
3rd: 4376 GREEN Mrs W Neertanauf Jack Jones

Class 1250 OD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4412 PITFIELD Mrs J L Follyfield Figaro
2nd: 4371 EARLEY Mrs V A Yelva Mister Brandy Man
3rd: 4352 BROAD Mrs S A Neertanuaf Sea Magic Sh.CM JW
Res: 4397 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Santana JW
VHC: 4418 WALTERS Miss H & Miss R Ch Ralines One Of Those

Class 1251 GCDorB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4352 BROAD Mrs S A Neertanuaf Sea Magic Sh.CM JW
2nd: 4377 GREEN Mrs W Neertanauf Lucia Rijker
3rd: 4409 PITFIELD Mrs J L Andynromadax Dave Of Follyfield
Res: 4425 WOODAGE Mrs C Totonian Toscanini

Class 1252 MPB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4379 HALL Mrs W P & Mr D B Cliffmere Levity
2nd: 4373 GRAHAM Mrs D A Hillstar Krismas Rose Of Jadag
3rd: 4398 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Alice

Class 1253 PB (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4390 MITCHELL Miss E Metadale Coco Chanel Of Bronia
2nd: 4365 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Silver Lace
3rd: 4382 HIGGINS Mr P A Ralines Royal Reggata at Leveliss
Res: 4348 BEDFORD Miss L Eldmour Kiwi Kalilu of Dinkidudlor
VHC: 4398 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Alice

Class 1254 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4358 BROWN Mrs L M Devoncream Montserrat
2nd: 4399 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Fizzical
3rd: 4380 HALL Mrs W P & Mr D B Cliffmere Folksong

Class 1255 YB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4400 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Hey Kari Ann JW
2nd: 4362 CHAPPELL Mr E & Mrs D Gleneddee Miz Sweet Bee
3rd: 4422 WESTON, Mrs K F & JOHNSON Miss V Ecotyne Firewitch

Class 1256 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 4415 POOLE Mrs M E Findowrie Dixie Rose
2nd: 4356 BROOKS Ms L Willott Astra At Pauntly
3rd: 4381 HALSALL Mrs J Lyndarlea Dolly for Kiddles
Res: 4400 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Hey Kari Ann JW
VHC: 4377 GREEN Mrs W Neertanauf Lucia Rijker

Class 1257 LB (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4416 POOLE Mrs M E Findowrie Demi Rose
2nd: 4428 WOODVINE-SHONE Miss H F Hanishan Little Red Madam
3rd: 4367 COOPER Mrs E T Jumanda's Silver Slipper JW
Res: 4401 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Love Actually JW
VHC: 4368 DUTSON Mrs P J Rossglen Rosamundi

Class 1258 OB (13 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4391 MITCHELL Miss E Bronia Peach Fuzz
2nd: 4430 WORSWICK Mrs C Dolyharps Desert Song
3rd: 4406 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Dutch Affair
Res: 4402 McCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just So JW
VHC: 4357 BROOKS Ms L Hanishan Eezzy Magic Nite At Lyndarlea

It was a great honour to be invited back to the UK to award CCs in two varieties of Dachshund in such an agreeable setting as Windsor. I was pleased with the entry of Miniature Long-Haireds and the quality of some of the dogs. Minor Puppy, Puppy, Limit and Open yielded the greatest depth of quality in Dogs and Bitches and it is not surprising that I found three of my ticket winners in the latter two classes with the Dog RCC coming from Post Graduate. I found no incorrect bites (although some dogs are in desperate need of a visit to the vet for a dental) and few dogs failed to make the desired maximum weight, even though I must admit that there were times when I lost patience with the electronic scales and the time they took to stabilise. As a general observation, breeders would be well advised to concentrate on breeding heads in compliance with the standard. Many heads disappointed as the muzzles were too short and out of proportion with the skulls. These heads were often deeply stopped and carried on a neck of inadequate length. Insufficient underjaw, which gives the foreface a shark-like appearance, was a further problem encountered in all too many exhibits. On the plus side, most dogs were compactly coupled which not only contains size, but also facilitates firm and level toplines. Thank you to all the exhibitors for according me the courtesy of assessing their dogs.


VD/B (4) 1 Pitfield’s Andynromadax Dave Of Follyfield Spirited black & tan which covered ground with purpose and vigour, showing no sign of his age. Of good size and well assembled in the front and rear, enabling sound and fluid movement. Head well balanced, carried on a good length of neck with rich tan markings contributing to a pleasing package. 2 Woodage’s Totonian Toscanini Black & tan (with tan rather understated) that was no slouch on the move, attesting to an admirable assembly in the fore-and hindquarter. Good for size and maintained a firm, level topline on the move. Stop quite deep and neck lacking slightly in reach. Nevertheless a quality exhibit with great attitude. 3 Chappells’ Gleneddee Mr Harvey Moon. MPD (2, 1) 1 McCarthy’s Nagshall Port Au Prince Dark shaded cream showing great promise. Loved his well-proportioned head with dark almond-shaped eyes and excellent pigmentation. Layback of shoulder impressive with no weakness in hindquarter. Head carriage proud and defiant and abundance of coat showed all the promise of glamorous furnishings in maturity. Moved with confidence, showing no weakness in topline. PD (4) 1 McCarthy’s Nagshall Port Au Prince (see previous) 2 Bedford’s Eldmour Kango Kajali Of Dinkidudlor A great deal to like about this black & tan – well-proportioned head, impressive prosternum, good length of neck and overall sound construction. Gave an admirable account of himself on the move, showing reach and drive, but at this stage of his development there was some slackness in topline which will hopefully firm up as he matures. 3 Broad’s Eldmour Sea Lord Of Dinkidudlor. JD (4, 1) 1 Norton’s Halunke Pure Magic Forgave the slight timidity of this shaded red and appreciated him for his superior construction, which he used to great effect on the move. Pleasing head was carried defiantly and compact construction facilitated a firm and level topline on the move and on the stack. 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Just in Time JW Front and hind assembly of this shaded cream appealed a great deal and enabled ground coverage with the utmost economy. Head well-proportioned, but perhaps lacking slightly in underjaw and with the eye somewhat round. Length of loin on the generous side, but nevertheless a quality exhibit, glamorously furnished. 3 Pitfield’s Luna Caprese D’oroed’ Argento Of Follyfield (Imp). YD (3) Pitfield’s Follyfield Farley’s Fella 1 Plucky black & cream with generous forechest and excellent layback of shoulder. Head equally divided by slight stop and carried on an acceptable length of neck. Hindquarters sturdy, showing vigorous propulsion. Compact construction with a firm, level topline and excellent tail carriage. 2 Earley’s Yelva Dusky Prince Appreciated this dog for his soundly constructed quarters, fluid movement and pleasing head properties. Generous length of neck, compactly coupled and level topline on the move. Tan points rich and in harmonious contrast with jet black coat. Might well have placed 1st had he been lower to ground. 3 McCarthy’s Nagshall Digby Mac JW. PGD (5, 1) 1 Earley’s Lilacfen Sonny Delight Of Yelva Eye-catching silver dapple with bold prosternum and shoulders well laid back, complemented by sturdy hindquarters with no weakness in hock. Most pleasing head with depth of underjaw, imperceptibly stopped. Compact construction and superb spring of rib. Level topline maintained on the move and stack. Covered ground well with tail carried low in a gentle curve. RCC 2 Brooks’s Obdax Lynn’s Badger JW Silver dapple, at the top of the size limit. Presented some admirable qualities, not the least of which was a sound front assembly and impressive depth of chest and prominence of forechest. Head pleasing and length of neck impressive. Topline slightly compromised by the croup falling away, but movement was not affected. 3 McCarthy’s Nagshall Digby Mac. LD (5, 2) 1 Phillips’s Rossdach Rave On Exquisite black & tan with textbook construction in the front rear. Chest full and oval with generous prosternum. Head well-proportioned, strong and conical with good fill, carried on an impressive reach of neck. No weakness in topline and tail carried as a gently curved extension of the backline. Movement showed reach and vigorous drive and fluidity when assessed from the side. CC 2 Brooks’s Lyndarlea Kenny Black & tan of considerable merit with admirable head properties and a very functional front assembly. Croup falling away detracted somewhat from an otherwise pleasing topline. Moved with great purpose, covering ground economically. 3 Green’s Neertanauf Jack Jones. OD (7) Pitfield’s Follyfield Figaro Black & tan that caught the eye for his size and well-angulated fore- and hindquarters. Appealing head with only a slight stop, carried on a sufficient length of neck. Showed reach and drive on the move while maintaining a level topline. In full stride tended to raise his tail above the level of the back. 2 Earley’s Yelva Mr Brandy Man Compactly-structured shaded red which appealed for size and general soundness. Good angulation placed forelegs well under him and hindquarter showed no weakness. Head quite deeply stopped with eye round rather than almond-shaped. Moved resolutely with ample reach and energetic drive. 3 Broad’s Neertanauf Sea Magic Sh.CM JW. GCDorB (4) 1 Broad’s Neertanauf Sea Magic Sh.CM JW Shaded red with a superb temperament, showing no signs of timidity or insecurity. Indulged thorough assessment on the table with patience and cooperated with every demand, returning affection when given. Moved with enthusiasm and thrived on the applause from the crowd. 2 Green’s Neertanauf Lucia Rijker Black & tan that showed extreme tolerance for the (over)handling on the table and the utmost affection when held. Was not perturbed by the noise of the crowd; on the contrary, it seemed to encouraged her to please more. 3 Pitfield’s Andynromadax Dave of Follyfield. MPB (3) 1 Hall’s Cliffmere Levity Compactly-coupled shaded cream, showing exceptional promise. Excellent front and rear assembly enabled her to stride out with loads of confidence. Head was pleasing enough, proudly carried on a generous reach of neck. 2 Graham’s Krismas Rose of Jadag Shaded red with loads of potential. Excellent head, conical in shape, with good proportions. Well angulated in both quarters. Slightly longer in loin than 1, but no weakness in topline. Covered ground well. 3 McCarthy’s Nagshall Port Alice. PB (8) 1 Mitchell’s Metadale Coco Chanel of Bronia There was little to fault on this black & cream pup, which impressed in so many departments. Flawless front assembly set front legs well back with hindlegs standing firm and parallel. Head strong and conical with minimal stop and well filled. Bold forechest and firm, level topline on the move and stack. Moved with vigour and purpose, showing reach and drive. Best Puppy. 2 Cooper’s Jumanda’s Silver Lace Impressive silver dapple which sported excellent angulation in both quarters and a deep, oval chest and prominent prosternum. Perhaps lacking slightly in underjaw, head was nevertheless superior to most in the class and carried proudly on a good length of neck. The topline remained firm and level throughout. A pleasure to behold on the move, with powerful thrust provided by the hindquarters. 3 Higgins’s Ralines Royal Reggata at Leveliss. JB (5, 2) 1 Brown’s Devoncream Montserrat Appreciated this shaded red for her compact construction and well-angulated quarters. Head least impressive feature, muzzle lacking in length, too deeply stopped and skull too domed. Made the most of her attributes on the move and covered ground well, maintaining a firm, level topline. 2 McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Fizzical Somewhat unsettled shaded cream, but nevertheless deserving of consideration for admirable front and rear assembly and fluid movement. Unfortunately a prominent round eye detracted from the head and coupling was rather long. 3 Hall’s Cliffmere Folksong. YB (4, 1) 1 McCarthy’s Hey Kari Ann JW Most appealing shaded cream with an excellent front and rear assembly and generous forechest. Well-proportioned head, carried on a reasonable length of neck, enhanced by a dark almond-shaped eye. No slackness in topline and movement showing reach and drive. 2. Chappells’ Gleneddee Miz Sweet Bee At the edge of the weight limit, this shaded red was moderately angulated in the fore- and hindquarters, which somewhat inhibited movement. A tad high-stationed. Topline remained firm and level at all times and the head, rather too deeply stopped, was carried on a moderate length of neck. 3 Weston & Johnson’s Ecotyne Firewitch. PGB (11, 3) 1 Poole’s Findowrie Dixie Rose In a class of varying quality, this shaded red with a less than ideal head was favoured for her sound construction. Impressively angulated in both quarters and sporting a prosternum of considerable prominence, used attributes to splendid effect on the move, never compromising topline. Head lacked underjaw and some fill under the eye, but otherwise acceptable. 2 Brooks’s Willott Astra At Pauntly Well-made dapple that pleased in many respects. Conformation in both quarters well within the realms of acceptability and moved with purpose and determination. Acceptable amount of forechest and good spring of rib. Appreciated well-proportioned, conical head. 3 Halsall’s Lyndarlea Dolly For Kiddles. LB (10, 1) 1 Poole’s Findowrie Demi Rose Black & tan shown in gleaming coat. Fine specimen of the breed with superb fore and hind assembly and a textbook topline. Ample forechest and a most imposing head – conical and strong – carried on a good reach of neck. Moved with reach and drive, using sound quarters to maximum effect. 2 Woodvine-Shone’s Hanishan Little Red Madam Much to like about this shaded red with good angulation in the front and rear. Slightly higher stationed than 1, showed ample reach and drive and moved with fluidity and purpose. Level topline maintained on the move and stack, with a slight fall-away of croup noticeable. Slightly let down by a less than ideal head and an eye more round than almond-shaped. 3 Cooper’s Jumanda Silver Slipper JW. OB (13, 1) Mitchell’s Bronia Peach Fuzz Undiluted pleasure to assess this cream on the table where everything fell into place – the textbook angles, elbows firmly against the well-sprung ribs, hindlegs firm and parallel and a bold forechest. Well-proportioned head carried on a liberal reach of neck with eyes dark and almond-shaped. No weakness in topline as she owned the ring, carrying her head defiantly on a graceful reach of neck. Stood out as a picture of elegance and serenity in a large class. CC & Best of Breed. 2 Worswick’s Dolyharps Desert Song A classy brindle with so much going for her. Well-assembled fore-and hindquarters, capacious oval chest and prominent prosternum. Strong, well-proportioned conical head, carried on a generous length of neck. Careered around the ring with no weakness in topline, showing excellent rear propulsion. RCC. 3 Norton’s Halunke Dutch Affair.