Houndshow 2017

Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired)

Judge: Mrs C Worswick

BEST OF BREED : 681 BROWN Mrs L Ch Mystera Once Upon A Dream at Garbosa
Dog CC : 676 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Just Andy
Res Dog CC : 722 MOURTON Mrs V A Eldmour Cinnamon Spice
Bitch CC : 681 BROWN Mrs L Ch Mystera Once Upon A Dream at Garbosa
Res Bitch CC : 669 BELL Mrs L Tolberg Legally Blonde JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 722 MOURTON Mrs V A Eldmour Cinnamon Spice
Best Veteran : 747 WOODVINE-SHONE Miss H F Ir Ch Hanishan Classic Landing

Class 161 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 699 HARRIS, Mr W C & MCLACHLAN Miss L Zarcrest Black Smith
2nd: 666 BEDFORD Miss L Dinkidudlor Mandinka Myo

Class 162 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 722 MOURTON Mrs V A Eldmour Cinnamon Spice
2nd: 708 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Lucamac
3rd: 671 BOYLE Miss Z C Zarcrest Black Brewer
Res: 700 HIGGINS Mr P Ralines Just Jewels

Class 163 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 742 WOOD Mr R Wildstar Wrobinson
2nd: 708 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Lucamac
3rd: 727 PASKINS Mr & Mrs K S Dinkidax Sandrayana At Kindeace
Res: 729 POOLE Mrs M E Findowries Franchise
VHC: 702 KENNEDY Mrs E Hanishan Blue Diamond


Class 165 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 709 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Au Prince JW
2nd: 744 WOODALL Mrs C Rarewood Silver Commander
3rd: 673 BREESE Mrs J A Silkdown Phoenix Rising

Class 166 LD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 676 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Just Andy
2nd: 703 LOCKETT-WALTERS Mrs & Miss R & H Ralines Royal Rebel
3rd: 737 SHUTT Mrs M E Dragonsteeth Cream Cracker at Donnadoon
Res: 745 WOODVINE-SHONE Miss H F Ralines Elstar
VHC: 696 GREEN Mrs W Neertanauf Jack Jones

Class 167 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 723 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Going Dutch
2nd: 711 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Santana JW
3rd: 682 BUCHAN Mrs H & KERSLAKE Mrs P Devonwood Crackerjack at Helenium JW
Res: 664 BARNSDALE, Mrs C & HAYWARD-BARNSDALE Ms K Chriskims Trail Blazer JW
VHC: 701 KENNEDY Mrs E & Miss A Ch Denkena Loganberry JW


Class 169 MPB (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 672 BOYLE Miss Z C Zarcrest Gold Business
2nd: 698 HALLETT Mrs J Lyndarlea Lucy Belle At Loretto
3rd: 704 LOCKETT-WALTERS Mrs & Miss R & H Crisp Fall Night At Ralines
Res: 713 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Santa Amelia
VHC: 686 COHEN Mr & Mrs D D & F J Lilac Blossom For Hutzpah

Class 170 PB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 714 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Be Lucky
2nd: 665 BARNSDALE, Mrs C & HAYWARD-BARNSDALE Ms K Eldmour Just Alice At Chriskim
3rd: 678 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Speckled Hen
Res: 689 DUKE Mrs C Willowheath Summer Affair
VHC: 693 GEESON Miss E H Abydachs Avada Kedavra

Class 171 JB (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 743 WOOD Mr R Wildstar Wynnona
2nd: 714 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Be Lucky
3rd: 720 METCALFE Mrs B Metadale Ariadne
Res: 679 BROOKS Ms L Lyndarlea Vienna
VHC: 734 ROYLANCE Mrs L M Abbilis Immortality

Class 172 SBB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 746 WOODVINE-SHONE Miss H F Hanishan Fancy Frills
2nd: 687 DRADY Mrs K M Jumanda's Silver Sparkle At Indiko
3rd: 689 DUKE Mrs C Willowheath Summer Affair
Res: 690 FINDLAY Mrs V & V Eldamore Chitchat At Hanburydax

Class 173 PGB (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 684 CLARKE Mrs S M Hilmar Daisies In The Meadow
2nd: 738 WALTERS Misses H & R Ralines Flirtini
3rd: 726 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Cyenna Satin JW
Res: 715 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Port Alice JW
VHC: 728 PATERSON Mrs W Hanishan Tiger Of The Nite

Class 174 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 669 BELL Mrs L Tolberg Legally Blonde JW Sh.CM
2nd: 718 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Red Splendour
3rd: 695 GRAHAM Mrs D A Devoncream Lily Luna At Jadag
Res: 663 ALLEN Mr E Penparc Creme Caramel
VHC: 731 POOLE Mrs M E Findowrie Darcia Rose

Class 175 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 681 BROWN Mrs L Ch Mystera Once Upon A Dream at Garbosa
2nd: 716 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Love Actually JW
3rd: 724 NORTON Mrs D M Halunke Dutch Affair
Res: 719 MEE Mr & Mrs W A Barlaine's Golden Delight
VHC: 680 BROOKS Ms L Hanishan Eezzy Magic Nite At Lyndarlea

Class 176 VB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 747 WOODVINE-SHONE Miss H F Ir Ch Hanishan Classic Landing
2nd: 697 GREEN Mrs W Eldmour Electra
3rd: 688 DRADY Mrs K M Larkhund Russian Kween
Res: 706 MAINS Mr A Scotiablue Lily Bell Sh.CM

I was delighted to be invited to judge min long dachshunds, at The Hound Association show, I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

A sincere thankyou to my two very efficient lady stewards, to the exhibitors for their entry’s, and for the sporting way they accepted my decisions…it was lovely to hear clapping from around the ringside. I was looking for elegance with substance, these are hounds not toy’s and as near to the breed standard I could find, they all differ from that in some way, some more than others. A lesson to be learned, it is impossible to judge from outside the ring, what looks a CC winner from the ringside, fails miserably on further inspection.

Presentation was generally good, although many could do with a good tooth clean! Cleaning teeth is basic health care surely?

I didn’t find any thin dogs, although some were well over the desired weight of 5kg.I would accept a little over….. on a well-constructed dog, with adequate body.

Bitches overall, I thought were better than dogs, with some very promising puppies coming on. I was pleased with my placings; some decisions were very close.

MPD 3-1

1st Harris and Mclachlans Zarcrest Blacksmith, Very nice, black, and tan, well off for bone, strong masculine head, tight elbows, long neck, and decent ribbing. Would like more fore chest. Moved well, although a little wide in front movement today.

2nd Bedford’s. Dinkidudlor Mandinka Myo, Lovely shaded cream, not co-operating with his owner today. Lovely head and expression, prominent front, long neck and good shoulder placement, decent ribbing, and rounded quarters with low hocks, needs to strengthen in top line.


PD 4

1st Mourtons Eldmour Cinnamon Spice. I fell for this Quality red brindle boy, with good bone and feet, gorgeous head, prominent front, with elbows hugging his ribcage, very good shoulder placement, elegant neck, good length of ribbing, strong well angled hind quarters, his movement first time round was a little un steady, but when asked to move again, he moved with ease and drive giving a balanced outline, with good front extension. BP res CC.

2nd Mcarthys Nagshall Just Lucamac Very elegant cream boy, with lovely head and excellent pigment, prominent front with very good shoulders, and ribbing, not the hind angulation of one and longer in loin, but moved well keeping his top line.

3rd Boyles Zarcrest Black Brewer

JD 5

1st woods Wildstar Wrobinson. Well-constructed red boy, good coat in gleaming condition, and good overall balance. Lovely rear, with low hocks, I would like a bit more forchest, and more bone, moved well once he got into his stride over the longish grass.

2nd Mcarthys just Lucamac.

3rd Paskins Dinkidax Sandrayana at Kindeace.


PGD 5-2

1st Mcarthys Nagshall Porta Prince Very sound cream dog, Well off for bone, with lovely head, enough neck, good length of ribbing, nicely angled hind quarters, with low hocks. Moved well with forward reach and hind drive. Needs more coat….one to watch.

2nd Woodhall’s Rarewood Silver Commander. Silver dapple of lovely type, good bone, and feet, and beautiful houndy head, elbows could be tighter, and he is a bit over the desired weight, but in good body condition.

3rd Breese Silkdown Phoenix Rising.

LD 6

1st Brook’s Lyndarlea Just Andy. Quality shaded cream boy, one I have admired with a bit less coat today to his advantage, with gorgeous houndy head, dark eyes with lovely expression, good bone, elegant neck good length of ribbing, strong well-rounded quarters, moved with style with good forward reach and drive…a real hound. CC his 3rd Congratulations.

2nd Locket Walters Ralines Royal Rebel, Black and tan of different type, lower to ground…lovely head and dark eye, prominent front tight elbows, elegant neck and shoulder placement, well angled rear, moved ok.

3rd Shutts Dragonsteeth Cream cracker at Donation.

OD 9-2

1st Norton’s Halunke Going Dutch.

Well balanced red boy in super coat and condition. I would like a bit more fore chest, but his front construction is excellent, with lovely feet and tight-fitting elbows, elegant neck, and well sprung ribs, good angled rear, moved well, with a level topline, a little wide in front movement today.

2nd Mcarthy’s Nagshall Just Santana, Cream boy of lovely type, lovely head, and pigment. Elegant neck and good ribbing, lovely on the move with good driving action, just preferred overall balance of one.

3rd Shutts Dragonsteeth cream Cracker of Donnadoon

VD 0

MPB 10-1

Very good class of promising babies.

1st Boyles Zarcrest Gold Business, Red with gorgeous head and excellent pigment, very good front construction, elegant neck and good lay of shoulder, strong well angled rear, in lovely coat and condition, moved well keeping her topline. One too watch!

2nd Hallets Lyndarlea Lucy Belle at Loretto, Different type to one and not as mature, silver dapple with even markings, lovely head and dark well shaped eye, lovely bone and feet, very good shoulder, and ribbing, she covered the ground well keeping her top line.

3rd Locket Walter’s Crisp Fall Night at Ralines.

PB 8-2

1st Mcarthy’s Nagshall Just be Lucky. Another quality cream from this kennel, with good bone and excellent pigment, lovely head, elegant neck, and good shoulders. good spring of rib, would like to see a bit more drive from the rear.

2nd Haywood Barnsdales Eldmour Just Alice, Attractive red, not quite the substance of one, but she has an attractive head, with good pigment, prominent front, tight elbows, elegant neck, decent ribbing, good rear angulation, moved well.

3rd Brooks Lyndarlea Speckled hen


JB 9

1st Woods Wildstar Wynnona, litter sister to my 1st in JD, and with many of the same attributes but more elegant in outline, dark pigment and lovely expression, very good overall construction, would like a little more substance and forechest, but a lovely girl, moved well keeping a good top line.

2nd Mcarthy’s Nagshall Just be Lucky

3rd Metcalfe’s Metadale Ariadne


1st Hannishan Fancy frills,

Elegant shaded red, with prominent front, and tight elbows, excellent ribbing, and good angled, well-muscled quarters, moved well.

2nd Drady’s Jumanda’s Silver Sparkle at Indiko

Silver dapple of different type to one, and quite a bit over the desired weight, sound in front, with good spring of rib Not the top line of one on the move.


Dukes Willowheath Summer Affair.

PGB 8-1

1st Clarkes Hilmar Daisies’ in the Meadow.

Quality black and cream of lovely type, Feminine head with lovely expression, well off for bone, tight feet, prominent front with tight elbows, ribbed well back, strong well angled quarters, she moved well keeping her top line.

2nd Walter’s Ralines Flirtini, Cream of smaller type…. with sound construction and excellent pigment. Just preferred overall type of one.

3rd Dukes Willowheath Summer Affair

LB 8

1st Bells Tolberg Legally Blonde. Gorgeous shaded cream of quality, with the most beautiful head and dark pigment. Lovely bone and feet. Excellent construction throughout, from her prominent front, elegant neck, and good ribbing, she moved well from her well-muscled well angled quarters. A little out of coat. Res CC.

2nd Mee’s Barlaines Red Splendour, most appealing, elegant, clear red girl, lovely head, and pigment, with good front construction, very good ribbing, well let down quarters, moved well with style.

3rd Grahams Lilly Luna at Jadag.

OB 7

1st Browns.CH Mystera Once upon a Dream at Garbosa. Lovely red/cream girl of the utmost quality, Difficult to fault, perhaps a little more length of for face. Elegance with substance my notes say, attractive head with the darkest pigment, correctly made front, good spring of ribbing, hammy well-toned quarter’s, her movement was a joy to watch, in excellent coat and condition,well-handled and put down to perfection. A well deserved CH. CC BOB

2nd Mcarthy’s Nagshall love actually JW, I have always admired this bitch, so well-constructed, with lovely bone and feet, feminine head, and dark pigment. So, sound on the move with drive and style, liked her very much. Challenged for the res CC , but was unsettled, losing her top line.

3rd Nortons.Halunke Dutch affaire

VB 4

1st Woodbine- Shone’s IR CH. Hanishan Classic Landing

Lovely little BT of 7 years. She had clean teeth! Super type, with good bone, and in great condition, moved well.

2nd Greens Eldmour Electra lovely shaded red of 9 years who is a credit to her owner. In excellent condition for her age, moved well.

3rd Drady’s Larkhund Russion Kween.

Carole Worswick