City Of Birmingham Canine Association 2018

Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired)

Judge: Mrs K Kennedy

BEST OF BREED : 420 ROBERTS Mr R C & Mrs S C Ch Ralines Rob Roy To Denver
Best Dog : 420 ROBERTS Mr R C & Mrs S C Ch Ralines Rob Roy To Denver
Res Best Dog : 405 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Lucamac Jw JW
Best Bitch : 419 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Lily Grace
Res Best Bitch : 394 BAKER Mrs J Cliffmere Frollick
Best Puppy : 419 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Lily Grace
Best Veteran :
Best Junior : 419 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Lily Grace


Class 148 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 404 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Love To Be
2nd: 418 OXLEY Mrs M P Lokmadi Rio Bravo at Dinkidax
3rd: 411 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia The Wizzard
Res: 396 CUNNINGHAM Mrs H Cankasper Valentino For Emeraldax

Class 149 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 402 MACMICHAEL Miss M Cheniesvilla Prince Casper
2nd: 398 JONES, Mr & Mrs S & A & JONES Miss C Cwmdarhian Emoji

Class 150 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 405 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Lucamac Jw JW
2nd: 422 WHITNALL Mrs M Cankasper Flyin Solo

Class 151 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 420 ROBERTS Mr R C & Mrs S C Ch Ralines Rob Roy To Denver
2nd: 406 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Justintime JW
3rd: 412 MORTLOCK Mrs C Metadale Leandros At Hertsmerry
Res: 397 HIGGINS Mr P A Ralines Just Jewels



Class 154 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 421 SHUTT Mrs M E Donnadoon Moondust
2nd: 408 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Love Constantly
3rd: 407 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Sukimac
Res: 423 WHITNALL Mrs M Cankasper's Pipe Dreem

Class 155 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 419 OXLEY Mrs M P Dinkidax Lily Grace
2nd: 394 BAKER Mrs J Cliffmere Frollick
3rd: 407 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Sukimac
Res: 403 MASON Miss A Tolberg Beez Kneez At Teckeltown

Class 156 PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 415 MURPHY Miss M Dinkidudlor Petmar Purfect At Classidax
2nd: 413 MORTLOCK Mrs C Metadale Anastasia At Hertsmerry
3rd: 409 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Cristobel
Res: 395 BAKER Mrs J Jentiki Candy Floss

Class 157 OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 410 MCCARTHY Mrs C Nagshall Just Be Lucky Jw JW
2nd: 416 MURPHY Miss M Classidax Liberty Belle
3rd: 414 MORTLOCK Mrs C Metadale Leonie At Hertsmerry

Class 158 GCB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 403 MASON Miss A Tolberg Beez Kneez At Teckeltown
2nd: 417 MURPHY Miss M Classidax Limited Edition

JD (3,1) 1 MacMichael's Cheniesvilla Prince Casper, cream with good bone and substance, lovely level topline, very well ribbed, good tight elbows, nice tight feet, lovely rear angulation, top size, pleasing masculine head, lovely eye and moved very well, just a little shy today. 2 Jones & Jones' Cwmdarhian Emoji, very dark coloured dog, longer outline overall, little bit narrow to front, lovely head and ear set, with alert expression, could have little more reach to rear on move.

PGD (2) 1 McCarthy's Nagshall Just Lucamac JW, nearly two year old dog of pleasing type, lovely gentle head and expressive dark eye and good pigment, good keel, lovely substance, nice level topline, could have a little more ribbing, nice tight feet, quality boy who moved out very well. RBD. 2 Whitnall's Cankasper Flyin Solo, good sized boy of nearly 3, masculine head and good tight dark eyes, could have a little less stop, good bone and substance, nice tight feet, would prefer slightly tighter elbows, lovely coat and condition, moves out soundly.

OD (5,1) 1 Roberts' Ch Ralines Rob Roy to Denver, absolutely loved this beautiful boy, loved his outline standing, everything in place, lovely bone and substance, shown in beautiful condition, stands lovely and straight in rear, lovely tight elbows, correct depth of chest, well ribbed back, excellent topline, everything you could want, what a star. BD & BOB. 2 McCarthy's Nagshall Justintime JW, another quality boy, longer overall in outline, could firm in topline, pleasing bone and substance, nice tight feet, really lovely head and expression, could carry a little more weight, sound mover. 3 Mortlock's Metadale Leandros at Hertsmerry, 4 Higgins' Ralines Just Jewels.

PB (5,1) 1 Shutt's Donnadoon Moondust, lovely head and ear set giving very pretty expression on this 8 month old baby, gorgeous outline overall, balanced angulation, well held topline, just needs to firm on move a little, but everything there. 2 McCarthy's Nagshall Love Constantly, another with lovely profile outline, 6 months, lovely width to rear, pleasing bone, really pretty typical head, nice strong feet, little bit untidy in rear movement today. 3 McCarthy's Nagshall Sukimac, 4 Whitnall's Cankasper's Pipe Dream.

JB (5,1) 1 Oxley's Dinkidax Lily Grace, 9 month old baby, lovely dark b/t, left a bit of coat at home, but what was there meant she hid nothing and was in lovely shining condition. Pleasing overall outline and so beautiful, gorgeous head and expression with beautiful dark eye, strong arched feet, lovely keel, lovely free mover with good reach and drive, not one that hits you immediately, but she really grew on me, will watch her progress. BB, BP & BJ. 2 Baker's Cliffmere Frollick, 15 month old girl with really lovely outline standing, nice and compact with good ribbing and good keel, eye is lovely and dark and well set and carried ears, lovely pigment, slight roman nose, good width throughout, sound mover but just needs to firm up all through. RBB. 3 McCarthy's Nagshall Sukimac, 4 Mason's Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckletown.

PGB (4) 1 Murphy's Dinkidudlor Petmar Purfect at Classidax, darkly coloured girl with pleasing head with good eye and ear set, lovely bone and substance, good angulation, tight elbows, nice tight feet, holds nice firm topline, good underline, very strong in rear and stands well, quite a powerful mover. 2 Mortlock's Metadale Anastasia at Hertsmerry, would prefer a stronger head on this young bitch, but lovely overall body shape and holds her topline on the move, nice tight elbows, good feet, not the most enthusiastic mover, but nice and sound and good width throughout. 3 McCarthy's Nagshall Cristobel, 4 Baker's Jentiki Candy Floss

OB 1 McCarthy's Nagshall Just Be Lucky JW, beautiful head and expression with lovely tight dark eyes on this girl, little bit long overall but quite well ribbed with strong bone, correct weight, lovely tail set and carriage, holds topline, good tight feet and nice sound movement. 2 Murphy's Classidax Liberty Belle, b/t quite compact overall shape, good bone and excellent feet, short in ribbing, lovely head and eye, sound on the move, but loses topline a little. 3 Mortlock's Metadale Leonie at Hertsmerry

Good Citizen B (2) 1 Mason's Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckeltown, this girl was 4th in very strong junior class, lovely tight feet, pleasing overall outline, very pretty head and expression, lovely outline overall, strong bone and well ribbed back, good angulation, could just firm in topline, lovely girl. 2 Murphy's Classidax Limited Edition, 6 year old girl with shorter overall body proportions, nice tight elbows, pleasing head and expression, nice sound mover just spoiled a little by carrying too much weight and a little over-coated.