Dachshund Club Championship Show 2018

Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired)

Judge: Dawn Norton (Halunke)





BEST OF BREED : MITCHELL Ch Bronia First Impression & Reserve Best in Show
Dog CC : WALTERS Ch Ralines Just Ozzie
Res Dog CC : ALLEN Abydachs Aristocrat

Bitch CC :  MITCHELL Ch Bronia First Impression
Res Bitch CC : HALL Cliffmere Levity

Best Puppy :   ALLEN Abydachs Aristocrat

Best Veteran : WALTERS Ch Ralines Just Ozzie


Special Beginners Dog/Bitch (3 Entries, Abs 1) 
1st: MASON Tolberg Beezs Kneez at Teckletown
2nd: PITFIELD Follyfield Fabia


Minor Puppy Dog (4 Entries) 
1st: ALLEN Abydachs Aristocrat
2nd: BROWN Dolyharp Puccini with Garbosa
3rd: WATKINS Wildstar Wrosberg
Res: PITFIELD Follyfield Fabrico

Puppy Dog (3 Entries, Abs 1)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Love to Be
2nd: EARLEY Sanmik Charming Chocolet of Yelva

Junior Dog (6 Entries)
1st: HALL Cliffmere Folk Art
2nd: PHILLIPS Summerview Yogi Bear
3rd: IRVINE Bronia The Dutchman
Res: WATTS-HEDGECOCK Barok Singing the Blues
VHC HUTTON Natali Victory Asmik to Dachalune (Imp Rus)

Post Graduate Dog (7 Entries)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Just Lucamac JW
2nd: HALL Cliffmere Patrick Sway Zee
3rd: BROAD Eldmour Sea Lord of Dinkidudlor
Res: PRETTY Lyndarlea Bracken Boy at Jaxrubydax
VHC: EARLEY Yelva King of the Road

Limit Dog (8 Entries, 4 Abs)
1st: PITFIELD Follyfield Farley's Fella
2nd: EARLEY Lilacfen Sonny Delight of Yelva
3rd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Justintime JW
Res: JURY Bluebegin Pagen Moon at Torwood

Open Dog (10 Entries)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Just Santana JW
2nd: LATHAM-JACKSON Dolyharp Purcell of Urishay
3rd: BROOKS Obdax Lynn's Badger

Veteran Dog (2 Entries)
1st: WALTERS Ch Ralines Just Ozzie
2nd: BROAD Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM


Minor Puppy Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Holly Lightly Go
2nd: WORSWICK Dolyharp Music of the Night
3rd:  JURY Torwood Exquistite Echo
Res: FLOWER Abydachs Attraction of Aysdaine
VHC: PITFIELD Follyfield Farfalla

Puppy Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Love Constantly
2nd: PRETTY Jaxrubydax Creamy Dream
3rd: BROWN Devoncream Crystal Tiara
Res: MILLINGTON Cunannun Just for Joy
VHC: JURY Torwood Exquistite Echo

Junior Bitch (4 Entries) 
1st: MITCHELL Bronia Witchcraft
2nd: LATHAM-JACKSON Urishay Heart n' Soul
3rd:  FAIRCHILD Nagshall Sukimac
Res: MILLINGTON Cunannun Just for Joy

Post Graduate Bitch (15 Entries, Abs 3)
1st: WHITFIELD ROBERTS Dandydayo I Am Moana
2nd: LOCKETT WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines Good Tidings
3rd:  JOHNSON Africandawns Just Divine
Res: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Witchcraft
VHC: GEESON Abydachs Alohomora

Limit Bitch (15 Entries, Abs 4)
1st:  MITCHELL Bronia Rogue One
2nd:  METCALFE Metadale Ariadne
3rd:  BELL Tolberg Cream Treat JW ShCM
Res:  GEESON Abydachs Avada Kedavra JW
VHC: ALLEN Penparc Creme Caramel

Open Bitch (7 Entries, Abs 0)
1st: MITCHELL Ch Bronia First Impression
2nd: HALL Cliffmere Levity
3rd: BROOKS Ch Lyndarlea Vienna JW
Res: MEE Barlaines Red Splendour
VHC: MCCARTHY Nagshall Love Actually

Veteran Bitch (5 Entries, Abs 1)
1st: NORRIS Criscan Kheisa
2nd: KERSLAKE  Devonwood Lady Alexandra

3rd:  DRADY Larkhund Russian Kween
Res: STEPHANI & FLETCHER Torwood Guns N Roses at Walnutfarm

I would like to thank all the exhibitors for giving me such a fabulous entry, it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to go over so many lovely dogs. As always, the bitches outshine the dogs. I recorded the weight against each exhibit and I am pleased to report that all were in excellent condition and the majority were within the preferred weight. Dentition in all was correct but a few could have done with some attention to cleanliness. There were no poor temperaments and no kinky tails. A real quality entry a credit to the breeders and exhibitors

SB Dog/Bitch (2)

1st Tolberg Mason’s Beez Kneez At Teckel Town. 16 months shaded red bitch, small compact type, good head and expression, well made throughout, excellent movement keeping a good topline

2nd Pitfield’s Follyfield Fabia. Chocolate bitch at 7 months old is still very immature, good head and eye, nice length of neck, moved well, very happy temperament, will be interested to see how she matures

MPD (4)

1st Abydachs Aristocrat RCC & BP. Black and cream. I couldn’t take my eyes of this puppy when he came into the ring. I was not disappointed going over him. Super hound head with correct dark almond eye giving a very attractive expression, nice reach of neck into excellent shoulders, good length of ribs, well angulated throughout, super tight feet, moved true fore and back with plenty of drive, good topline. Showed himself well for such a baby.

2nd Brown’s Dolyharp Puccini with Garbosa. Black and tan, another nice puppy, just preferred the front and overall angulation of 1.

3rd Watkins Wildstar Wrosberg

PD (3, 1a)

1st McCarthy’s Nagshall Love To Be. 10 months black and tan. Good head and expression, good front and shoulders, nice tight elbows, good length of rib, well angulated throughout, moved true

2nd Earley’s Sanmik Charming Chocolat of Yelva. Good head and expression, correct eye, good length of rib, preferred hind action of 1

JD (6, 1a)

1st Green’s Cliffmere Folk Art. Red, lovely hound head, good reach of neck into correctly angulated shoulders, good front, well angulated throughout. Moved true fore and back kept a good topline at all times

2nd Phillips Summerview Yogi Bear. Chocolate, another lovely head, well angulated, moved well, nice size, just preferred the topline of 1

3rd Irvine’s Bronia the Dutchman

PGD (7,1a)

1st McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac. Cream, good pigment, nice head and expression, good reach of neck into good shoulders, very good front, good length of ribbing with short loin

2nd Hall’s Cliffmere Patrick Sway Zee. Red, lovely head and expression, compact well angulated, just preferred length of ribbing on 1, moved well

3rd Broad’s Eldmour Sea Lord of Dinkidudlor

LD (8, 4a)

1st Pitfield’s Follyfield Farley’s Fella. Black and Tan. Good head and expression, good angulation throughout, short coupled, moved well

2nd Earley’s Lilacfen Sonny Delight of Yelva. Nice head, good eye, longer type than 1, nice front, preferred length of neck and and better ground clearance of 1. Moved well

3rd Nagshall’s Justintime

OD (10, 4a)

1st McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Santana. Cream with good pigment. Longer type , good head and eye, pleasing expression. Well made, good angulation all through, moved out well fore and back with good ground clearance, typical type from this kennel, very consistent breeding

2nd Latham-Jackson’s Dollyharp Purcell of Urishay. Black and tan, good head, nice eye, good reach of neck, shorter type overall than 1 and not quite the hind angulation, moved well.

3rd Brooks Obdax Lynn’s Badger

VD (2)

1st Walters Ralines Just Ozzie CC & BV. I gave this lovely Shaded cream dog his third CC from Yearling. He is even better now with added maturity. Good hound head, dark eye giving excellent expression with excellent pigment. Excellent reach of neck into correctly angulated shoulders giving nice tight elbows, well filled front with plenty of heart room. good spring of rib and hind angulation. Beautiful movement driving round the ring with presence keeping an excellent topline.


2nd Broad’s Neertanauf Sea Magic. Another lovely dog I have always liked. Shaded red, super deep colour, good head and eye giving a lovely expression. Just preferred the compactness of 1, moved out well.

MPB (7, 2a)

1st McCarthy’s Holly Lightly Go. Cream, very much a baby with loads of coat which obscures the body. Nice head, dark eye, there is a good reach of neck under all that coat. Nicely angulated throughout, I am sure she will do well when her coat settles. Moved well.

2nd Worswick’s Dollyharp Music of the Night. Black and tan, good head and eye, taller type than 1, still very much a baby, moved well

3rd Jury’s Torwood Exquisite Echo,

PB (7, 3a)

1st McCarthy’s Nagshall Love Constantly. Black and tan, lovely sweet head, nice dark eye, super expression. Correct reach of neck into well angulated shoulders, good length of ribbing, short coupled, good angulations throughout, moved well keeping a nice topline, super condition

2nd Pretty’s Jaxrubydax Creamy Dream. Cream with good dark eye and dark pigment. Difficult decision between these two I would expect them to change places regularly. Not quite as settled as 1, good movement.

3rd Brown’s Devoncream Crystal Tiara

JB (5, 1a)

1st Mitchell’s Bronia Witchcraft, Red very promising youngster lovely feminine head, sweet expression, nicely made throughout, good front construction, nice and compact, moved well

2nd Latham Jackson’s Urishay Heart. Light red, taller than 1, another lovely head, nice dark eye, good front, nice tight feet, moved well

3rd Drady’s Indiko Destined to be Cream

PGB (15, 3a)

1st Whitfield-Robert Dandydayo I am Moana. Dark shaded red. Good pigment, well made throughout, excellent front and length of ribbing. Moved well with drive.

2nd Lockett-Walters & Walters Ralines Good Tidings . Another dark shaded red, super head and expression, nicely angulated all through, just preferred the finished package of number 1. I am sure she will mature nicely and make her mark

3rd Johnsons Africandawns Just Divine

LB (15, 4a) What a beautiful class, spoiled for choice, so many first class bitches, had to make some very difficult decisions.

1st Mitchell’s Bronia Rogue One. Good quality shaded cream. Super head and expression, nice dark eye, good reach of neck flowing into excellent shoulders, good front construction, correct length of ribbing with nice short loin. Good hind angulation. Moved out well true fore and back with drive on nice tight feet.

2nd Metcalfe’s Metadale Ariadne. Shaded red, difficult decision between these two, well made as 1 but just preferred the houndier head of 1.

3rd Bell’s Tolberg Cream Treat

OB (7,1a) another quality class

1st Mitchell’s Ch Bronia First Impresion CC & BOB. Dark shaded red. Handled to perfection. Excellent head, dark almond eye, very feminine bitch. Excellent reach of neck, correct shoulders, good front. Nice compact girl all in proportion, well angulated throughout. Moved true with drive fore and back keeping a good topline all the way round the ring. Lovely tight feet.

2nd Hall’s Cliffmere Levity RCC short Shaded cream with glamorous furnishings, extremely difficult decision between these two. Super head and expression, nice dark eye, good front, length of ribbing with short loin giving a lovely overall picture, moved with drive

3rd Brookes Ch. Lyndarlea Vienna

VB (5, 1a) A lovely class of veterans, all in excellent condition

1st Norris Criscan Khesia. Black and tan. Beautiful condition, does not look like a veteran at all. Good head and front, well constructed throughout, moved true with drive keeping a lovely topline

2nd Kerslake’s Devonwood Lady Alexandra. Black and tan larger type than 1 and less ground clearance but she did stride out well. Nice head and expression, well angulated all through giving a very attractive overall picture.

3rd Drady’s Larkhund Russian Kween

Judge Dawn Norton