Dachshund Club Championship  2019

Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired)

Judge: Mike Gadsby (Afterglow)

BEST OF BREED : WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson
Dog CC : WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson 
Res Dog CC : LOCKETT-WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines The Naked Chef

Bitch CC : NORTON Halunke Super Magic
Res Bitch CC : LATHAM-JACKSON Ch Urishay Sweet Pea

Best Puppy : NORTON Halunke Super Magic
Best Veteran : LATHAM-JACKSON Ch Urishay Sweet Pea

Special Beginners Dog/Bitch (3 Entries)
1st: HALL & OSBOURNE Dinkidax Midnite Charmer
2nd: FITZGERALD Dactavia Sweet Hector at Harlilsun
3rd:  GRABOWSKA Frodo Boy

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Dutch Odyssey
2nd: FITZGERALD Dactavia Sweet Hector at Harlilsun

Puppy Dog (4 Entries)
1st: NORTON Halunke Best of Magic
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Santa Cruz
3rd: PIKE & CARTER Zarcrest Flash Harry at Breezelyn
Res: GRABOWSKA Frodo Boy

Junior Dog (7 Entries)
1st: HALL Cliffmere Woodman
2nd: WOODVINE-SHONE Hanishan Fire Cracker
3rd:  HALL & OSBOURNE Dinkidax All Fired Up
Res: BURKE & MANSTON Ensignes Frangans Falls into Bonavoir
VHC: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Devil's Advocate

Post Graduate Dog (2 Entries)
1st: LOCKETT-WALTERS & WALTERS Ralines The Naked Chef
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Love to Be

Limit Dog (8 Entries)
1st: POOLE Findowrie Mr McKenzie
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Just Lucamac JW ShCM
3rd: HALL Cliffmere Folk Art
Res: PHILLIPS Summerview Yogi Bear JW
VHC: WOODVINE-SHONE Ninanaja Crazy Diamond (Imp Dnk)

Open Dog (5 Entries)
1st: WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson
2nd: HALL & OSBOURNE Dinkidax Midnite Charmer
3rd: POOLE Findowrie Mr Bumble
Res: LATHAM-JACKSON Dolyharp Purcell of Urishay

Veteran Dog (1 Entries)  
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall Just Santana JW 

Minor Puppy Bitch (5 Entries)
1st:  LARDEN Bronia Red Ruby
2nd: WALTERS Ralines Party Politics
3rd: BELL Tolberg Songbird 
Res: WOOD Wildstar Wrivera

Puppy Bitch (6 Entries)  
1st:  NORTON Halunke Super Magic
2nd: ROTHCHILD Rothmia Get Your Glad Rags on
3rd:  WOOD Wildstar Wrivera 

Junior Bitch (10 Entries)
1st: WOODVINE-SHONE Hanishan Stracciatella
2nd: ODDIE Ralines Lemon Drizzle for Riowood 
3rd: HALL Cliffmere Woodlark
Res: PHILLIPS Summerview Miss Belle
VHC: ROBERTS Ralines Cupcake to Denver

Post Graduate Bitch (9 Entries)
1st: BIRDSWORTH  Ambyth Talk of the Town
2nd: BELL Tolberg Amber Alert
3rd: LATHAM-JACKSON Urishay Heart N' Soul
Res: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Witchcraft
VHC:  MCCARTHY Nagshall Holly Lightly Go

Limit Bitch (5 Entries)  
1st: METCALFE Metadale Ariadne
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Love Constantly 
3rd: BIRDSWORTH  Ambyth Up Town Girl

Open Bitch (8 Entries)
1st: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Fire Witch
2nd: GIURA Swiss Ch Rodels Magic Moonlight
3rd: DARE Ch Larkhund Sofia 
Res: MCCARTHY Nagshall Just be Lucky
VHC:WOOD Wildstar Wreeva

 Veteran Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: LATHAM-JACKSON Ch Urishay Sweet Pea

This is the final variety to award CCs. A nice entry, mostly good characters, with correct nicely presented moderate coats, a sound group of dogs which in the main carried good top lines.The main concern was too many short rib cages and consequently long loins which poses a weakness. Straight shoulders were also to be found in abundance. Sp Beginners 1 Dinkidax Midnite Charmer. B/t. Nice outline and very sound on the move. Nice head with good proprtions. Eyes a little too full. Sufficient forechest good boning. Strong topline. 2 Davtavia Sweet Hector At Harlilsun. Very promising dapple baby. Very nice construction and ribbing with good forechest and a sweet expression and good head qualities. Very sound on the move just a little unsure but a good start for this raw baby. 3 Frodo Boy. MPD 1 Nagshall Dutch Odyssey. Red. Won the class on his stylish profile carriage and movement. Really excellent head and expression with good length of forface and excellent eye shape and position. Presents a pleasing outline. With excellent forechest. 2 Dactavia Sweet Hector At Harlilsun. PD 1 Halunke Best Of Magic. Red, super head and expression. Very good proportions and whilst his loin was shortest in this class I think it too could be a touch shorter. Very good bone and feet. Smashing outline. Sound on the move just a bit more head carriage would complete and otherwise attractive picture. 2 Nagshall Santa Cruz. Light shaded red. Masculine head with good eye. Good leg length with a good forechest and well angulated quarters. Shown too light and needs more length and breadth of rib. 3 Zarcrest Flash Harry At Breezelyn. JD 1 Cliffmere Woodman.Very nice youngster with an outstanding head and expression. Super forechest and ribbing. Excellent upper arm and ok shoulder. Short strong loin and a super well rounded angulated rear. Presented in great condition. Sound on the move. 2 Hanishan Fire Cracker. Close up, another with a super outline. Attractive head with good ear placement shoulders a touch straight, upper arm and forechest ok. Attractive sound mover with good carriage. 3 Dinkidax All Fired Up. PG 1 Ralines The Naked Chef. Easy winner here despite needing to be a little more self assured. Outstanding dark cream, small, well bodied. Super head and expression. Well constructed throughout and standing with a super outline over foursquare good legs. Super on the move from all angles. With confidence, one to watch. Did sufficient in the challenge to gain the Res CC. 2 Nagshall Love To Be. B/t, masculine head but lacks the quality I would be looking for in body. Too short in rib and consequently too long in loin. Narrow through with insufficient breadth of rib. Sound on the move. LD 1 Findowrie Mr Mackenzie. Shaded red. Overall a quality mini with ideal proportions and outline. Nice head and expression, shoulders a touch straight, upper arm good with tight fitting elbows, good bone and feet. Good forechest and ribbing with a rounded well angulated rear. Sound on the move with good carriage and outline. 2 Nagshall Just Lucamac. Good honest dark cream, good head masculine with good ear set. Enough neck, shoulders a little straight bit, otherwise front and chest good. Well ribbed with short loin and a sound well angled rear, sound on the move. 3 Cliffmere Folk Art. OD 1 Ch WIld Star Wrobinson. Small well bodied red. Nice head and expression, superb outline. Shoulder could just have a touch more layback otherwise an excellent front assembly, good in chest and ribbing with correct proportions and short strong loin. Super rear assembly. Presented in perfect coat and condition. On the move lovely from all angles with good reach and drive whilst maintaining a super outline. A super dachshund for any size or coat. Delighted to see him go through to BIS in a strong line-up. 2 Dinkidax Midnite Charmer. 3 Findowrie Mr Bumble. V 1 Nagshall Just Santa. Dark cream with a super head and expression and lovely pigmentation with a super eye shape and colour. Very nice outline, shoulders a little straight, otherwise a very nice front angulation, good bone, feet a touch flat. Good chest and ribs with short loin. Well angulated rear. Keeping his very nice outline on the move, sound in motion. MPB 1 Bro Is Red Ruby. Shaded red baby with lots of potential. Lovely head, conical with a correct foreface, eye shape and set, a super front assembly and perfect ribbing with short loin. Ideal proportions, she stacks herself up standing four square, well over her super front, handling needs a touch improving to make the best of this super youngster. Sound and stylish on the move. 2 Ralines Party Politics. Close up, this black and tan bitch presents a lovely picture, good length of forface but a little rounded in backskull. Super condition. Forechest and upper arm excellent. Long well rounded rib and a perfect rear assembly, super on the move. 3 Tollbird Songbird. PB 1 Halunke Super Magic. Lovely red baby headed this class. Gorgeous head and expression. Good length of neck and a very good front assembly with forechest and a well rounded ribcage, good bone and feet. Very good rear, well rounded with excellent angles and correct set on of tail. Sound on the move, displays good reach and drive whilst maintaining her lovely outline. CC and Best Puppy. 2 Rothmia Get Your Glad Rags On. Quality choc and tan, nice expression. Could have a touch more length of forface. Good eye colour and shape. Good length of leg giving her good ground clearance. Sound on the move with good rear and sufficient reach in front. 3Wildstar Wrivera. JB 1 B/t, Hanishan Stracciatella. Super made throughout and with an excellent conical head. Eyes a little full. Super front assembly and real nice proprtions, sufficient leg length, good bone and feet. Well ribbed extending well back. Excellent quarters with good width. On the move super sound from all angles keeping excellent topline. In the challenge just failed to perform to the best Id seen in the class. 2 Ralines Lemon Drizzle For Riowood. Top quality cream, another lovely head but also a little full In eye. Perfect pigmentation. Super construction and excellent ribbing the two were in fact much of a type. Good bone, feet could be tighter. Very stylish on the move. 3 Cliffmere Woodlark. PGB 1 Ambyth Talk Of The Town. Red. Super bitch, small, well bodied, very nice head and expression with a super eye shape and position, excellent front assembly with good bone and feet. Excellent rear with correct tailset. Good leg length, a touch long in loin. Very sound on the move with reach and drive. 2 Tolberg Amber Alert. Close up to winner another super bitch, lovely head, eye a little full, beautifully made with ideal outline, great ribs and well rounded rear. Very sound in motion. 3 Urishay Heart And Soul. LB 1 Metadale Ariadne. Quality red with a great outline. Lacks confidence on the table which nearly cost her the class but her style and movement gave her an edge on the final go around. Head is sweet, feminine but a touch full in eye. Well constructed throughout with good ribbing. 2 Nagshall Love Constantly. Close up, another nice bitch this one in b/t with conical head and solid well ribbed body and great rear. Just sinks a little in front that spoils her outline a touch on the move. OB 1 Ecotyne Fire Witch. Difficult class with three top quality bitches heading the line. The winner is quite simple a good honest black and tan bitch with a very good head and expression and good eye. Her front assembly and ribbing gave her the edge here. Her shoulders are rare to find and her upperarm is long and well returned, with excellent bone and feet and a super shape she maintains on the move. Excellent rear assembly and very correct very sound steady movement. 2 Swiss Ch Rodeos Magic Moonlight. A total eyecatcher and a head shape that is flawless. The best of necks give her a superb outline. Strong topline and excellent rear giving strong propulsion, her leg length ratio is perfect, difficult decision as she has so much too admire but she is a little steep in shoulder and would like more rib. Presented to perfection. 3 Ch Lark Hound Sophia. V 1 Ch Urishay Sweet Pea. What a wonderful little black and tan bitch. Gorgeous head conical with a perfect expression her eye colour could be one shade lighter. Good front with a great forechest and good bone and feet. Excellent ribcage and a good rounded well angulated rear. Could have a touch more neck. fabulous on the move with a splendid display of reach and drive, with animation Res CC