East of England Championship Show 2021

Dachshund (Long-haired)

Judge: Johnny Morgan


BEST OF BREED : ROBERTS Swansford Gregorydor
Dog CC : ROBERTS Swansford Gregorydor
Res Dog CC : MARKS Labbadax Lewisville

Bitch CC : MILLER & RYAN Ch Bronia Final Fantasy at Cavallibrook
Res Bitch CC : MCGAVIGAN & PETTIGREW Clentry Camellia for Pettigans

Best Puppy : ROBERTS Swansford Gregorydor & Hound Puppy Group 1

Best Veteran : CHAPMAN Melminds Zsylvester

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st: COOK & RHODES Abydachs Free Spirit for Bournder


Puppy Dog (1)
1st: ROBERTS Swansford Gregorydor

Junior Dog
1st: No Entries

Yearling Dog (2)
1st: VINCENT Dolan Save the Last Dance for Gainscroft
2nd: CLARKE Tekalhaus the Excelsior

Graduate Dog (3)
1st: SUTTON Kindeace Texas Tornado at Damai
2nd: JOHNSON Africandawns Arrt Stottle
3rd: WEDGE Dolan Johnny Be Good

Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st: PASKINS Kindeace Texas Ranger
2nd: CHAPMAN Africandawns Justin Time for Melminds
3rd: DIMON Labbadax Inspiriation for Dimerlin

Limit Dog (4)
1st: MARKS Labbadax Lewisville Texas
2nd: SUTTON Kindeace Texas Tornado at Damai

3rd: CROSS Loggeta Trouble in Texas
Res: PASKINS Cedavoch It's Taboo at Kindeace

Open Dog (3)
1st:  ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gabrieldor
2nd:  MARKS Labbadax Latimer Kansas
3rd:  BENNETT Shardaroba's Country File

Veteran Dog (3)
1st: CHAPMAN Melminds Zsylvester
2nd: COOK & RHODES Abydachs Rides the Storm to Bournder
3rd:  BORSUK Ir Ch Badamtam's Via Baltica at Follypaws ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)
1st: FOSSETT Bysdax Skyfall

Puppy Bitch (3)

1st: ROBERTS Swansford Glendaroa
2nd: WEDGE Dolan Summer Time Blues
3rd:  FOLEY Logetta Wynn By Myles

Junior Bitch (4)
1st:  WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Swansford Gleighdora
2nd: NEGUS Tarramist Vesper Lynd
3rd:  CHAPMAN Melminds Maybelline
Res:  TAYLOR & HILTON Swansford Contagiadora of Delsaux

Yearling Bitch (2)
1st: NEGUS Tekalhaus Cartier Diamonds by Tarramist
2nd:CHEESE Ranglewood Titania at Suecaseus

Graduate Bitch (2)
1st: CHEESE Africandawns Heidi Clare at Suecaseus
2nd: VINCENT Metadale Monica at Gainscoft

Post Graduate Bitch (2)
1st: MARKS Labbadax La Fayette Georgia
2nd: WEDGE Dolan Private Dancer

Limit Bitch (4)
1st: MILLER & RYAN Bronia Final Fantasy at Cavallibrook
2nd: MCGAVIGAN & PETTIGREW Clentry Camellia for Pettigans
3rd:  FOSSETT Brysdax Mamma Mia
Res:  PIKE & CARTER Zarcrest Angelina Jolie at Breezelyn

Open Bitch (4,1)
1st:  CLARKE Teklhaus Million to One ShCM
2nd: BORSUK & FOSSETT Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel
3rd:  JOHNSON & CROSS Africandawns Eileen Over