Those in Red denotes BOB



Bath Mrs M Fraser Gibson Hobbithill Teasel Montreux Rossano Wimoway Mata Hari Merryweather Mistinguet
Birmingham Dog Show Mrs R Gale Courtil Jamie Hobbithill Teasel Wisteria of Hobbithill Cannobio Sweet Whispers
Blackpool Mrs J Nicholson Chaffhale Ashley Chaffhale Ashley Drydenlaw Daretta Cannobio Sweet Whispers
City of Birmingham Mrs C Wootton Gilston Roderick Chaffhale Ashley Cannobio Sweet Whispers Drydenlaw Daretta
Crufts Mrs J Nunn Cannobio Gently Does It Dalegarth Bernie Montreux Natasha Roslaye Rooty Tooty
Dachshund Club Mrs J Gallop Metadale Mickey Mouse Dalegarth Bobby Dazzler Pipersvale Summer Breeze Cannobio Blossom
Darlington Dog Show Mrs R Parratt Stargang Cormorant Pipersvale Pina Colada Pipersvale Summer Breeze Silvae Dibs
Great Joint Dachshund Ass Miss S Raphael Dalegarth Bobby Dazzler Berrycourt Lucky Star Roslaye Rooty Tooty Cannobio Sweet Whispers
Hound Association Mr J F Hague Pipersvale Pina Colada Dalegarth Bobby Dazzler Cannobio Sweet Whispers Montreux Natasha
Ladies Kennel Ass Mrs A Thomas Dalegarth Bobby Dazzler Brookmill Brocadeson Eatina Sunhat Silvae Dibs
Lancashire & Cheshire Dachshund Club Mrs B Cole Hamilton Pipersvale Pina Colada Gilston Roderick Courtil Athena Likley Lass of Wingcrest
Leeds Mrs M Knowles Pipersvale Pina Colada Metadale Mickey Mouse Pipersvale Summer Breeze Eatina Sunhat
Leicester City Canine Mrs E Heesom Montreux Rossano Chaffhale Ashley Nymphaea of Hobbithill Roslaye Desiree
Manchester Dog Show Mrs A Raven Stargang Charrington Metadale Mickey Mouse Pipersvale Summer Breeze Merryweather Mistinguet
Midland Counties Mrs M Olivant Pipersvale Pina Colada Drydenlaw Draidone Cannobio Sweet Whispers Likley Lass of Wingcrest
Midland Dachshund Club Mr J Green Pipersvale Pina Colada Stargang Cormorant Silvae Dibs Wisteria of Hobbithill
Miniature Dachshund Club Mr P Tinkler Cannobio Gently Does It Tourmaline Solitaire Roslaye Rooty Tooty Merryton Miss Muffin
Richmond Dog Show Mrs M Batterson Webster Chaffhale Ashley Hobbithill Teasel Eatina Sunhat Wisteria of Hobbithill
Scottish Kennel Club  August Mr R Pinches Gilston Roderick Pipersvale Pina Colada Merryweather Mistinguet Dronley Martina of Amberleigh
Scottish Kennel Club May Mrs P Evans Courtil Jamie Gilston Roderick Courtil Athena Kabardin Bridget
Southern Counties Dr Ben Raven Metadale Mickey Mouse Dalegarth Bobby Dazzler Pipersvale Summer Breeze Hobbithill Belthil
Southern Dachshund Ass Mr J Gallop Hobbithill Thistle Courtil Jamie Pipersvale Summer Breeze Wisteria of Hobbithill
Three Counties Mrs E Blackburn Cannobio Gently Does It Berrycourt Blackthorn Pipersvale Summer Breeze Berrycourt True Song
Welsh Kennel Club Mrs E Bassett Hobbithill Teasel Metadale Mickey Mouse Roslaye Rooty Tooty Regentfurt Indiana
West of England LKA Mrs R Hood-Wright Cannobio Gently Does It Hobbithill Teasel Regenfurt Indiana Gaygait Red Rachel
Windsor Mr L Hammond Metadale Mickey Mouse Dalegarth Bobby Dazzler Allmini Je Suis Pipersvale Summer Breeze