Those in Red denotes BOB



Bath Canine Society Margaret Lewighton Matzell Majestic Thundergay Independent Marictur Material Girl Ralines Romantica
Birmingham National Dog Show Derek Smith Meganhol Evangelist Thundergay Winterhalter Marictur Marnie Ralines Romantica
Border Union Ferelith Somerfield Topthorne Roderick Choice for Seatris Jumarnic Storm Front Phaeland Storm Dream Thundergay Jezebel
Crufts Camilla Wootton Meganhol Evangelist Rosenket Uptown Guy Rosenket Star Sapphire Lauralee Trick of the Trade
Dachshund Club Mandy Dance Matzell Majestic Meganhol Evangelist Kireton Candide Marictur Marnie
Driffield Val Foss Rosenket Uptown Guy Thundergay Independent Marictur Marnie Kireton Candide
Great Joint Dachshund Ass Pamela Sydney Thundergay Independent Rosenket Uptown Guy Kireton Candide Matzell Masquerade
Hound Association Mr S A Lund Landmark Dark Warrior Rosenket Uptown Guy Kireton Candide Marictur Material Girl
Manchester Dog Show Jane Naylor Jumarnic Storm Front Topthorne Roderick Choice for Seatris Marictur Material Girl Rosenket Star Sapphire
Midland Dachshund Club Mrs J McNaughton Thundergay Independent Landmark Dark Warrior Lauralee Welsh Pageant Sontag Seriously Rich
Northern Dachshund Ass Ruth Spong Meganhol Evangelist Matzell Majestic Marictur Material Girl Whitewebbs Blisfully Blue
Richmond Dog Show Zena Thorn Andrews Meganhol Evangelist Bonavoir Kings Jester of Firestorm Lauralee Hope and Glory at Malynsa Lauralee Trick of the Trade
Scottish Dachshund Ass Arnold Derry Rosenket Uptown Guy Thundergay Winterhalter Marictur Marnie Lauralee Trick of the Trade
Scottish Kennel Club  Aug Vivien Phillips Rosenket Uptown Guy Jumarnic Storm Front Thundergay Jezebel Lauralee Hope and Glory at Malynsa
Scottish Kennel Club (Rep) Jason Hunt Sontag Summer Storm Lowscales Touched by Class Lauralee Trick of the Trade Sontag Seriously Rich
Southern Dachshund Ass Mrs W C Spencer Ralines Russian Ruler for Seatris Matzell Majestic Matzell Masquerade Rosenket Star Sapphire
Three Counties Lovaine Coxon Thundergay Independent Meganhol Evangelist Sunhaze Surprise Surprise Tracemma Ice on Fire
Welsh Kennel Club Jeff Horswell Meganhol Evangelist Roleta Play Wright Thundergay Bourbonne Sontag Certain Flair
West of England Ladies KA Ellen Blackburn Lowscales Touched by Class Jumarnic Storm Front Lauralee Welsh Pageant Lauralee Touch of Class at Malynsa