Those in Red denotes BOB



Crufts Anne Moore Lesandnic Sea the Stars Raydachs Ride My Ducati Silvae Solo Hella's Ozlem at Sunsong
Dachshund Club of Wales Phil Rollinson Silvae Farrago Tendrow Elberta Silvae Solo Wagsford Giselle
Wirehaired Dachshund Club Carolyn Davies Derochaise Black Tarquin Silvae Kinsman Silvae Solo Hella's Ozlem at Sunsong
WELKS Jenny Rowe Derochaise Black Tarquin Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone Wagsford Jennifer Hella's Ozlem at Sunsong
West of England Dachshund Ann Booth Lesandnic Sea the Stars Lesandnic Lil Eetee Boloria Naughty But Nice Boloria Tiger Lily
Birmingham National Darren Fellowes Jethard Just Jive Silvae Farrago Wagsford Lydia Silvae Solo
Blackpool Stuart Milner Cloudside Picasso Silvae Farrago Silvae Solo Brumberhill Bellissima
SKC Vivien Phillips Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine Cloudside Picasso Tendrow a Page in Time  Lesandnic Snow Fairy
Southern Counties Ian Seath Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone Aventine the Kings General Derochaise Elusia Tendrow A Page in Time
Windsor Ron James Wiretap Here I Am Derochaise Black Tarquin Silvae Solo Wagsford Lydia
Paignton Geraldine Brace Derochaise Black Tarquin Allfreys Here's Looking at You Silvae Solo Tendrow A Page in Time
Leeds Martin Sanders Silvae Kinsman Derochaise Black Tarquin Ambiesque Aperitif Silvae Solo
Houndshow Julian Barney Wiretap Here I Am Derochaise Black Tarquin Brumberhill Bellina Wagsford Hester
Midland Dachshund Club Morris Armstrong Wiretap Here I Am Cishelvine Red Admiral Boloria Naughty But Nice Tendrow Dancing in a Dream at Clipperdown
Welsh Kennel Club Tamas Jakal Lesandnic Lil Eetee Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond Wagsford Jennifer Silvae Solo
Richmond Graham Hill Silvae Klansman Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine Bolorias Arabella Tendrow Dancing in a Dream at Clipperdown
Lancs & Cheshire Jason Hunt Cloudside Oliver Tendrow Moondance Hells Ozlem at Sunsong Bolorias Trick or Treat
Midland Counties Mandy Dance Aventine Jamaica Inn Ex Sentia Devil's Advocate Silvae Kizmet Silvae Solo
Dachshund Club Wendell Moore Derochaise Black Tarquin Derochaise Versace Derochaise Elusia Brumberhill Bellissima
Great Joint Sue Emrys Jones Silvae Kinsman Greyhayne Hooray Henry Tendrow a Page in Time  Tendrow Time N Time Again
LKA Simon Parsons Derochaise Black Tarquin Tendrow One More Time Barmaud Tendrow a Page in Time  Wagsford Jennifer