Those in Red denotes BOB




Birmingham National Margaret Swann Dalegarth Buzby Silvae Bulmer Drakesleat Casey's Court Dowrich Durnit
Blackpool Mrs A Sidewick Silvae Bulmer Bucksby Chocomagic Drakesleat Chit Chat Vienda Magic Moments
City of Birmingham Barbra Pugh Oneva Argy Bargy Silvae Apple a day Ch Dalegarth Briar Chater Copycat
Crufts D P Dobson Fighting Chance of Bothlyn Andyc Copper Topper Drakesleat Ai Jail Stargang La Dame Camelia
Dachshund Club Betty Farrand Dalegarth Buzby Silvae Bulmer Drakesleat Casey Court Gisbourne Lotus Blossom
Great Joint Dachshund Ass Jean Jensen Minibreeze Moonlight Flit Suntina Perridot Suntina Solitaire Dalegarth Briar
Houndshow Mrs E Lloyd Williams Full Stop at Drakesleat Decidedly Drakesleat of Bokra Dalegarth Briar Suntina Solitaire
Ladies Kennel Ass Jane Naylor Andyc Copper Topper Suntina Perridot Suntina Solitaire Minibeeze Maid to Order at Tamaritan
Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Club Malcolm Olivant Andyc Copper Topper Suntina Perridot Stargang La Dame Camelia Suntina Solitaire
Leeds Zena Andrews Silvae Bulmer Ledenbrook Hooligan Chater Copycat Suntina Solitaire
Leicester City Mrs J Lawley Brackenacre Sebastion Andyc Copper Topper Barkesvale Dusky Lilac Domino of Loretto
Manchester Mrs A Raven Jack the Ripper at Drakesleat Wimoway Why I Man Drakesleat Scandel Monger Stargang La Dame Camelia
Midland Counties Mrs R Miller Full Stop at Drakesleat Loretto Fred Flintstone Suntina Solitaire Stargang Miss Money Penny of Loretto
Miniature Dachshund Club Mrs N Moon Silvae Notamouse Dalegarth Buzby Dalegarth Briar Barkesvale Dusky
Paignton Frank Newbury Oneva Argy Bargy Wimoway Why I Man Dowrich Durnit Drakesleat Chit Chat
Richmond Joan Nicholson Minibreeze Moonlight Flit Wimoway Why I Man Silvae Twasamouse Definitely Drakesleat
Scottish Kennel Club  May Mrs M L Pain Fighting Chance of Bothlyn Brackenacre Sebastion Bothlyn Honey Chile Cratloe Easter Bonnet
South Wales KC Ron James Oneva Argy Bargy Wimoway Why I Man Daggerwick Daffodil of Beaverdown Dowrich Durnit
Southern Counties Judt De Casembroot Full Stop at Drakesleat Danverley To of the Bill Drakesleat Casey Court Silvae Twasamouse
Three Counties Joe Braddon Brackenacre Sebastion Minibeeze Moonlight Flit Dixie's Bunting of Dalegarth Dalegarth Briar
Welsh Kennel Club Ann Argyle Full Stop at Drakesleat Suntina Perridot Suntina Solitaire Vienda Magic Moments
West of England Ladies KA Mrs Doreen Rainford Silvae Bulmer Minibeeze Moonlight Flit Silvae Twasamouse Stargang Miss Money Penny of Loretto
Windsor Ellen Blackburn Silvae Bulmer Oneva Argy Bargy Rag Doll of Ridgegrove Definitely Drakesleat