Those in Red denotes BOB




Bath Mrs A Raven Moonshe Close Contact Black Zander of Stargang Loretto Quite a Lady Stargang Water Sprite
Birmingham National Wendy C Spencer Dianamo the Chief Drakesleat Easy Come Drakesleat Ai Jinks Wirehall Hurrican Holly
Blackpool Harry Jordan Ragged Robin of Dalegarth Wirehall Denzil Drakesleat Ai Jinks Drakesleat Ai See
Border Hound Mrs G Gladwin Ledenbrook Allspice Longbraes Danny Boy of Andyc Suntina Barclay Charm Bothlyn Blue Grass
City of Birmingham  Mrs V V Gower Drakesleat Easy Come Whitewebb Mars Drakesleat Good Grief Suntina Dolomite
Crufts Elizabeth Medley Suntina Jasper at Jarthley Stargang Black Mink Wynferg Rough n Ready Mouricia Beat the Rap
Great Joint Dachshund Ass Jo Lawley Longbraes Danny Boy of Andyc Wirehall Denzil Hangabout Milly of Telesia Drakesleat Ai Jinks
Houndshow Jeff Crawford Ragged Robin of Dalegarth Suntina Jasper at Jarthley Bothlyn Blue Grass Drakesleat Ai See
Ladies Kennel Ass Caroline Gatheral Longbraes Danny Boy of Andyc Wirehall Denzil Suntina Barclay Charm Drakesleat Ai Jinks
Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Zena Andrews Suntina Jasper at Jarthley Wirehall Denzil Bothlyn Blue Grass Wirehall Kaluki Kate
Leeds M Swamm Stargang Water Buck Ridgegrove Ricksha Drakesleat Ai Jinks Dalegarth Maybee
Leicester City C Wootton Drakesleat Easy Come Ragged Robin of Dalegarth Dalegarth Maybee Drakesleat Ai See
Manchester Hazel Fielding Dianamo the Chief Stargang Water Buck Bothlyn Blue Grass Dalegarth Maybee
Midland Counties Betty Munt Stargang Water Buck Stargang Black Belt Ludworth Game Call Bothlyn Blue Grass
Miniature Dachshund Club Ann Kennedy Suntina Jasper at Jarthley Loretto Marching Orders Suntina Barclay Charm Bothlyn Blue Grass
Northern Dachshund Ass Susan Raphael Drakesleat Easy Come Suntina Jasper at Jarthley Bothlyn Blue Grass Drakesleat Ai Jinks
Paignton John Elkington Black Zander of Stargang Moonshe Close Contact Loretto Quite a Lady Drakesleat Ai See
Richmond Sylvia Kershaw Stargang Water Buck Longbraes Danny Boy of Andyc Ludworth Game Call Dorsmeuth Moongemma
Scottish Kennel Club  May M Batterson Webster Drakesleat Easy Come Loretto Fred Flintstone Drakesleat Good Grief Wellbury Fern
Southern Counties Ken Bullock Stargang Water Buck Black Zander of Stargang Dorsmeuth Moongemma Rhapsody at Dalegarth and Chater
Three Counties Jane Naylor Moonshe Close Contact Stargang Water Buck Suntina Dolomite Bothlyn Blue Grass
Welsh Kennel Club Rex Voaden Stargang Water Buck Wirehall Denzil Stargang Water Lily Dowrich Hot Gossip
West of England Ladies KA Barbara Hammett Suntina Jasper at Jarthley Moonshe Close Contact Dalegarth Maybee Drakesleat Good Gawd
Windsor Len Bishop Black Zander of Stargang Drakesleat Easy Come Dalegarth Maybee Drakesleat Ai See
Wirehaired Dachshund Club Alan Sharman Dianamo the Chief Suntina Jasper at Jarthley Drakesleat Good Grief Suntina Chloe