Those in Red denotes BOB




Birmingham National Michael Quinney  Mouricia Monte Python Larrieux Leonardo Dekobras Holly Drakesleat Jenways Appy Nu Year
Blackpool Mrs J McNaughton Shardagang Masterplan ay Bothlyn Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat Shardagang Water Wings Emem Mother's Ruin
City of Birmingham Wendy Barrow Shardagang Masterplan ay Bothlyn Andyc Kinda Smart Drakesleat Ere Say Emem Milkshake for Afterglow
Crufts Joan Nicholson Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat Barkesvale Digger Drakesleat Lissen Ere Dalegarth Rag Doll
Dachshund Club Mike Caple Elnside Ladykiller Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat Dalegarth Rag Doll Bretarah Tuesday
Dachshund Club of Wales J Blackburn Bennett Barkesvale Digger Elnside Lady Killer Jenways Appy Nu Year Ridgegrove Satin Doll
Great Joint Dachsund Ass Val Skinner Andyc Kinda Smart Drakesleat Talk Over Bretarah Tuesday Shardagang Blue Genes
Hound Ass of Scotland F Somerfield Elnside Ladykiller Loretto Touch n Go Elnside Chocomagic Dekobras Holly Drakesleat
Houndshow Ruth Spong Andyc Kinda Smart Stargang Haywire Marthels Samphire Suzie Drakesleat Tittle Tattle
Ladies Kennel Ass Mrs E Dinnis Andyc Kinda Smart Drakesleat Talk Over Emem Milkshake for Afterglow Jenways Appy Nu Year
Leeds Barbra O'Neil Larrieux Leonardo Wellbury Gorse Jenways Appy Nu Year Shardagang Water Wings
Leicester City Mr M Cook Ch Dalegarth Ruffian Drakesleat Alo Alo Wirehall Oaksey Lady Drakesleat Mandy Pumps
Manchester A Aldridge Shardagang Masterplan ay Bothlyn Elnside Ladykiller Dekobras Holly Drakesleat Jenways Ravishing Ruby
Midland Counties Doreen Gilberthorpe Emem Stormin Norman Sherberna Eager Eric Jenways Appy Nu Year Drakesleat Ere Say
Miniature Dachshund Club Mrs M Sanders Stargang Haywire Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat Dalegarth Rag Doll Drakesleat Mandy Pumps
Northern Dachshund Elizabeth Fulton Stargang Haywire Loretto Touch n Go Shardagang Water Wings Wirehall Oaksey Lady
Paignton J G Bennett Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat Emem Stormin Norman Bothlyn Blue Print Ridgegrove Satin Doll
Richmond Judy Squires Emem Stormin Norman Elnside Ladykiller Drakesleat Ere Say Bimini Buttons n Bows
Scottish Kennel Club  May Mrs D Edge Barkesvale Digger Shardagang Masterplan at Bothlyn Shardagang Water Wings Elnside Chocomagic
Southern Counties John Perry Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat Emem Stormin Norman Wirehall Oaksey Lady Drakesleat Ere Say
Welsh Kennel Club Bruce Jenkins USA Drakesleat Alo Alo Emem Stormin Norman Drakesleat Ere Ere Emem Milkshake for Afterglow
Windsor Barbra Spooner Elnside Ladykiller Larrieux Leonardo Drakesleat Ere Say Shardagang Silver Bells
Wirehaired Dachshund Club Doreen Negal Andyc Kinda Smart Shardagang Masterplan at Bothlyn Rarewood January Queen Deavlin Double Take