Those in Red denotes BOB




Birmingham National V Phillips Bothlyn Master Craftsman Dalegarth Ruff Copy Bretarah Tuesday Hudgemoor Miss Tittlemouse Drakesleat
Blackpool Terry Thorn Welcumen Topspin Wentwood Mr Twist Molloney Justold me Close Chater Celebrity
City of Birmingham C Molinari Bothlyn Master Craftsman Drakesleat Tear Away at Rabymere Molloney Justold me Close Cotherstone Three Wishes
Crufts Roy Metcalfe Bothlyn Master Craftsman Drakesleat Tennis Ealey Shardagang Prismatic Marthels Thistle do Stargang
Dachshund Club Sandy Pearson Scotmariner Sea Trader Bothlyn Master Craftsman Chater Celebrity Loretto April Luv
Dachshund Club of Wales Jack Boulger Drakesleat Tennis Ealey Deavlin Double Top Marthel Thisle do Stargang Loretto April Luv
Great Joint Dachshund Ass Mollie Owen Drakesleat Hobs Tickle Marthels Sam McCreedy Shardagang Ebony Tears Loretto April Luv
Hound Ass of Scotland Jean Blandford Lorretto Touch n Go Scotmariner Sea Trader Chater Celebrity Clannad Hanky Panky
Houndshow Janet Fraser Cotherstone Kings Ransom Bothlyn Bookmaster Shardagang Prismatic Molloney Justoldme Close
Ladies Kennel Ass Michael Quinney Lorretto Touch n Go Drakesleat Hobs Tickle Larklinn Leading Lady Eldindean Scalet O'Hara
Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Lesley Patton Drakesleat Tear Away at Rabymere Drakesleat Hobs Tickle Loretto April Luv Larklinn Leading Lady
Leeds Pam Sydney Bothlyn Master Craftsman Drakesleat Hobs Tickle Free Degrees of Drakesleat Hudgemoor Miss Tittlemouse Drakesleat
Midland Counties Mandy Dance Rabymere Could Be Lucky Stargang Pick Pocket Larklinn Leading Lady Shardagang Primsmatic
Miniature Dachshund Club Ruth Lockett Drakesleat Hobs Tickle Welcumen Topspin Marthel Thisle do Stargang Larklinn Leading Lady
Northern Dachshund Jeff Horswell Drakesleat Tear Away at Rabymere Rabymere Could be Lucky Chater Celebrity Marthels Thistle do Stargang
Paignton Liz Cartledge Drakesleat Tennis Ealey Emem Manner Bout Town Hudgemoor Miss Tittlemouse Drakesleat Molloney Knock It Off
Richmond Zola Rawson Welcumen Topspin Bothyn Master Craftsman Molloney Justold me Close Emem Memorandum Afterglow
Scottish Kennel Club Val Bennett Bothlyn Master Craftsman Scotmariner Sea Trader Emem Memorandum Bothlyn Blue Heaven
South Wales KC Simon Dible Drakesleat Tennis Ealey Welcumen Topspin Molloney Knock It Off Shybu Chocoholic Stargang
Southern Counties J Blackburn Bennett Bothlyn Master Craftsman Drakesleat Tear Away at Rabymere Hudgemoor Miss Tittlemouse Drakesleat Molloney Justold me Close
Welsh Kennel Club F Somerfield Wentwood Mr Twist Scotmariner Sea Trader Shardagang Prismatic Larklinn Leading Lady
West of England Ladies KA Len Bishop Bothlyn Master Craftsman Stargang Pick Pocket Hudgemoor Miss Tittlemouse Drakesleat Shybu Chocoholic Stargang
Windsor Arnold Derry Stargang Pick Pocket Bothlyn Bookmaster Dianamo Smarten Up Loretto April Luv
Wirehaired Dachshund Club Judy Squires Welcumen Topspin Wentwood Mr Twist Loretto April Luv Larklinn Leading Lady