Those in Red denotes BOB




Bath Pam Sydney Annsford Just Joey Stargang One n Only Stargang Water Chystal Ridgegrove Crystal Doll
Birmingham National E Fielding Stargang One n Only Elnside Lady Killer Suntina Laura Lapis Emem Mindyer Manners
Blackpool Roy Metcalfe Elnside Lady killer Drakesleat Gadzooks Emem Minderyer Manners Drakesleat Ere Ere
City of Birmingham Terry Thorn Drakesleat Okey Dokey Stargang One n Only Ridgegrove Crystal Doll Chater Calypso
Crufts Alan Sharman Lustrum Merry Minstrel Dianamo the Chief Terripixia Drakesleat Suntina Laura Lapis
Dachshund Club V Phillips Dalegarth Ruffian Glenjay Sidge of Wirehall Terripixia Drakesleat Black Magic of Wirehall
Dachshund Club of Wales Jean Blandford Loretto Fred Flintstone Drakesleat Gadzooks Drakesleat Ere Ere Black Magic of Wirehall
Great Joint Dachshund Ass B Hammett Drakesleat Alo Alo Stargang One n Only Wirehall Black Magic Shardagang Oasis
Hound Ass of Scotland Ken Bullock Drakesleat Gadzooks Drakesleat Alo Alo Drakesleat Ere Ere Bothlyn Buzzy Bee
Houndshow E Harrap Drakesleat Alo Alo Stargang One n Only Drakesleat Lissen Ere Suntina Laura Lapis
Ladies Kennel Ass Mrs M Donne Davies Glenjay Sidge of Wirehall Annsford Just Joey Suntina Sophie Sapphire Shardagang Oasis
Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Mrs N Pryde Stargang One n Only Stargang Haywire Deavlin Double Take Tarchul Trivial Pursuit
Leeds C Wootton Dalegarth Ruffian Drakesleat Okey Dokey Drakesleat Lissen Ere Ridgegrove Crystal Doll
Leicester City Di Abbot Drakesleat Okey Dokey Dalegarth Ruffian Black Magic of Wirehall Drakesleat Ere Ere
Manchester Miss S Metcalfe Drakesleat Alo Alo Stargang One n Only Drakesleat Ere Ere Shardagang Oasis
Midland Counties Mrs D Edge Drakesleat Alo Alo Cairos Brillo Pad Deavlin Double Take Chater Calypso
Miniature Dachshund Club J Voaden Stargang One n Only Dalegarth Ruffian Deavlin Double Take Terripixia Drakesleat
Northern Dachshund Y Oswell Annsford Just Joey Elnside Lady Killer Drakesleat Ere Ere Debruts Charisma of Stargang
Paignton Mr J Bennett Drakesleat Gadzooks Drakesleat Alo Alo Drakesleat Lissen Ere Carios Tickle on the Tum
Richmond Di Moate Drakesleat Alo Alo Diggerman Little Big Ben Drakesleat Lissen Ere Diggerman Annabella
Scottish Kennel Club  May Marion Spavin Drakesleat Gadzooks Glenjay Sidge of Wirehall Drakesleat Lissen Ere Wirehall Hurrican Holly
Southern Counties Jack Boulger Drakesleat Alo Alo Glenjay Sidge of Wirehall Suntina Laura Lapis Wirehall Hurrican Holly
Welsh Kennel Club Jane Naylor Elnside Lady killer Drakesleat Alo Alo Shardagang Oasis Sunina Sophie Sapphire
Windsor Roy Wood Elnside Lady Killer Stargang One n Only Black Magic of Wirehall Suntina Laura Lapis
Wirehaired Dachshund Club F Fladwin Loretto Fred Flintstone Elnside Lady Killer Deavlin Double Take Shardagang Oasis