Miniature Smooth Haired Results Years 1996 to 2000

Show 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Birmingham City   Mrs W C Spencer Pamela Cross Stern Val Foss Simon Parsons
Birmingham National Guy Jeavons Dr S Kershaw Jane Hosegood Wendy Barrow Val Skinner
Border Union          
Bournemouth       No CCs - Mrs D T Waters No CCs - Penny Young
Dachshund Club          
Dachshund Club of Wales          
Darlington No CCs -Maureen Micklethwaite   No CCs -Judith Armstrong No CCs - Stuart Milner No CCs - Eleanor Bothwell
East of England          
Eastern Counties Dachshund Club          
Great Joint Dachshund Club          
Hound Ass of Scotland          
Hound Association     Alan Atkins Mollie Owen Derek Smith
Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Club          
Leeds   No CCs - Alf Wood No CCs - John Widdop No CCs - Andy Bethel No CCs - Janet Geeson
LKA   Arnold Derry Ann Kennedy Len Hammond Sheila Shuker
Longhaired Dachshund Club          
Midland Counties          
Midland Dachshund Club          
Miniature Dachshund Club          
Northern Dachshund Club          
Paignton     No CCs - Ann Moore No CCs - Mr M Armstrong No CCs - Mrs J Pain
Richmond No CCs - Mr P Fogden No CCs - Bryan Dyson No CCs - Mac McMillan No CCs - Denise Courtney No CCs - Maria Lerego
Scottish Dachshund Club          
SKC August          
SKC May          
South Wales K A          
Southern Counties     Daniel Roberts  Stella Clarke Hazel Fielding
Southern Dachshund          
Three Counties          
Welsh Kennel Club Anita Watts Jan Rowe Andrea Callow Jeff Horswell Mrs Y Oswell
Windsor Gladys Mead Mr J Bennett Pamela Poulter Sue Ergis Ferelith Somerfield