Judges name shown in red - Critique available


Northern Longhaired Breeders (Jan)

MS/MW/SS - Mrs A McLennon

ML/SW/SL - Mr I Negus Tarramist)

Best in Show - Susan Roberts (Denver)

Dachshund Club of Wales (Feb)

All Miniatures - Jason Rudkin (Dynastydax)

All Standards - Karen Peel (Clentry)

BIS - Sue Ergis (Siouxline)

Dachshund Club (Feb)

Smooths - Liz Reed (Deercroft)

Miniature Smooth - Lynda Boyns (Brindeckel)

Longs - Halcyon Pughe (Bystock)

Miniature Long - Sonia Marston-Teal (Lordscairnie)

Wires  - Angie Baxter (Hotwire)

Miniature Wire - Pauline Sidgewick (Paulian)

Best in Show - Anthony Bongiovanni (Ankors)

Northern Counties Dachshund Ass (Feb) All - Matthew Oddie (Ragus/Riowood) RESULTS
West Riding Dachshund Ass (Mar)

All Miniatures - Lisa Tyler-Jackson

All Standards - Iain Elsey (Abbalongdat)

BIS - Lisa Tyler-Jackson

Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Ass (May)

MS, L MW & Varieities - Sandra Johnston

ML, W, S - Dorothy Allam

BIS - Helen Buchan

West of England Dachshund Ass (May)

All Miniatures - Adam Rowell (Emmajesk)

All Standards - Bill Rowell (Emmajesk)

BIS - Adam Rowell (Emmajesk)

Miniature Dachshund Club (June)

MS,ML - Lorraine Bedford

MW - Di Moate

BIS = Anne Hazelby

Eastern Counties Dachshund Ass (June)

Miniatures - Joy Middleton (Variare)

Standards - Clare Butler (Drymoor)

Best in Show - Giselle Taylor (Whitewebbs)

Southern Dachshund Ass (June)

S, MS - Annette Latham-Jackson (Urishay)

L, ML - Jennifer Little

SW, MW - Gary Carroll (Marvale)

BIS - Lesley Brown

Northern Longhaired Breeders  (July)

ML, MS, W, Veterans - Annette Latham-Jackson (Urishay)

MW, SL, SS - Steve Jones (Carlita)

BIS - Helen Geeson (Abydachs)

Smooth Haired Dachshund Club (July)

SS & BIS - Mrs Pauline Kerslake (Devonwood)

MS  - Mr Edward Allen (Penparc)

Longhaired Dachshund Club (Sept)

ML, MS, MW,  - Gerry Larkin (Larkhund)

SL, SS, SW - Deryck Player (Lyndex)

BIS - Brenda Jones (Adnerb)

Wirehaired Dachshund Club (Sept) Rachel Pearce (Demorner/Alkinra) RESULTS
West of England  Dachshund Ass (October)

SS, MS, ML - Marc Smith (Conchur)

SL, SW, MW BIS - Mike Wedge (Dolan)

Eastern Counties Dachshund Ass (Nov)

All Miniatures - Paul Hayes

All Standards - Ian Smith

BIS - Laura Sexton 

West Riding Dachshund Ass (Nov)

All Miniatures -Marion Sargent

All Standards - Lorraine Bedford

BIS - Marion Sargent

Midland Dachshund Club (8th Dec)

All Miniatures  - Hannah Woodvine-Shone

All Standards  - Jason Rudkin (Dynastydax)

Best in Show - Dawn Norton (Halunke)