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Northern Longhaired Breeders (26th Jan)

Standards - Pat Feetham

Miniatures - Judith Carrathurs

Best in Show - Adam Rowell

Dachshund Club of Wales (2nd Feb)

Standards - Vicki Wand (Wanderhund)

Miniatures - Annie Snelgrove

Best in Show - Annie Snelgrove

Northern Counties Dachshund Ass (16th Feb)

All - Gary McAlpine

Dachshund Club (22nd Feb)

ML - Claire Kennedy (Denkena)

MS - Linda Brown (Gabosa)

MW - Terry Crossman (Janter)

L - Lesley Negus (Tarramist)

S - Sabrina Jones (Bimini)

W - Caroline Chambers (Hototo)

BIS - Valerie Phillips (Tendrow)

West Riding Dachshund Ass (1st Mar)

Standards - Tina Watkins (Blackvein)

Miniatures - Jackie King (Summerview)

Best in Show - Jackie King (Summerview)

Lancs & Cheshire Dachshund Ass (3 May)   Cancelled
Eastern Counties Dachshund Ass (31st May)

Standards - Sharon Broad (Seawitch)

Miniatures - Kevin Hirst (Kejana)

Best in Show - Ann Booth (Abbalongdat)

Miniature Dachshund Club (14th June)

ML, MS, MW Elizabeth Reed (Deercroft)

BIS - Chrissy Gibson

Southern Dachshund Ass (28th June)

ML - Terry Crossman (Janter)

MS - Mike Wedge (Dolan)

MW - Ian Smith (Salixian)

L -Terry Crossman (Janter)

S - Mike Wedge (Dolan)

W - Ian Smith (Salixian)

BIS - Alan Mease (Barembak)

Northern Longhaired Breeders  (12th July)    
Northern Counties  Dachshund Ass (Sept)    
Longhaired Dachshund Club (6th Sept)

Standards - Steve Jones (Carlita)

Miniatures & BIS - Ann Defaye (Fedaye)

Wirehaired Dachshund Club (Sept) All - Jimmi Johnston-White  
West of England  Dachshund Ass (October)    
Scottish Dachshund (Oct)    
West Riding Dachshund Ass (Nov)

Standards - Mike Wedge (Dolan)

Miniatures & BIS - Rachel Wray

Eastern Counties Dachshund Ass (Nov)    
Midland Dachshund Club (Dec)